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Anime Overview: ACCA (13-ku Kansatsu-ka)

Hello. I’m back again with another post of my recent fave anime, ACCA!


(When I say recent, I mean, like, three months ago.)

Anyway, read on if you’d like~

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Anime Overview: Poco’s Udon World



Today’s post is about the heart-wrenching/warming anime of all time (for me), Poco’s Udon World! Also known as Udon no Kuni no Kin’iro Kemari. I haven’t been writing anything (other than assignments) in a while so I’m sorry in advance for any weird wordings and whatnot. I’ll admit that I feel a little rusty at writing… but anyway! More under the cut. 😀

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Anime Overview: Bungo Stray Dogs

Hello, long time no see.

I’m back again with another overview post of an anime. I’m aching to write up something on the blog, but when it comes to it, my motivation just dries up ;;; But hopefully we’ll see more posts from me this month and the next, haha.

Anyway, it’s time for a little overview of a series that got a lot of hype and just completed recently, Bungo Stray Dogs! Spoilers, maybe, so more under the cut. :3


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Anime Overview: Daiya no Ace / Ace of Diamond


This is long overdue, but I finally finished this wonderful series! I know I’ve been disappearing for a while, but please know that I won’t abandon this blog, not ever. Anyway, here’s an overview of my current favourite baseball anime, Ace of Diamond (or Daiya no Ace, or Diamond no Ace, whatever floats your boat). And this is for both of the seasons. Spoilers, lots of personal thoughts and biased views ahead~


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Anime Overview: Uta no Prince-sama ~ Maji LOVE Revolutions

Hello, everyone!

You’ve probably been seeing me post about UtaPri a lot on my recent posts, but I just can’t help it. This is the only anime that makes me all squeal-y without too much drama and sadness going on, at the moment. Definitely a series that will lift you up from an exhausted, depressing day.  So this post will be an overview of UtaPri Maji Love Revolutions! + a little overview of the OVA of the 2nd season.  ^_^


Spoilers and fangirling, as usual! (I don’t know but this somehow ended up being hella long, whoops.)

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Diving into the Naruto craze

Hello, hello.

Just thought of posting something to let you guys know what I’ve been up to, haha.

You see, Naruto used to be broadcasted on a local station here, and I was really a fan of it before since, well, it’s a part of my childhood. I’ve never really bothered to keep watching though, because of the massive episodes (although the Malay dubs are hella fine). It’s still being broadcasted here but the show-time has changed, and I couldn’t find the time to go to the living room and watch (because I’m always cooped up in my room ha ha) so… I thought I shouldn’t bother.

But recently, I found a fanart on Tumblr, which is this one.


Can’t you see the perfection?


You see, I wasn’t actually a huge fan of Boruto because, I was still a bit ‘meh’ about the whole thing, I’m not even sure why. But once I saw this fanart, my heart just went hnghhh oH MY GOD. I mean come on!! Look at that sensei, look at that blue boy!! I wonder who they are??? They all looked so perfect!! ❤

So my interest was a bit piqued. I wanted to know who these kids are, etc. Tried asking my friends but they have no idea, so I decided to find out myself, without reading the wiki. As to not avoid any spoilers, I told myself to actually catch up on the Naruto Shippuden series, since I like to watch things in order they’re released. So first I watched the few Naruto Shippuden movies, making sure that I only watch the ones I’m interested in, and I thought that if I can keep up with everything, I’ll be watching the series as a whole.

So guess what I’ve been into for the past few days? I’ve been binge-watching Naruto Shippuden all day long.

I just don’t know, these sudden feeeeeels for the anime, gahhh. I can actually keep up with the anime so far without getting bored! I skip most of the fillers though. So much fillers, you don’t even know.

I’m pretty sure nobody knew, but my favourite character of all time would be…. Kakashi! ❤ I chose him because my first crush (whoops) Sasuke is a bit of an… emo kid. Also Sai is attractive too, but I just saw a wiki of him and my heart is crushed. I won’t say anything haha. I like Neiji as well but hmmm. //cries in the corner// Sasori too… //cries more//

I still got wayyssss to go since it has many fillers, but until I catch up to the recent episodes, I won’t be watching Boruto anytime soon… (I still wanna know whose kid that blue boy is though!! I figured out the teacher — it’s Konohamaru!! Whew.)

I could say that in Naruto, the character developments are A+++. From Naruto to the side-characters, I guess there’s something for everyone and there’s motivation for all kind of things. When I watch this, I feel pumped up and just, have these spirit and energy to live you know, haha.

Anyway, so far, what I’ve thought is that, this series have like the most numbers for emo people that’s emo and seek revenge here and there lol.

I cried a hella lot when Naruto met his father in his dreams, and finally get to know that the Fourth Hokage is actually his dad asdhkajkjl and also Kakashi’s reaction ;;;; And Kakashi’s death ahh. I ship the bromance of Naruto and Kakashi for student x teacher, and until now, I still don’t understand why Naruto wants Sasuke to come back so much (when he already have Kakashi yooo). But I can’t hate that emo guy so haha (basically I think the whole series is Naruto chasing Sasuke down. Isn’t that the whole plot).

Fanservice and bromance here and there, of course. Producers i c whut u did thurrr.

My other friends are more to catching up on One Piece and Fairy Tail, so I chose Naruto because why not? Actually, I was supposed to dive into Bleach hell haha but that didn’t go well. And when I was hooked with Naruto Shippuden, I knew I have emerged to a new hell heaven because all of my time will be wasted on this series alone. Trust me.

I’m taking the first week of February off to catch up at least 100eps (that’s not even many) but alas! I’m having fun and that’s important hehehe.

Naruto is a childhood anime for me, apart from Tsubasa Chronicles. I hold both these two titles close to heart compared to Dragon Ball Z, etc. And at this point, if I don’t learn much Japanese after like 200+ eps, I would dislike myself so much lol.

I’ve been watching One-Punch Man, Osomatsu-san and even Donten ni Warau, but I couldn’t actually stick to any of these titles at the moment so I’ll be fangirling over Naruto for a long while, mainly on Twitter. So please bear with me, haha.

That’s all the updates for now. I have some posts queued up while I dive into this series and I’m not even sure when I’ll be emerging back to the land of the living, but we’ll see how things go.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great month ahead! Happy February!! Byeom~

Anime Overview: Kuroko no Basuke

Hello, everyone.

Sorry that I couldn’t update on the 1st Jan, haha. I have lots to write about but I like it if I write something when I still have the feels, you know. Makes it easier to get a flow rather than just a textbook type of review or something, haha. And I know this anime has finished ages ago, but welp, I rebel through everything, so! 😀

As usual, this post will be full of my personal opinions and may contain spoilers, so read more under the cut! (Also this post combines all three seasons.)


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