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The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya – Overview and Thoughts.

Hello there.

With the release of The Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya, I thought I need to post up this draft of Kikuya, to prep myself (and other people) of what this game series has to offer. I haven’t played the recent title but let me tell you, that this game has a lot more than it looks on the outside. Spoilers and lots of fangirling, under the cut!


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Dot Kareshi III Walkthrough – Slime’s Route

* This is a spoiler-free walkthrough for Dot Kareshi III, Slime’s route.

Common route
– It couldn’t be….!
– …F-feels lukewarm…
– Thank you very much.
– But, you seem strong.
– When you were an enemy, I seem to recall a close fight…
– There’s a pure feeling about you.
– That’s great!

(You can save here for common route and just load it for other routes if you’d like later.)

Select: Slime

Good End
– That’s right I guess…
– If it’s just side-by-side, it’s okay.
– For some reason, I’m a little relieved.
– If that were to happen, I’d be sad…
– — The comrade I saved the world with
– Slime and Villager make a good combination
– Actually, me too…
—> Good End with 100 affection points!

Normal End
– Well, it can’t be helped…?
– ….
– For some reason, I’m a little relieved.
– If that were to happen, I’d be sad…
– — The comrade I saved the world with
– Slime and Villager make a good combination
– Actually, me too….

Bad End
– Well-…
– D-don’t be embarassing…
– Unfortunately…
– I don’t know.
– What’s wrong? Did you drink too much?
– Slime and Villager make a good combination
– Aren’t you thinking a little too much?

Please tell me if there are any errors in this walkthrough. Good luck and have fun! ^^

(p.s: please click here if u can, wait a few seconds to watch the heart-warming vid or maybe not and then just close the tab. no pop-up ads or ear-hurting stuff, promise! n_n)

OZMAFIA!! – Overview & Thoughts

Hello. It’s been a while since I’ve written about otome games. Yes, this is an otome blog. Don’t remind me, haha. So here I am, writing about OZMAFIA!!. Just a note that this’ll be pretty spoiler-free and short, since I won’t be talking much about the plot. I haven’t played the game ’till the end yet so… 😉 Continue reading

Dot Kareshi I ~The Legendary Maiden~: Overview and Thoughts

Hello~ It’s been a while! I’m back with an otome game post, and this time I’m gonna talk about Dot Kareshi I ^^ This is gonna be long for some reason, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t improved my writing style in any way even in 2015, but enjoy!

First of all, I’m so thankful to the team who worked on the translation patch! You guys are the best!! The team is working on the other Dot Kareshi parts too, and I’ll be waiting and rooting for them as they go~ Heheh. The patch can be downloaded here, and I used the walkthrough by deluluchancey here! Thank you~

(skipping the summary as usual whoops)

This is my first time of actually playing ‘Rejet games’, in which I always see other otome-gamers say… obviously since I never play games that are in Japanese. But still, this game is really different. I needed something like this after a while, because so far all the depressing games are just… depressing? Anyway, Dot Kareshi was really good! I was hella hyped knowing that it was translated, and more hyped knowing that Namikawa Daisuke was one of the seiyuus! (He’s one of the few seiyuus I actually care about hehe).

As usual, I’ll be talking about the characters before the game itself, so let’s get on with it~ (I usually type out these overviews after the games are long released/translated, but I just cannot resist talking about this game earlier on.)

You start off by being sucked into your 8bit rpg game because of a game glitch/error, and there you meet four characters from the game; Hero, Thief, Wizard and Priest. They’re all from your ‘party’ when you played the said RPG game, and apparently their attitudes and all have become rather… warped. So being with them, you’ll have to go on an adventure! Depends on who’s quest you want to go for, the adventures would vary from one another and it’s pretty amusing… at least, to me. Haha.



