Anime Overview: Bungo Stray Dogs

Hello, long time no see.

I’m back again with another overview post of an anime. I’m aching to write up something on the blog, but when it comes to it, my motivation just dries up ;;; But hopefully we’ll see more posts from me this month and the next, haha.

Anyway, it’s time for a little overview of a series that got a lot of hype and just completed recently, Bungo Stray Dogs! Spoilers, maybe, so more under the cut. :3


The Flow.

The story of Bungo Stray Dogs centers around individuals who are gifted with super natural powers and use them for different purposes including holding a business, solving mysteries, and carrying out missions assigned by the mafia. The story mainly follows the members of the “Armed Detective Agency” and their everyday lives.

Basically, this anime is about our ‘weak’ protagonist, Nakajima Atsushi, who was on the verge of death out of starvation (though not really) and claimed to be chased by a tiger, met a guy who was suiciding his way in a river, Dazai Osamu. After a few banters, and meeting another guy who was looking for Dazai, Doppo Kunikida, they then went into some sort of Japanese eatery and from then on, their adventures together starts. Basically, this is an anime where people with super-powers solve crimes. Cool, isn’t it?

I suck at my own summaries, I’m sorry.

My first reaction on the first episode was… “Wow, this is too over the top”, with all the adorableness and ghei-ness thrown about, and all the comedic thing that they try to blend it to attract people. Atsushi’s reaction to everything is no joke lol they went all out.

I do love how each episode tells about each different character in the anime, and at the same time the plot moves forward. An anime close to this one, I’d say, Hamatora, could have been a good anime if it shows each character’s back story like BSD. But the plot for that one was all-over the place, I couldn’t even make a post of it so haha.

The row of mystery cases in this series is good! They’re not so mind-blowing, but it’s not just some dumb cases either. Real detectives at work, yall. It still contains all the blood and gore (and usually I don’t like blood and gore but this one is an exception wow), and it starts going deep through the middle so be ready for that. One minute I was smiling alongside Atsushi’s cuteness, the next minute my eyes widened. Fascinating.

This anime is deep though. Why? It’s not called “Literary Stray Dogs” for no reason. You can read about the ancient author references here and here. Since they’re all fan-based opinions and analysis, you can expect flaws and incorrect information but the basis is there. I had kinda ‘suspected’ that the characters were related to some big names (because when you google a character, the author’s wiki come up first) but then when I really got to know it I go wOW. No wonder they have odd names and distinctive personalities. What’s cool is that, their super-powers are named after the authors’ famous titles! I think the author, Kafka Asagiri, took the name from one of the authors’ books. I read it somewhere but I forgot about this one. The moment I see ‘Kafka’, I knew there was something different about it.

So there you have it. Wow.



Nakajima Atsushi is our ‘weak’ protagonist and little fluffball. I think it’s a given that he’s weak, insecure, scared, but at the same time he’s wiling to give up his life to protect people he holds hear, and all in all I love him because I can relate to the feeling of being alone and wanting to feel ‘home’, and I admit, his negativity can be a bit too much at times, but his personality is what sets him apart from all the other protags around (another weak protag as I remember is from the baseball anime, Ookiku… idk the name). I can understand why he may not be everyone’s fave, but he’s my fave, and I feel the need to protect him and give him hugs, haha.


Which in turn, Dazai is the overrated character LOL kidding but yeah, people like him because his personality, I guess. If I watched this years ago, I would have fallen for him first, with his playful side and serious side and his strength, etc. His fondness of suicide was also a direct reference to the real author many times. I had thought of relating to him too, that “wanting to die but never did” part, because when it comes to it, he actually lives, like this one vocaloid song. I don’t read the manga so I can’t define his character that well but yeap, his suicide attempts might be triggering to many, so watch him with caution!

And the other characters… like Kunikida, ahh! The first thing I noticed about him was his seiyuu, Hosoya Yoshimasa lol it’s the guy who voiced Hyuuga Junpei!  And well, Kunikida is cute and he’s also a close depiction of his real author, as the others. Akutagawa!!!! Seiyuu is Ono Kensho so of course I’m sold hahaha…. anyway, yeah they are many characters but I can’t name all of them. I was a bit “ehhh” at scenes with the brother-sister relationship (it was kinda not my thing and I’m just so ??? at it), but then that is the extent of how the author’s could and would go in his… novels. Ranpo makes me wOW and had to do a double-take, and I love them all cutie pies. Gotta catch ’em all.


Art + Music.

Atsushi has pretty eyes and adorable hair, is beautiful, and for that I will give it a high rating hahaha. No, really. The art in the manga is one of a kind, but making it come alive in the anime is on a whole different level, I’d say. The OP + ED are goood! I mean they’re two different sides because the OP makes you go all puMPED UP and then the ending is nice and calming, though sad. i dont like the ending sequence where atsushi has his head on dazai’s shoulder lol bye.

Final Thoughts.

I’m excited for the 2nd season!!! Which, if I’m not mistaken, will air on October 2016? But anyway, this series is a nice one for me because I needed a break from all the flower boys and love and glitters, and this anime gave me just the right dose of it. If you need something with action, super powers, and not so much fan-service since the plot and episode are actually pretty good, then this one is totally for you. My top anime baes list have updated and Atsushi just went up to number two by kicking out Izaya out of my mind, so that’s a good thing… xD

If I go totally deep with my thoughts here, Atsushi is the perfect fit as the protag. Because no matter how he had lived a life of hurt (since there’s just so many recaps of his past over and over again), it wouldn’t be surprising if he turned into a monster himself and came to hate everyone and avenge the people who had hurt him, or just throw his life away for a lot of things since he’s week and feeble, but he did not. He choose to live, he choose to brave through it, suck it up, be a man, and protect the people dear to him and get on with life even though he’s scared and uncertain of things. He totally understands how it feels to be alone, and yet he didn’t choose to be angry and turn to other people and attack, for it. And I admire him greatly for that. Not everyday you see someone so weak and depressing to not want to end it all, you know. And I truly, greatly love him for that. Because it goes deep. ❤ (Like with Fai D. Flourite, it goes deep as well lol.)


Anddd finally this post is done, thank you so much for reading! Sorry for the inconsistent update, but I’ll try my best to update often, now that I see people reading the blog :3 See you in the next post and have a nice day, byeom~



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  1. rainbowfootsteps

    :Oc your writing feels so natural! Wow, I wish I could write like this. Awesome summary of a great series. Can’t wait to watch season 2!

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