The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya – Overview and Thoughts.

Hello there.

With the release of The Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya, I thought I need to post up this draft of Kikuya, to prep myself (and other people) of what this game series has to offer. I haven’t played the recent title but let me tell you, that this game has a lot more than it looks on the outside. Spoilers and lots of fangirling, under the cut!


Ah, before that… This game has a lot of shenshual and shekshi stuff thrown about (but nothing too extreme because err the way they word it sounds really beautiful to me ok) so if you’re not comfortable with that, then maybe this game is not for you? Welp.

In this game, you play as the daughter of a shipping agent (if I’m not mistaken), and while you were on an errand, you saw a couple eloping, and in exchange of not telling them off, the couple gave you a gift and some huge amount of money as thanks for you. Once they were off, you ventured through the red-light district and saw a courtesan’s possession, and was captivated by the beauty of one of the courtesan’s.

And then, you stepped into Kikuya, ‘Yoshiwara’s high-class pleasure house’, to deliver the things you were told to do. And from there, your adventure starts.

For the most part, I have trouble understanding the whole concept. Does it mean that every child on the island is of a courtesan’s? Does it also mean that most of the people in the island are women, except for males that are in the red-light district?

I guess what makes me hyped up every freaking time this game starts is the Opening Video. I love the song too, and the previews in the video makes me ugh.


Before I go to the characters section that will be long, I’m just gonna say that I love the art so freaking much. Like, hella much. The colour shadings are perfect. The background music suits the situations so much. I know it’s kind of a bummer that there’s no voice-acting, but I think this much is pretty nice. I think everything about it is beautiful. The CGs are great too, but I’ll talk about them specifically later. But yeah, I love this game.

Plot-wise, hmm, it depends on everyone’s cup of tea, I think. I love how the plot is always related to the guys, so they each have their stories of their own. There are extra scenarios too, just like the mobile-app, so I guess it’s really worth it. (More time to pour loveeee.) Though I don’t play all the little extras, it’s still fun for me, at least. ^^

On to the characters, finally! There are, like, six guys to choose from, ok. Just a heads-up that I typed all of my fangirling on a notepad before and just edit it from there, so there might be more fangirling than I expect it to be. Welp. Onwards!



I played his route first because he gave me the best first impression. (And omg the hell is with his exposed chest? Such a tease ugh.) I was like sakjfasfag all along because he flirted all the time. He’s a really sweet piece of shit fluff and I love him (and his good looks) so much. He’s so nice to the MC, and his story is great, too. But still, I feel like it’s lacking something… I don’t remember why, but apparently I liked the ‘thunderous day’ scene the best. I really don’t recall anything at this moment, hahaha this is what the past me wrote in the drafts.

His route makes me feel really at ease because he doesn’t hurt the MC. (Unlike the other guys… They get jealous and possesive omg.) He’s the route I’d recommend for new players of this game! He’s on the safe side, most of the part. Although he looks really shekshi and tempting, he has the fluffiest CGs, honestly, hahaha. I’m rating him a 4/5.



Okay, as usual, I just wanted to get rid of him asap because he’s a tsundere bUT THIS SWEET LITTLE CHILD. I AM ALL FOR TSUNDERES IF EVERYONE’S LIKE HIM. Seriously though, I’m fond of him because people close to my age always attracts me a lot. Even though he has his harsh words that pierced through me and makes me want to cry, he’s the sweetest and I feel really, really loved. He cares a lot, too. And I can honestly say that I like him better than Tokiwa. He’s a spoiled, childish brat though haha you cute piece of shit.

This boy hurts me a lot, but plot-wise, I love his route the most. When he gets possessive I just <3. On another note, he has a plot-twist by the end of his route and I’m like whY U DO THIS I’M ALREADY ON THE VERGE OF TEARS. His blushing face is adorable okay I just feel all this fluffy bunny and kittens running around when I play his route. So, 4.6/5!



