[Faery Scans] Miunohri to Swan

Update: Please head on to Faery Scans for releases as I will be updating there. Thanks!

Miunohri To Swan

Author/Artist: Hwang Mi Ri
Genre(s): Romance, School Life, Slice of Life, Comedy, Drama
Synopsis (from Mangaupdates): She is a fat ugly girl with a short body; she’s a girl who used to be a loner, loser and always hated by everyone. It only takes one of a stranger’s ‘abracadabras’ to turn her into a beauty and to stop the bullying.
Though it comes with a price: she can’t kiss “him” or go under any rain,
or she’ll become ugly again.
Status in S. Korea: Complete (13 Volumes)
Why I picked this up: This manhwa needs more love, and it also already got so many love before, so I’m just replenishing the love. Anyway, this was my first manhwa that I stumbled upon from back then. So… why not? Enjoy! ^^


Volume 6
Chapter 20


13 thoughts on “[Faery Scans] Miunohri to Swan

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  2. Parisjmc

    You are so awesome I love this manga I read it years ago and have been holding onto hope that someone would pick this up. So *fan girl squee* thank you thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. SweetPotatoe

    Thank u so much for picking up this manhwa! I waited so long for the next chapters! I kept rereading this manhwa in hope it’ll be picked again, so thank u a bunch! Please keep the wonderful work, fighting!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. SweetPotatoe

        Thank u, I did and will enjoy it.
        There’s this manhwa that has an interesting begininng it’s called “Don’t Cheat On Me” “바람 피지마” by Han Yu Rang. This manhwa has 4 chapters translated by Rosa Negra Scans, so far and hasn’t been picked up since I think 2010! There’s raw scans for 바람 피지마 at love-manhwa.blogspot. If u could kindly have a look at it and see if u can pick it up. I’m excited to know what’ll happen in the next chapters of 바람 피지마! this manhwa really needs more love! Thanks again~


      2. littlemochii Post author

        Ahh, thanks for recommending a title! We’ll look into it, but there’s no promise that we’ll be picking it up or not. However, we’ll put this into consideration so don’t worry ^^


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