In order of who I go for first to last, Thief got me hooked on the spot. Yes, right after I clicked on ‘new game’. Not sure what kind of magic he used, he stole my heart immediately so he’s been a pretty skillful thief (fail pun, excuse me). He’s really, really flirtatious, energetic and cheesy, and as you can see throughout my blog, I’m a sucker for these types of guys. Yeah, flirty and all and just omfg. I love how he adores the main girl, and he’s really sweet :3 Always trying his best to really steal the girl’s heart. He makes me smile a lot and gives me a good first impression of the game, so I’m giving him a 4.7/5 ❤ And yeah, he’s totally my fave in the game.


This is your truly ‘knight in shining armor’. I’m honestly not really interested in him at first because, well, he’s not really my type. I wanted to finish his route as soon as possible, but dayumm, he really is something. I love hugs, and he hugs the main girl a hella lot, so I decided that I love him too! x3 Seriously though, a protective guy like him is just perfect ;;; He’s really heroic (as per the name,) and gives you that adventurous feel. Plus, his route gives off the most rpg feel more than the others, in my opinion. I actually was reminded of Final Fantasy X when fighting the dragon lol just because — Anyway, I’ll give him a 4.5/5! (Namikawa Daisuke was the seiyuu for him, but whoa the voice is so different from when he voiced Fai :o)


This guy is adorable in a lot of ways. Probably because he gets frustrated a lot, haha. I thought he was better than Hero and I was going with the flow, but seems like he kinda lacks a bit… His route was pretty nice though. Having to fight a bunch of ghosts… well, that was unexpected. I just kinda dislike the fact that I see him talk about his feelings for the main girl less, and only wanted the girl to notice it naturally. It’s funny though because he keeps getting frustrated heheh. He has his sarcasm too, I suppose. But well, he doesn’t really gives me that fuzzy feeling so I’m giving him a 4.3/5. He was a good character, but just not my type so sorry ;;; But omfg his true end makes me asajskf because hnghh how can you resist this hot megane-kun *A* (the CG I’m putting there is what I’m talking about hngh—)


This guy. I saved him as the best for the last, and he really needs to appreciate me for that. 2nd fave though, but still… He totally run his mouth like he’s the boss here and called himself ‘oresama’. I don’t know much Japanese but I’m pretty sure it means something like “beta” in Malay, in which he addresses himself as a highly king? Or something like that? Asking everyone to bow down to him, tskk. What a guy.

But on a serious note, I really like this guy. He looked like he really wanted people to bow down to him, when he’s actually nice at heart :3 When he chooses to abandon his life (lol) to save the others and when the main girl hugged him, I think that’s just hella cute ok. He’s one hell of a priest that curses a lot, thinks high and mighty of himself and is a pervert, and yet he’s just so sweet ;;; His normal end CG made me “Awhhh” like omfg hasfjkas he’s the best hnghh look he even has two whole paragraphs of him! Giving him 4.8/4 because omg I feel like I’m gonna go crazy if I give him otherwise @_@ Just a little message to him: Go to Hell.

Other than these guys, I personally liked the Inn Keeper’s daughter. Her voice is really cute and she’s a really nice girl. Oh, you know how much I love having a girl friend in games. Too bad she has no sprite, booo. Oh and, I love how the main girl only speak in symbols and emotion signs(?) heheh that’s just cute ok.

Although this game is short and you can actually finish it less than an hour, I’m totally adding this to one my faves. All in all, it’s a really good game if you need something to play around with and blush all the time at all routes in any way. The art is perfect, the characters are well-written and very in character, plus it has very nice BGMs! The CGs are perfect too omg especially the Priest’s. This game is very unique from the opening, menus, textbox and everything to the credits at the end of the game. Anddd the comedic elements are just omg. You’ll understand what I say if you have played this heheh. I totally love this so I’m giving it my usual high rating of 8/10. Aww you know, I’m not picky when it comes to translated games >w< Plus, you don’t have to like RPG games to play this, heheh.

