Anime Overview: Daiya no Ace / Ace of Diamond


This is long overdue, but I finally finished this wonderful series! I know I’ve been disappearing for a while, but please know that I won’t abandon this blog, not ever. Anyway, here’s an overview of my current favourite baseball anime, Ace of Diamond (or Daiya no Ace, or Diamond no Ace, whatever floats your boat). And this is for both of the seasons. Spoilers, lots of personal thoughts and biased views ahead~


I don’t remember what made me stumbled upon this, but one thing for sure, I love Sawamura for being a jumpy, hyper fluffball, a lefty (like me), and also share the same birth-date with me. Trust me, that’s exactly why I started it. But then I gradually fell in love with everything and here I am, being emotionally attached and wrecked emotionally with this anime. Tsk Tsk.

The Flow.

So, this is a story about Sawamura Eijun, that has a talent for pitching in baseball and is a very, very loud person. His current baseball team in his hometown was defeated for the season, and although he loves baseball, his team couldn’t bring him far. One day, a woman came to visit him at his house and offered him a spot in a (baseball) high school, Seido High. Sawamura then went to said school to have a look around and stuff, and then was offered to pitch. Things happen, and he agreed to join in the school. And that, is where everything starts.

I really like this series, because even if you’re a clueless, ignorant person about baseball (like me), you will get to know the basics of the game, gradually. I mean, I didn’t know what the hell a ‘diamond’ is, to begin with. I have to say, I was really impressed at how fun baseball could be. I was cheering for Seido all the way, and the plays aren’t that… ridiculous. It’s not like it breaks the law of physics (not much, anyway), haha. Oh and, I didn’t know pitches have many names for many forms! The players on the bases are awesome as well! Have you seen how Kuramochi and Kominato play? Omg.

Another thing is that, everything focuses on teamwork. Then there’s this bromance and the whole ‘senpai-kouhai attachment’ thing, hehe. Chris-senpai is the best senpai ever, and I love how Sawamura is the one who brought back the light in the senpai’s eyes. That was awesome, I tell you. I almost cried. I read a quote on Tumblr of this; “Came for Miyuki, stayed for Chris-senpai,” which is true and I agree 100%.

One thing I’m pissed off about is, somehow through the middle of the series, Furuya gets into the spotlight. He got the ace number and then everything was shifted on him. I’m actually sad seeing Sawamura trying his best, putting forward all he got, when Furuya is the prodigy here that exceeds everything and wows everyone. I don’t know, but it makes me really mad. More so when my bb Haruichi cares for Furuya more than Sawamura.

Ah, I love how this anime shows how Sawamura, who was a confident guy, had his golden moments, and then he has his breaking moments when he was trusted as a pitcher but his pitch was hit by homerun. God, that hurts right in the heart. Then he got into a slump, and a trauma. Yes, that’s the slice of life thing that I love to see, right there.

I cried a bit (too much) on the second last episode because I really thought it was unfair for Sawamura. I was sad mad that the coach just pushed him away and then the whole freaking episode just focused on Furuya like he’s the main all over again, that even Miyuki favours him. He has always been Miyuki’s favourite anyway, meh. I don’t hate Furuya though, he’s just not my favourite.

The Characters.


Sawamura Eijun could be one of the most hyper, loud, funny but very dumb main protagonist. So far, he’s the loudest compared to other main protags on other sports anime series. Seeing him just makes you happy and light up, you know? He might come out quite annoying to a lot of people, but I love him. I do love how, after the trauma, he stood up and became stronger. It took him a while to completely overcome his trauma, but when he did and he wow-ed people, I couldn’t be happier. And on the last few episodes, I see a very matured side of Sawamura that makes me think that this anime really does focus on reaction, feelings and emotions. And that’s a good thing. Well, he was supposed to be in the spotlight. He was supposed to be the freaking ace. I feel so bad for my baby seeing him like that, but he didn’t break down in the end. He expressed his sad-mad-ness with encouragements and that just breaks me more. What a precious little bun. It was like seeing a child growing up and maturing right in front of your eyes, and I’m proud of him, haha. (I was crying bucket of tears, I tell you. I’m happy yet sad. Why hasn’t this baby get his number 1 yet?!)