This guy, hahaha. Where do I begin. He’s a bit on the serious side and he doesn’t even sugarcoat his words, but that’s just basically him. He’s soooo manly and when I played his route I was like “omg this is rEAL JAPANESE MEN” because he does sword-swinging and stuff, rEAL HONEST and very reserved and calm. He looks lonely somehow, and always kept a distance away, and it breaks my heart. And then it comes to the mid-game.…

This guy, THIS MAN, HURTS ME MUCH MUCH MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE I’VE EVER PLAYED. HIS ROUTE ALMOST BROUGHT ME TO TEARS LIKE SERIously why are you so cold. :c I have so much feels for him, you know. Honestly, I don’t find his sprites (and him in general) as attractive or as good-looking as others but oh my god, I love him! His heart is so pure and he’s sO full of passion. Fair warning, he has like the most shekshiest+hottest moments in his route ok because he’s just that needy. His “I can’t live without you!” made my heart soar. He is hella stoic though because when the MC compliments him, he’s like “OK” hm #ok. Even his extras are hot. The hell is wrong with your shekshual drive. He’s also on 4.7/5.



I went into his route, thinking, “Boy, don’t disappoint me. You’re like, the main tease + attraction of the game”. I was a little too confused in his route, but he makes my heart flutter a lot. He’s so cute and positive and happy and it makes me smile all the way through his route. Tokiwa’s a duck in this route though. At chapter 6 of his route, I already wanna cry and leave him because why would he abandon the MC just like that? :c “One moment he’s nice, the next moment he’s as cold as an ice,” suits him perfectly well. I don’t even understand what he thinks, haha.

Unfortunately, I could never agree with the choices for the super happy ending lol. Ah, his surprised face is hella funny though. But gOSH, HE HAS LONG, PRETTY LEGS. The hell is with him always showing his long legs. No, you don’t show that to me and expect me to be okay!! I have so many feels and shock in this route wow his route is my fave, although he’s not my fave guy. I feel like the artist is a bit biased because Takao has like a very hot kissing CG, very adorable hugging CGs, and like A+ CGs for his whole route. Not that it’s a bad thing, hehe. I’m like hella confused for the most part in his route, and the last part was hilarious as hell. He made me go ashfakssf a lot. Even his date scenarios is freaking cute, so a 4.7/5 for him! (plus points because he’s A++ in giving hickeys.)


gallery_image_05[please just excuse this CG, it’s the one on the website orz]

And finally, I came upon the ‘demonic’ shop manager. Have I told you that he’s hella adorable when he blushes? Omg. Dayumm, this guy is dangerous as hell. He’s the sadistic one in the game (and I finally found you). He reminds me so much of Jin from The 2nd Reproduction, in which, he teases you a lot and invaded your private space but abandon you now and then anyways. The agony and angst in his route grips my heart to the core, my eyes got blurry because of the tears I’m holding back orz as expected of a demonic manager. He’s wayyy older than the MC and thus treats her like a kid, tsk tsk. Still, Iroha has a really adorable blushing face ok don’t tell me otherwise. He made me blush a lot…

Also. He’s a hot demon ok, no kidding. I wonder why they called him ‘ogre’ in the game though. It just doesn’t fit because oH MY GOD HIS WHITE HAIRRR LOOKS SILKY AND NICE. I was imagining ‘ogre’ as ugly beings, not a hot guy with silver hair with horns, sheesh. I don’t like being called “trash” by Kagerou in this route like wHO do you think you are?! The only thing I agreed with Kagerou is that, yes, we hate each other very much. (I actually loved him in his route but not here.)

Iroha in western clothes is the best thing that ever happened to him in this game, and his CGs are all very 18+ on an average (he has like the most daring CG I ever played whoops). I have the longest rant for him in this game but I had to cut all of them because those are just responses to him being a sadistic bastard yet a cutie pie when throwing a tantrum at the same time. In conclusion, Iroha is a beautiful creature with a twisted, sadistic personality yet I can’t hate him because the MC is not so weak in this route, but at the same time, we never knew his “sold to the district because of an accident” story in the game. …We never get to know his back story. :c So it’s a 4.75/5 from me. n_n (He also has a 2nd season, and he proves how much he loves the MC so much and it makes me happy. But I won’t talk about it here, haha.)


hayabusa_stillimg[literally his first CG. tsk tsk.]