Personally if it was me playing RPGs, I don’t level up my characters in the game and I rely heavily on healing and items. I only level up when my brother starts complaining that I’ll be losing lol. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of RPG games. I do play some (a lot, I think?) but they aren’t the thing that would make me come back to play again and again. Let’s agree to disagree on this. I did finish Persona 3, but that’s the only RPG game I finished and when the save file is wiped out of the PSP, I never bothered to play it again. I dropped Final Fantasy etc because I get sleepy after playing. My brother even gave me his 2nd cycle of Persona 4 and I only played halfway through it. Not sure why, but I prefer games like Tekken 6 or Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5, where there’s a one-on-one versus fight. Totally my thing.

Anyway, this post was hella long. Thank you so much for taking interest and reading this through till the end! I still have some games I wanna play and do posts on but I’ve been busy with school and homework, and I can’t believe I only get to use the laptop only starting on Fridays. I cannot believe myself. I wasn’t always hard-working but I guess this year deserves a change. Heheh.

So! See you guys in the next post~ Be on the look out for a translated manhwa soon 😉 Byeom~


(p.s: I typed this out when I was hella sleepy btw, so I’m sorry for errors heheh)

Sweet Fuse – At Your Side: Overview & Thoughts

Hello! I finally finished this one since a long time ago, and I need to post something here, so here you have it, a post on the otome game, Sweet Fuse: At Your Side! ^^

This game is just amazing. I was pretty much surprised with the systems. This is not your typical otome game where you raise stats and stuff just to woo your guy, nor do you have to try to annoy your guy to get him to like you. No. in this game, you’re a huge part of the whole plot, and pretty much a badass little bish with a temper heheh. This game is adorable but also awesome in a whole new level.

Okay, maybe I was just exaggerating because it was my first time playing but anyway, bringing Sweet Fuse to the English audience is quite a good choice. Some people disagree of this, but in my opinion, this is like a one step closer to something more than just otome games for the people who only knew about said genre. The romance is not too heavy, and it’s all fun and games. (no pun intended)

I’ll talk about the characters first according from the ones I first go for, and then about the game systems. If you haven’t played the game yet, you can just skip to the lower part of this post n_n

Now, to the characters we go~

Towa Wakasa

I went for his route first because it looks fairly easy. But still, this guy is so sweet ;;; Well he may not be reliable, and seeing that he actually scared most of the time, I’m glad that I went his route first rather than the others. Because in the others’ routes, Wakasa is such a chicken it’s not really fun… Oh but the fun thing is he still wants to be with you and protect you no matter what :3 And the fact that he’s a member of an idol group omg?? His situation is understandable because you know, being an idol is not even easy and it gives so much pressure you can literally see it. But his route was really fun, and when he performed at the end is just so lovely omg and his kisseu CG is so >w< He gives me all this fluffy feeling and attracted me to play more of the game so I’ll rate him 7.8/10 to thank him ❤ (and omg his ending is pretty cutee)

Kouta Meoshi

This guy is such a cutie pie omg pls bruh I just cannot. Remember when at first you followed him and wanted to walk away but he grabbed your sleeve omg (as the cg I put up there) well that is just adorable ok. I think the fact that he is a shut-in is fine, but one thing I’m curious of is where did he get money for all the games he bought? Lol random question. Anyway, personally I think he’s very useful because he knows a hell lot about games, and he’s an adorable shy guy :3 But the sprite where he sweats a lot out of anxiety is just funny omg xD He’s like the emo kid I’d go for if he’s my neighbor haha what even uhm anyway his ending is cute too omg so I’ll give him 7.8 as well~

Ryuusei Mitarashi

I don’t even know but I’m really attracted to this guy halfway through Meoshi’s route although I’m really annoyed by him at first heh. He’s really attractive and his back story was really interesting too! By now I kinda thought that I actually played this game with the true order lol. But!!! Mitarashi and Mai omg the cutest pair ever kyaa kyaa who would have thought someone who’s so hot-blooded can get along extremely well with an adorable kid like Mai >w< But guys like this are so hard-headed, they’ll push themselves to the limit for the sake of everyone anyway. It annoys me when guys are like that but that’s just one of many interesting traits of his, eh? Oh, and I missed one of his freaking cg at the very ending and I literally panicked tho. Thank goodness the quick-load saved me. And with that sudden panic attack, I’ll give him 8/10~

