Nameless: Lance & Yeonho’s routes

Heyya. It’s been a while since I posted up about Nameless, but I finally managed to finish this game during the new years, haha (which is… 6 months ago.)

So, you’ll see characters overview posts here and there, before the overview for the whole game gets up. Anyway, spoilers and lots of (emotional) thoughts, under the cut!


For this post, I’ll be combining Lance and Yeonho’s routes together because they’re pretty short, to me. I procrastinated for such a long time before actually playing Lance’s route though, but I really wanted to go to Yeonho’s route asap. Hahaha. On to them routes, then!



As usual, all I wanted to do was to get rid of Lance’s route asap because tsun-tsun characters are really not my type. But dayumm, he is just omg.

You see, the way he talks too fast when he’s mad is just so cute ok because it’s like he’s overwhelmed with things to say that he can’t stop, and he’s a worry-wart that could never say things straight (to my face). Also, this guy is beautiful!!! His silver hair is beautiful, his eyes are beautiful, his body proportion from left to right is perfect as well because even the creepy doctor likes him for it.

Since he’s not honest with his feelings even towards himself… Well, I thought his route would hurt a lot with his hurtful words. I was right, though, and my heart clenched with those angst more times than I could remember. But welp, I know everything is done just to protect the MC.

At first, I was confused with what he’s sad for. I still am, actually. Err, maybe he’s scared of being thrown away, or something? Because he’s typical and common? Bruhh, what’s typical about you, hahaha. Oh but his bad end is just!!! I was so surprised, I almost cried.

But anyway, I love him in the end because he’s beautiful, inside and out… Just not his words. They’re not always beautiful. I was annoyed that the MC is a bit too slow in his route. I mean, you were kissed, but you’re still unaware of his feelings? Seriously? I can understand Lance’s character though in the end, the fact that he’s the loner-quiet type that only opens up to people he cares a lot, because he always had trouble expressing himself. His bad end gives me goosebumps though, and his harsh words pierced my soul so much. I would rate his route about… 8/10. Although his bad ends are terrifying, they actually made me “Whoaa”, so… yeah.(The number of ‘though’ I typed…)



Oh, this cutie pie, where do I even begin. I squealed so much in his route because he’s just so adorable, and his “Heheheh” are just, omg. His sprites where sometimes he has those blank eyes scares me, you know. Like he’s plotting something in his head or something.

I’m not sure how to explain it, but at one point through his route, I thought he actually has a split personality. Like, maybe he hates doing this and that, but he’s putting a fake smile just to please the MC. (That’s what he does, but as I see it, it’s not the same). I have always wanted him to stop feeling like he has to please the MC all the time, and I want the MC to at least say that, “It’s okay now, you’re not just a doll,” or maybe “Please stop calling me master and call my name instead, because aren’t we friends?”. But nope, maybe that’s not where the game developers wanted to head this route towards.

And actually, I can’t quite find the character development through his route (both for the MC and him), so I am left confused yet again. I guess, like Lance, Yeonho also doesn’t like to be abandoned, but he becomes obsessive of not wanting to let the MC go… that it’s actually scary. (This irks me a bit because it kinda reminds me of my obsessive ex haha that was a nightmare.)

I still don’t get how his turn of events could change him greatly, but maybe it’s just me and it doesn’t hit me that hard yet hahaha.

I really do love him for his innocence and fluffiness, I feel like it’s going to be illegal if I date such an adorable bunny, heh. I guess the innocence was maintained because… they only kissed once, I think? Welp, it was still adorable. I love him, I really do because he’s so precious and oMG HIS SEIYUU IS MY FAVOURITE! I LOVE THAT GUY. Have you guys listened to the extra? His voice is hella different, oh my god. I was so surprised, okay. But whenever he voice-acts, those whimpery voices, the crying voices, it all sounded so real that even I felt like crying.

And again, his bad ends scared the shit out of me, I actually cried. I’d give him a 8.4/10, because it gave me a roller-coaster of feelings as well.

Final Thoughts?

These two routes are both magnificent and well-written. One thing I have to complain is that, I wish they both had more CGs, and maybe more moments after they started going out. But both of these bad ends gave me quite a shock, so I had to calm down a few days before starting on Tei’s route after, hahaha. I’m glad I finally finished the common routes, though!

I’ll be updating on Tei and Red’s route on another post! I drafted everything out in fangirling form, so I had to type them out properly for public post LOL. But as you can see, I don’t explain about routes much. I just ramble on and on about what I think about them, because I play games when it has been released a long time ago, and I expect people already played it anyway.

Welp, I guess that’s pretty much it. Thank you very much for reading, see ya in the next post and have a nice day ahead! Byeom~!



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