Dot Kareshi III: Overviews & Thoughts

Hello~ Finally, an otome game post, haha.

So. I loved the first game of the Dot Kareshi series, and I played the third one before the second one, and decided that I’m hooked to only two parts of this otome series and only played two routes of DK II. But a bit about those two routes after. For now, Dot Kareshi III, let’s go!


The Flow

Dot Kareshi is an otome game where it uses RPG elements (but no RPG gameplay) in a dungeon-like, RPG-game setting for… well, a new otome experience! So it’s like, you’re the player of the said RPG game, but you’ve always done modifications and stuff so the characters in your game gets pissed off. A bug brought you to the game world and tadaa, you’re suddenly surrounded by three men that are… a little bit (actually, a lot) on the pervy side and overall humourous in their own ways.

Even the prologue caught me off guard because they were so hella funny and adorable, and it’s just, idk, miserable? Seeing people bullying my precious demon lord. Hahaha. Too bad I only finished like 3 routes though… I wasn’t interested in the… Guard? Yeah, sorry, guys.

Onwards, to the characters!



If I’m not mistaken, he has appeared in the first game of the series because, well, I don’t know but yeah, a villager is like a commoner in a game, right? Like an additional character where you talk to him/her then went on your way. In RPG games, usually, I don’t ignore these kinda of people lol I just like seeing them interact :3 But this Villager, hmmm. I’m glad I got him out of the way first, haha. I think he’s a… yandere? Not my type of character, also I don’t get the way he showed his love for the protag, so I find it hard to like him, haha. I’d like to give a 3/5 for his efforts though.



Slime is usually the character where you fight off to gain up skills in an rpg game, haha. But this Slime is an adorable one, so :3 Tbh, I was excited to go for his route because he’s such an adorable piece of fluff. I don’t like kids but ehem is my shota-love showing. He’s a true cutie pie!! …..with perverted thoughts. His route is wayyy funnier than villager’s route, huhu. I’m not the one who likes characters that calls for “onee-channnn” that much but Slime is just really adorable. The protag comes out evil though haha even though she’s just trying to be a matured person. But he’s the creepiest because… “meld bodies”. Believe me, you’ll either get freaked out or be grossed out. No other way around it xD For the love and hate of slimes since I don’t play RPGs that much, 4/5 then.

Demon Lord


I wanted to save this bb boo for the last, but I couldn’t help it. Demon Lord should have been the huge boss for the game, but the protag defeated him very easily hehe. His good point is that although he’s annoyingly optimistic (because he always cheer himself up haha cutie pie), he’s hella obedient. Who’s the lord here? xD He’s a fragile little baby so please protect him at all cost. His route is pretty plain and not as I expected it to be, but still an adorable little fluffy bunny so 4.5/5 :3 I love him lots because omg have you seen him when he had his cape off? Hella skinny and just hnghh.

Sorry, didn’t have the time to play the Guard, and kinda lost interest in the game. :c He’s still a good character though. Just a tad bit odd with his sense of justice, but I understand where he’s coming from, considering that he has betrayed people but then felt betrayed as well in the end. xD (He used to work for the Demon Lord but welp.)

Okay, a little about the characters of Dot Kareshi II.



…Again, with the shota characters. But this time, it’s a tsundere little kiddo. This kid drove me crazy, ahaha. I went doki-doki in his route, more so than the other routes. I don’t know and just wtf, but “you’ll feel so good you’ll melt” ??? kIDDO do you even know what you’re saying? Oh my god. Just hoped he could be more honest. Too uptight yo, let loose a bit. xD Hmm, 4/5?



This guy!!! Ahh, where do I begin. Usually, cheerful characters like him has a dark past or something so to cover it up he’ll become a cheerful screw-less guy, and I was waiting for his ‘dark past’ to come up but nope, guess he’s just stupidly, adorably joyful in his own way. He’s so charming and soooo sweet, and I love how his happiness could affect me so much,  I was smiling all the way through his route. I had so much fun playing his route and by far, he’s my favourite from all of the Dot Kareshi series. Why? Because he’s not harsh on the protag, not that perverted, and all he wanted was to have fun. So yeah, for the love of him, 4.8/5! I remembered his route’s plot the most haha.

Final Thoughts

Although this game is relatively short, I could say I had real fun. Honestly after typing this out and looking for images to put in the post (I google everything so I claim nothing is mine), I actually feel like playing the game again. Maybe I’ll start with Dot Kareshi II again sooner or later, haha.

Well, it has some moderate… shekshual stuff haha but nothing too fancy, but it makes me blush so ughh I love this whole series. No wonder people love Rejet’s games.

Anyway, if you’d like to sit for at least 2hours and blush like hell, this is the game for you. (If you’re like me of course hahaha.) Rating this as a uhmmm maybe 7.8/10. Yeap.

Thank you for reading guys, and see ya in the next post! Byeom~



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