Kimimaro Urabe

Hm… where do I start about this guy. Sorry if I offended any of you, but this guy gives me the creeps. Let’s agree to disagree on this alright ;;; He’s fine, really, but his style… Oh, but his voice is somewhat calming though! And the fact that he cares… too much. You know what I mean, yeas, a yandere, I think? I appreciate the fact that he wants to protect Saki in every way possible, but it gets too much and I’m really annoyed. I almost get a game over in his route, but turned it back up and ending up hurting one of the piglets T_T I don’t think I remember much about his route because I put on and off playing since I was busy, but his ending was pretty nice too. Since it’s a happily ever after, I’ll give him a 7/10 ^^

Subaru Shidou

Let’s get biased!! Lol jk. But still, this is my fave guy in the game :3 I kinda thought that he’s like Hijikata, because he’s so serious all the time but then he’s an adorable little fluff! I wanted to do his route last because I’m saving the best for the last but mehh, I don’t care anyway haha. Considering from the others’ arts, I think he’s the most good-looking, and I was literally dying to see him without his glasses! Because honestly, I’m not the type who would care how someone looked when they have their glasses off, but Shidou is one exception. And when he’s so protective omg and the CG where they kissed I went hsakjfakjsl because omg just look at those eyes and the way he looks at her I cryyy T_T And so, I give him a generous 8.6/10. (oh loool remember when they all had to wear animal mascots? xD)

Ayumu Shirabe

Well, I procrastinated on finishing his route, even on writing about him haha. Shirabe’s a reaaallyyy nice guy, and his words are funny and really sound like someone of… his age. Shidou is too matured, but this guy is quite laid-back and seriously calm, so he really has some good traits on him. And let’s not ignore that he has a little adorable daughter named Mai :3 I don’t remember much about him as well because I just wanted to get him over and down with, but in the end he is a really impressing character. His route is long haha but it’s really interesting, I shall say. But not to the point of me squealing, and well because of his snacks and everything I’ll give him 8.3/10. It’s not that he’s not okay, I’m the one who’s not into him so that’s why his rating is quite ok lol

Makoto Mikami

This guy…. He’s really adorable on a whole new level than Shidou. Well, anyone in pink attracts me and him being so adorable isn’t gonna help either. I do think it’s kinda crazy that he has such big ambitions on crushing everyone but it gives me a new perspective of life haha. Even villains/bad guys actually have big ambitions and are willing to do anything to achieve it, even though it’s a bad thing. So what am I doing with life? But anyway, in the end, he’s so sweet when he said that Saki is one of a kind and all that. But I wish the ending was a bit different. I was happy, yeah, but still. It left me feeling somewhat empty. I read somewhere that it really makes you feel incomplete. Anyhow, I’m giving him 8.5/10 hehehe.

And now I’ll talk about the other characters….

My first impression on Hogstein was: IS THAT A PIG? Well in my country we aren’t actually fond of pigs, but Hogstein is a really funny one and undeniably quite… unexpected? I don’t intend to offend pigs of any kind but whatever. I thought he had no legs but lol!! He do have legs and I was literally laughing hahaha but his attitude/behaviour is really different from the person who actually inside him/control him. The piglets are such adorable, obey-ful creatures. I really pity them when Saki had to kick their butts or something so because they actually helped a lot in the game? ??

Mai is an adorable little fluffy ball omg. Honestly I don’t like kids, not even characters of them but Mai really had me opened up to kids. I don’t know, omg, thank you though xD Good genes bro, good genes.

Now, about the game systems!

What I love the most is the Break Time. I know, this is just random haha. I think it’s because there’s a moment of some relationship bonding, plus the little chibi images are cute hehe and the bgm are so nice too! I’m not sure how to explain but I just love it :3

Explosive Insight – this was really cool omg the first time I played it I literally gasped in surprise xD It’s not that hard to figure out, and it’s a really awesome omg idek but then somehow it gets hard heheh but still, as I said before, we actually helped in the game.

