Hello and welcome.

You can call me mochii, Nazaiya, or Nadia. I’m currently in charge of Hanataba Translations and Faery Scans. I’m also currently self-studying Japanese; my study blog is here and my studyblr is here.

This blog is where I dump my thoughts and give reviews for the things I’m into, which are:

  • otome games
  • animanga or Japanese movies (specifically slice of life and sports genres)
  • hack and slash games (I’m sort of a Koei Tecmo enthusiast)
  • novels
  • and everything else!

Most of them are not spoiler-free, so please proceed with caution; I don’t wanna ruin anyone’s day. ;;; If it’s spoiler-free though, I’ll state it in the post. The ratings given are pretty much biased, as they’re 100% based on my opinions. My opinions can be disagreeable for some and I’m totally fine with that, as long as we both agree to disagree. ^^

I like to relate myself with the characters in the things I got into and self-insert myself to truly emphatize and feel their happiness, pain and suffering; so I guess you could expect overly emotional claims from me, haha.

However, I’m not really too deep into anything that I claim to be into so if I ever describe something wrongly, please feel free to correct me. Also, feel free to talk to me on Twitter, or follow me on my main Tumblr.  Thanks for reading and enjoy your stay~

-updated 12th of June 2018


20 thoughts on “About

  1. ayame

    Hiya littlemochiiさん~
    I’d read your mail xD Because my mail connection error I will put my answer here (I’d tried to sent it, but it always failed haha), can I?
    Aw~ I’m glad you found out about this. Actually me and the other translator are Indonesian. We both translate the script from Japanese to Indonesian. It much easier than translating it to English. Since our English is suck haha. I am the one who taking care to translate both Japanese-English and Indonesian-English. It can’t be helped…although my English also suck, I do not want this project become cancelled just because no one can translate it to English. Would you become our Indonesian-English translator? I will be very happy if you want 😀


    1. littlemochii Post author

      Ah, I got your e-mail though, even two of them hehehe.

      I replied already, but in case you didn’t got it, then yes, I’d be more than glad to join the team!! >w<


  2. ayame

    Sorry, so that error was because of my connection fiuhh…
    I’m glad to hear that! 😀
    Please tell me your ID so I can send you an invitation to hanataba site 😉


  3. ayame

    I’d sent your first task yaay~~
    Please check your mailbox
    Nee, would you pick your flower names? Our team use flower name as display name… If you don’t want to, it’s okay 🙂
    Ah, you can make a post or shout in our chat box to update your progress 😀
    You can see the password for chat box at:


  4. Angel

    Hi mochii^^,
    i really like your scans and translations. I red Miunohri to swan. I hope you will translate them soon again. *.*
    And because you study on korean language…you could translate many Hwang miri Manga. I love them ~<3~~ They are so popular but i cant buy them here…so sad T_T. Keep up the good work^^. Are you on facebook too?
    see you ❤

    Liked by 1 person


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