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Anime Overview: Bungo Stray Dogs

Hello, long time no see.

I’m back again with another overview post of an anime. I’m aching to write up something on the blog, but when it comes to it, my motivation just dries up ;;; But hopefully we’ll see more posts from me this month and the next, haha.

Anyway, it’s time for a little overview of a series that got a lot of hype and just completed recently, Bungo Stray Dogs! Spoilers, maybe, so more under the cut. :3


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The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya – Overview and Thoughts.

Hello there.

With the release of The Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya, I thought I need to post up this draft of Kikuya, to prep myself (and other people) of what this game series has to offer. I haven’t played the recent title but let me tell you, that this game has a lot more than it looks on the outside. Spoilers and lots of fangirling, under the cut!


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Anime Overview: Daiya no Ace / Ace of Diamond


This is long overdue, but I finally finished this wonderful series! I know I’ve been disappearing for a while, but please know that I won’t abandon this blog, not ever. Anyway, here’s an overview of my current favourite baseball anime, Ace of Diamond (or Daiya no Ace, or Diamond no Ace, whatever floats your boat). And this is for both of the seasons. Spoilers, lots of personal thoughts and biased views ahead~


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Anime Overview: Uta no Prince-sama ~ Maji LOVE Revolutions

Hello, everyone!

You’ve probably been seeing me post about UtaPri a lot on my recent posts, but I just can’t help it. This is the only anime that makes me all squeal-y without too much drama and sadness going on, at the moment. Definitely a series that will lift you up from an exhausted, depressing day.  So this post will be an overview of UtaPri Maji Love Revolutions! + a little overview of the OVA of the 2nd season.  ^_^


Spoilers and fangirling, as usual! (I don’t know but this somehow ended up being hella long, whoops.)

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Anime Overview: Kuroko no Basuke

Hello, everyone.

Sorry that I couldn’t update on the 1st Jan, haha. I have lots to write about but I like it if I write something when I still have the feels, you know. Makes it easier to get a flow rather than just a textbook type of review or something, haha. And I know this anime has finished ages ago, but welp, I rebel through everything, so! 😀

As usual, this post will be full of my personal opinions and may contain spoilers, so read more under the cut! (Also this post combines all three seasons.)


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Anime Overview: Tokyo Ghoul + personal thoughts

Hello, long time no see!

Exams are out of the way for now and since I hella miss this blog, I decided to post out an anime overview I drafted a few weeks ago, when I was watching Tokyo Ghoul. I don’t wanna abandon this blog, not ever. I just am a bit too busy at the moment, is all. ;;;;

Also, welcome, new followers! You guys gotta get used to me posting irregularly, haha. Oh and if you’re curious, I also run Pastel Faery so feel free to follow me there for language-learning and everything about my life and stuff. n_n

And now, let’s get on to the anime! More under the cut :3

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