The background music for the game really suited the scenes, and some of them I identified were similar from Hakuoki. But then again, these two games have the same producers/makers so it’s obvious eh?

The art to me was so-so at first, but it actually is pretty nice. Maybe the art is like that because it’s more to a ‘comical’ texture for the audience out of Asia, because to me it gets weird somehow hehe.

I like how the characters were from not fond of each other, wanting to do things their own way, suddenly became one whole family! And Saki (or you, if you prefer that way as I do) is a part of the huge family~

All in all, I’d rate this a whole bunch of 9/10. I considered this all from the characters and how there’s some relationship and humanely growth in there, and the art, the nice bgm, the hilarious humour at times, the fun puzzle systems, and of course, a strong female lead that is both adorable, not too girlish and yet has a heart of a pure maiden. Not to forget a beautiful plot/storyline, and a very fun gameplay! I’ll recommend this game for you who’s still hesitating, as usual. It’s not that hard, plus, there’s always quick-save and quick-load! ^^

Whoops, I guess this was long. Thank you so much if you’ve read through this, but sorry if my post wasn’t up to your expectations ;;; I should have typed this out back then when I was still having the feels heheh but thanks again for reading, and see ya in the next post! Have a nice day everyone! Byeom~

(p.s: took the CGs from a blog, here. thanks~)

Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom – Overview & Thoughts

Hello. This was drafted quite a month ago because I thought of revising and maybe fixing up my post and style but mehh. Actually, this is how I usually write and I think this is the real me instead of the long, textbook reading of reviews I’ve made thus far. Excuse this change of style for now hehe oh but I kinda polished it up just a little bit. Full of spoilers sorry whoops but scroll to the end for the general summary ^^

But let’s get on with it!

My first impression of this game is that… I don’t have any. I just scooped it up and play it despite everything else because omfg look at those good-looking bishies bruhh and love love loveee. This isn’t a game type that I’d like but it’s still worth the money, if you ask me. And it has lots of comedy in the early playthroughs so it’s all fun and flower petals-y and stuff :3

I’m sure a lot of people had played this, and I’m terribly late heheh but anyway, this game is such a tragedy ;;; Well, I didn’t cry at all (I don’t even remember if I ever cried playing games?) but at some point I felt terribly sad. I think the saddest part was at the Normal End. And the bgm that plays at that time oh my god T__T

Now, my thoughts on the male characters! (I typed them in order which I played the routes in.)

Heisuke Toudou

He’s the first route I went for in my first playthrough. He’s pretty adorable, honestly!! I was surprised to hear of his familiar voice so I looked it up andd I got to know that his voice is from the seiyuu who voiced Bossun of Sket Dance! My love for him just grew then hehe. He looked sooo hawt after wearing western clothes omg and his new hairstyle is just *O* And he’s the cutest + sweetest little angel because he said the reason he wants to live is me T_T I mean protagonist. I just don’t like it when Heisuke was somehow left behind from Nagakura and Harada when he turned into a fury… but I’m not sure if these three are really close, or those two are close. But for his protectiveness that drove mochii’s heart to melt, I’d give him 4/5

Sanosuke Harada

“OMG??!?!!” was my outmost honorable expression of him. I love him huahua he’s my faveee. He’s the only one who doesn’t turn into a fury… though I kinda feel like I want to see a CG of him sucking blood lol but heyy a hint of an 18+ stuff bruh hm hm? /wiggles eyebrows/ plus!! The ending has a baby omg that’s a LOT to make up for it! It’s like….. the most adorable, precious life to have a family… ahh mochii’s heart ;;; I love how he’s always with Nagakura and Heisuke. The trio is the best, no doubt. They’re a hilarious bunch. And the fact that he left Nagakura just to go with the protagonist, wuuu I’ll give him 4.7/5!

