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Overview: Naruto Secret Chronicles – Kakashi’s Story (Naruto Hiden – Kakashi Hiden)

Hello, long time no see.

As Naruto’s manga came to a close quite recently, and the anime series is approaching the end as well, I thought it’ll be the right time to post about this; the first book from the Naruto Chronicles series – starring the one and only, Hatake Kakashi. I’m excited to post this because I have a physical copy of the book, and having physical copies don’t usually happen to me, whoops haha.

I’ll try to keep this spoiler-free as much as I could and will try to talk about my opinions on it more, but just proceed with caution, just in case. This will probably be long and full of rant so more under the cut! Fair warning, I never reviewed a book before and my posts on this blog is full of my opinions so… brace yourselves? Haha.


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