Kominato Haruichi is my very cute fluffy bunny. His bubblegum pink hair makes me go all <3. Him and Sawamura are like the best duo ever, and because they call each other by first names! I started shipping their bromance when Haruichi was the one who cheered up Sawamura about getting into the first string. Kinda feels mehh because he focused on Furuya most of the part nearing the end. Sawamura calls him “Harucchi” and that’s just the cutest thing okay. This baby is the opposite of Sawamura and is a quiet little shy boo, but proved his worth with his plays and matured as well. His brother is Kominato Ryousuke who is… A sadistic guy hahaha. But I love seeing them with all the brotherly love, because the brother is ruthless and yet he cares for his younger bro the most. I thought they were distanced, but that was just how they were, eh. I’m aware of Haruichi’s change of attitude near the end and I just… Well, it’s hard to accept although I know that he is a blunt person to begin with… Well, maybe I need to read the manga to find out.

Furuya and Miyuki, hmm. I can understand Furuya’s character. He did nothing to get my dislikes, so I don’t dislike him. I do like him because he can be adorable at times as well. Miyuki is one hot megane and I don’t like that ugh he is ruthless as well but I love how he’s always in control of everything. He’s a perfect baseball player.

The third-year senpais are hall awesome and chill. It was sad to see that they didn’t get to go to the nationals… But I love them! Chris will always be my favourite. The seiyuu for Tetsu (the former captain) is actually the one who voiced Hyuuga Junpei of KnB! No wonder he sounded hella familiar. xD The senpais’ helps brought me to tears. They were the ones who brought the team out of the slump they were in and that just hits me right in the heart. (More like, showing ‘em who’s da boss, haha).

I don’t care much for other teams (and I skipped games that don’t have Seido, haha), but I do love how the other teams propose challenges to Seido. I… don’t like Narumiya Mei though, haha. Maybe I just can’t handle his cockiness, so let’s agree to disagree. I do love Yakushi though, Raichi is an adorable fluff. Sanada is one fine guy mm-hm. But I don’t really care for them as much as I care for the team in KnB though… Haha, I wonder why.

Not to forget, the helpful, adorable female managers! You can say that romance is noticeable in this anime, but not much. I do saw the way Jun and that 3rd year female manager looking/talking to each other though. Adorable, hehe.

tumblr_o6ky63fq1p1s2ud2vo3_400[why so cute omg help]

Art + Music.

The background music suits the situations, bloody situations, perfectly. I love the character musics as well, haha. The OPs and EDs are okay. I only liked two, but the other songs are just as great. The art is pretty good, if you ask me. Some parts of it are weird but it’s a shounen-style thing, so it’s alright. The ladies are also drawn pretty good so I have no complains, hehe.

Final Thoughts.

I really love the dramatic side of this anime, which covers a lot of emotions instead of just plain-playing into the game. Sawamura is a notable character, different from other protags and I am actually impressed. If you’d like a roller-coaster of emotions then this is the anime for you. The games are pretty well-played as well so I don’t think I have problems on that. I’m still pissed off with Furuya, but it’s alright, haha.

It ended good, but this deserves a continuation (actually I should read the manga but I’m lazy so). Giving this a 8.6/10, because it’s awesome. Watch this if you need motivation for lyfe and the like, and ready to break down then be happy at the same time. A roller-coaster, I tell you. The ending gets me to tears every time.

(And in the end when Sawamura just said his usual catchphrase and shit, I couldn’t be happier. He’s the best. I love him and this series, sobs). Also, there’s the Daiya Stage you guys should check out! Just google it since it’s already eng-subbed. Ozawa Ren ugh why you so cute. Wada Takuma tho saahkjsjkl.

I guess that’s pretty much it? I know this turned out rather long and I might be rusty at writing these kind of things, but thank you so much for reading through! I always write my stuff in personal views so if there’s anyone offended (because of Furuya), I apologize! I can understand why people would love him, I do too, just not as much, haha.

Thanks again and have a great day ahead, byeom~!


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