Hajime Saito

Hmm. Actually, I felt like I was on a contract marriage with him haha ok jk. I know how he’s that type who keeps all to himself, well, I went for him because he’s short and cute hehe. I kinda feel… not happy with him. It’s like everything else is important to him than the protagonist T_T I was like “aww stop pushing me away, start thinking about meeee” but there is no way he’ll hear mochii’s whines ;;; but it’s great that he thought a lot about the others. And still, his ending was cute heheh so uhm 3.7/5?

Souji Okita

Me all the time: “omg okitaaaa why must you beee sooo crueelll too meeee”. And omg remember when Kazami invaded the night Sen came and then Yamazaki just pushed you to a room and you fell on top of him? I SCREAMEDDD. That was the best seriously I couldn’t stop smiling even if I think about it now! >///< And I wasn’t that interested in his exposed chest like anyone does… surprise? Anyway. He could be the guy that I’d like beside Harada, only that he has a sharp tongue and what the hell plus why does he want to kill me everytimeeee? When I’m going with others route Okita would always be stated as “he went to get treatment” and that just ripped mochii’s heart ;;; I was seriously scared at the ending CG, as if he was gonna die or what because I’m like noooo I’m not ready for shit like shit no shit ;;; So insecure, like in that ending if he suddenly stopped breathing I would have cried. He made me really sad so I’d give him 4.7/5 sheeesh. (I don’t even know which CG of him to put here bc he’s so omg DON’T JUDGE ME SORRY)

Kazama Chikage

I did his route before Hijikata’s but whuttt it’ss like political marriage as well. His route is like short, reminds me of Jin’s route from the The Second Reproduction. You know, like, he was an anticipated character but in the end…. That is all? Why? I thought he was the main attraction? T_T Why hasn’t he showed that he’s really lovin’ the protagonist but only almost at the end? He was a teaser when I went for other routes and I was really looking forward to his route hmmm ;; But still, the CG I put here of him was the one that melted my heart because omfg guys who hugs girls when they’re sad rather than standing and stare is the best. Oh but the normal end was really, really heartbreaking. But on the other hand, his ending was kinda cute omg no why are you torturing my heart yeas I will give you 4.3/5 ;;;

Toshizo Hijikata

THIS GUY IS SO CUTE WHEN HE’S MAD HAHAHHA PLS HELP ME IDK WHAT TO WRITE haha anyway his route isn’t that long I just played it for a whole week because I can so it took me a while haha. Anyway, why so serious….. Okay, uhm, I really love it when Okita calls him ‘demon’ haha I seriously think that it’s funny. But he’s really cute though like uhm hey why r u so mad when u love me hahaha well it’s pretty tragic in his route too. It’s like a political marriage too I guess but near the end he is the cutest little ahsfkja I don’t know sheesh lemme give you a fair 4.7/5 okayz. And he is Hakuoki, right? Okay….

And if you haven’t noticed or if you just don’t know or if you’re clueless or if you actually feel the same; these guys looked so hawtt in western clothes I was literally gasping for air oh my god ;;;

And the other characters alongside them! Like Sannan. He is evil, yes, but he’s one hell of a hot megane-kun *O* And Yamazaki the ninja omfg why no hidden route for this guy?! I demand one pls ;;; And Nagakura… he’s a nice guy too. The members of the Shinsengumi are just awesome ok don’t even argue with me

Plus Sen and Kimikiku omfg pretty ladiesss. Sen is like the princess that I’d go if there is a bestfriend route ok I’m not even kidding. (Actually ships Sen with Kazama whoops)

All in all, I think this is an amazing, awesome game. You’ll learn about Japan, for some, I guess? The bgm from the start till the end is just perfect seriously. The CGs are beautiful, the characters are all well-written, the guys are handsome+cute+hawt, the backgrounds are eye-catching, the protagonist is quite okay in my opinion, and thank you so much for quick-save omg. This is a tragic, drama otome game that you wouldn’t really find anywhere if it’s in English. I mean, there are lots out there but in English? Yeah, I know. If you still couldn’t find a reason to play…. It’s because mochii says so? Come on, looking at these guys, how can you possibly not play this? Heee.