My first impression of this guy was pretty great, mainly because he looks so manly but beautiful at the same time omg. I was glad to found out that she already has feelings for him in the first place, because that’ll make things a lot easier. I knew something tragic will happen in his route though, hahaha. When he said, “You always look like you’re about to cry,” I knew that he was talking about the MC, but I find the truth in his words for the real me LOL.

My favourite part in his route is when the MC called Hayabusa a jerk, and when she flat out answered “No” for about three of route times. If only he showed his playful side more instead of being a wreck that makes me go @_@ all the time. I don’t understand his character well. But I guess his route was pretty tragic (as expected) but all ends well and it makes me happy. ❤ I blush a lot in this route, but Hayabusa’s blushing face makes me happy. I love how helpful Takao is in this route. Anyway, I’m dissatisfied with how small the numbers of his CGs are, but nonetheless, a 4.6/5 from me.



He doesn’t have a route, and that’s such a bummer. He’s totally my type though. He’s also sadistic and it just shows how much he takes on his older brother. Yeap, try and guess who it is. I like this guy, but I hope he shows his love in a better way. His tsundere-ness totally overtaken Kagerou’s, ok. He looks hella nice though and so that’s one plus point for him. I wish I can see him in a kimono. And since he doesn’t have a route, no rating for him, but I still love him lots. And demand more of him (and his CGs.)


I really like her. I mean, she bites back (to Iroha, Kagerou and Azusa) and that’s a total plus point for me. She’s brave to be walking around in the red-light district for many times, though, and keep coming back for the guys. If it was me, when the guys said I had to stay away, I’ll probably be like “Bye, I’m done.” and dump each one of them mwahaha. But yeap, I will give her credit for her bravery. She’s vulnerable and cute, yet she can step up her game, you know. I don’t like how people like to badmouth MCs/Protags. That’s not nice hm. Well since I always put myself in the MC’s shoes, that’s a different story so #welp.

Final Thoughts.

I really, really love this piece of art. I replayed every route the other day and Kagerou came up to be my favourite, even though I don’t rate him that high. I have this little fluffy bubbly feeling when it comes to people around my age, you know. I just feel kinda angsty when I remind myself that the courtesans treat the MC just as much as they treat other customers, so what’s the difference? Hahaha. I find Takao and Tokiwa as a nice bromance (and idiotic) pair, who tease a lot on others’ routes but end up differently in their own routes. Kagura has… Very lewd scenes, more than Iroha (which in turns become a fluff lol).

I love all the sequel and date scenarios. Makes me really happy that they’re extra stories to the guys. Iroha’s is more like his POV though, but that’s cute too. Everyone is adorable when it comes to extras, eh. I’m still salty with Azusa’s route because he only has one CG and Hayabusa has only like… 4-5 CGs wHY. But I love this game nonetheless for everything it has to offer. Just make sure you guys are comfortable with soft smut though. It’s not too descriptive but it may make some people uncomfortable, so there. (Still not satisfied with that one guy on Vita not being here on the PC version hmph.)

Here are some screenshots I took just for the fun of it, and I am actually amused by them lol.

and then he starts talking about this with such a cute face that i literally become sleepy, even though i am interested in the same thing
[and then he starts talking about this with such a cute face that i literally become sleepy, even though i am interested in the same thing.]
bc i cant decide
[the oni cuties.]
they do look similar so i've suspected it earlier before
[they do look similar so i’ve suspected it earlier before.]two fave expressions in oneeee[two fave expressions in one. <3]

I would recommend this for people who prefer something out of the ‘school life’ and ‘normal life’ loop, and something a bit more mature. I dived into the game mostly because of the art, whoops. So I’m rating this a 8.6/10 because I can huhuhu. Btw, I took most of the CGs from the Vita site here, and you can also download wallpapers there! The art is slightly different but still so :3

Thank you for reading this and have a great week ahead.
Since I’m a bit too busy at the moment, I may only be able to post once a week so… Enjoy? Hehehe. Byeom~



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