NaNoRenO 2016 recommendations!

Hi there, long time no see.


I know I haven’t been here much, but I needed to clear my ‘writing backlogs’ before anything else, so I figured that this post has to be done and over with. When’s the best time if not now? Hehe. And don’t worry, I know NaNoRenO started and ended months ago, haha.

As usual, to start off, the meaning of NaNoRenO is, quoted from here,

NaNoRenO is a month-long game jam in which developers are challenged to make a visual novel from start to finish. It was originally inspired by the more famous NaNoWriMo (National Novelist Writer’s Month, which takes place in November). There’s no restrictions on content or genre.

I did a NaNoRenO post last year too if any of you remember (though it’s not that long ago considering my post count), here. I think I like making these posts because I’m promoting my love for these wonderful creations and would like more people to support these game-makers. The link I quoted from has a whole list of nanoreno VNs on it too, if you’re interested.

But here are the ones I’d recommend from the list!:

Damsel in Distress


First of all, just look at that beautiful art, ahh. I’ve played through this game a few times and I got two guys down already, and that’s why I’d like to recommend this to everyone. It’s short but not too short, in which I think the length is just right. It’s packed full of emotions, comedy and also omg deep stories? You play as the pink princess, Princess Charming, as you try and help these three guys out of their agony, literally. She is a likeable character and very strong, both mentally and… magically. Also, the endings for each guy branch into two, and there’s no bad endings, but it’ll depend on the players to determine which one of two they like most! 😉 Also omg cute GUI art! And the stories are so well-written omg I love it so much. :(( ❤ (one thing that bugs me is the non-changeable MC name but ohoho well.)



This one is really, really cute and humorous! The GUI is sooo cute, it got cupcakes and cookies and everything, even the journal thingy is cute. The characters are well-written and yay for changeable-name (of the likeable and funny) MC! Also, omg, I almost cried a few times playing this because it goes really deep too. :c I wish I can write as good as this but ahh, the game-maker(s) made a good job on this one! Short but not too short as well, also extra points for character development (and relationship development?) during the game-play. I won’t talk about the plot since it’ll ruin the fun, so play it to find out! ❤

And a few that I have downloaded but haven’t played, that I would still like recommend because they caught my eyes:

And again, if you’re interested to look at other games, go here. Here is a list of VNs released a few years back, also under the nanoreno jam. If any of the game-makers would like me to remove the images used then please do tell me.

I think these short VNs are very good for when you don’t want to dive into something too deep (say, my unfinished Amnesia and OZMAFIA lol) and like something short that can both kill time and make your heart flutter. :3 So yes, play on if you’d like! I really prefer these type of games and mobages these days tbh, it makes finishing games easier actually.

That said, I am deeply in love with Voltage’s After School Affair and bought like 3 routes… I’m doomed because I’ve planned which route and extra to buy on every paycheck I’ll have zzz. I also just download Mystic Messenger and I’m ready to experience the bad end because I don’t wanna lose my hourglasses. Bring it on, I’m not that attached.. yet. Aha.

Anyway, that’s all, thanks for reading and hope you guys are have a fantastic week ahead! See ya in the next post (hopefully soon), byeom~!

p.s: I may tag this post as ‘recommendations’ but everything worth mentioning on this blog is a recommendation from me to you unless stated otherwise huhu



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