I hope this post was enjoyable because I typed it in hyper mode and anything along the way are just whoops and fooosh. Thanks for reading alright, byeom!

p.s: omg typing this making me feeling like playing it againnn // credits to sushigeisha for the cgs. thankiu ❤

TMGS3 – PSP: Overview and Thoughts

Hello. I finally organized my thoughts for this game somehow. So this will be incomplete and you would know a lot of things in the game from other reviews on other wonderful blogs, but I’m just putting this up to get my thoughts out. And I’m sure a lot of people had played this game already, right? Anyway, let’s go~ Just a little note that I play this on a real PSP ^^ (Sorry for the lazy title orz)

The game takes place at Habataki High School seven years after the first Tokimeki Girl’s Side. There are a total of six new bachelors, plus three secret characters.

TMGS 3 implements a totally new system; the Love Triangle. Instead of a rival girl going after the character you’re pursuing, all six bachelors are paired with another, making it so that you can ‘date’ two of them at a time. TMGS 3 also introduces a revamped clothing system with a few new clothing styles and the ability to ‘level up’ your fashion.”

First off, this game was hard for me because I always get overwhelmed and insecure, like “Will I get his ending? Will I complete his CG?” because yeah, you MUST have a guide at hand. Print it for easiness lol seriously hahaha I’m not kidding. DS ones are easy, yeah. But PSP? I’m not used to it. Took me about four restarts (or more) just for Shitara Seiji’s route….

So! The thing I loved the most is that we don’t have love rivals, because now we have two adorable best friends who admire us so much, yay!! I’m really happy with this fact, and the fact they call us Bambi and stuff omg it’s really fun. I feel like having such friends are going to be reallyyy fun in school years, because they’re positive people and are not depressed woooo.  Ugajin Myo is your fortune-teller buddy who tell you how people thought of you, and Hanatsubaki Karen is the amazing person who helps you with fashion and stuff. Plus, going out with any of them also helps a lot in raising stats. Yeah, we can invite them on dates yay~

The next good thing is that we have more good-looking bishies :3 No offence, but I only went for Hazuki Kei in TGMS1 and only two guys in TMGS2. Don’t get me wrong, I love this game, it’s just that the art… uhm??? So TMGS3 is a HUGE upgrade! (Sorry I always go for look whoops). And of course, blushing face are the cutest :3 And lots of guys to woo bruhh.

The fashion thing was hard for me at first, but the trick is to buy your clothes at the shop that has the clothing you’d like. It’s fun I think. Yeah, guide always come in handy right? And it didn’t actually took long for me to get into the highest level of clothing~ But money is a struggle in the first year sobs.

The mini-games are alright, and the sport games are quite easier on the PSP. I had a hard time during the pillow fight though hehe ohh but the valentine chocolate is fun! We just have to choose toppings and put it on the chocolate and ta-dah~

And on the main menu there’s that ‘Boy’s Life’ thingy, I think? Those are your guys’ chibi versions living their life in your PSP, according to your time zoneee. Yeas, they’re adorable! Unfortunately we could only see them, no means of interaction whatsoever booo.

But I was really shocked to see that the sprites (?) moved! Like, wow, okayyy, they can move in the game omg??? xD

I think there’s still some more stuff so I’ll update this post once I play again. But now comes the struggles…

So far I haven’t triggered the Angel or Devil thingy. Yeah, PSP versions are just hard for me. Even the approach mode was killing me, and I’m always pressed to get CGs aishh I don’t know. The 3P mode doesn’t actually interest me hahaha but maybe I’ll try someday… It just seems 80% harder for me so I don’t know /shrugs

All in all, I prefer TMGS3 a lot more than the previous series, but the DS version would still be in my waiting list hehehe. This game is like a huge upgrade to make things a whole lot easier, so you should try and play it if you haven’t yet!

The links to the English patch is here. It’s by the awesome people who brought to you the Gakupuri patch ;;; And the guide/walkthrough here. Just google if you want the GameFAQs version.

Alright then. Next post is about someone’s route! Thanks for reading, see ya in the next post~