Anime Overview: Uta no Prince-sama ~ Maji LOVE Revolutions

Hello, everyone!

You’ve probably been seeing me post about UtaPri a lot on my recent posts, but I just can’t help it. This is the only anime that makes me all squeal-y without too much drama and sadness going on, at the moment. Definitely a series that will lift you up from an exhausted, depressing day.  So this post will be an overview of UtaPri Maji Love Revolutions! + a little overview of the OVA of the 2nd season.  ^_^


Spoilers and fangirling, as usual! (I don’t know but this somehow ended up being hella long, whoops.)

So before we move on to the 3rd season of this anime, I’ll be talking about the OVA first for a little bit. I hope that’s okay!

The special OVA is about the stars having a Christmas party, and how they put up together all the decorations and stuff while Haruka was busy at work. Everyone in the company was invited, so yeas, feast for the eyes! It ended all too well and it made my heart ache a little, in a good way. ;;;;

From this OVA, I’ve concluded that:

  • Syo has a twin!! Omg? And he wasn’t even denying that fact. I thought they would be on each other’s throats or maybe he will be embarrassed to admit about the fact that they’re twins but noooo, he looks happy with it! I really hope we’ll get to see more of his twin in the future, the real one, instead of just flashbacks and still images. ;;;;
  • Syo is my favourite for a whole lot of reasons, but he having the same seiyuu as Uta of Ayakashi Gohan is definitely a plus for me! Ahh that pissed-off voice, hahaha.
  • Ren though. wHYYY.
  • At this time, Shining Saotome still annoys me till the end. Sorry not sorry.
  • I am forever a shipper of Ittoki x Haruka, I just – omg.
  • This short special OVA made me cry though. I mean, it’s so full of happiness and motivation. You can see how much everyone loves Haruka and worked together to make their Christmas Party a success, wanting to do something in exchange of Haruka’s kindness. Ahh my heart ;;;

Alright. We’re done on that. Now, moving on to UtaPri 3! (I thought it’ll be maji love 3000% tho haha welpz.)


The Flow

First of all, what the hell is wrong with all of the surprises and fan-service in this season? Seriously, I can’t even handle haha. I think I squeal a little bit too much in this season compared to the other two. This season made me soooo happy for a lot of reasons. On the first episode you can see everyone being a freaking tease. And before the whole real thing started, there’s a little fanservice in which they had to go on a trip, all Quartet Night and STARISH together. Trip means, the sea. Sea means, extra fan-service.


Gahh. Anyway, moving on to the real plot.

So, the STARISH guys wanted to be the Triple S (Super Star Sports?) opening artist, but unfortunately, Shining Saotome has signed up Quartet Night as the contestant for the entry event (where they have to compete with other groups for the spot as the opening artist), so STARISH was a bit disappointed. However, they were determined to surpass their senpais, so they’d like to do anything to improve. So with that, Saotome suggested “Revolution!!”, in which they’ll be on to new projects. What projects, you ask?

It’s a cross-unit project, in which a member x another member produce a song together for whatever event they’re assigned to. What’s hilarious about this is that, the mix-matching is one hell of a mix because the members are grouped with members we would never have thought they’ll be involved with, oh my god, hahaha. All through everything, even with Quartet Night preparations for the entry project, Haruka had to write songs for everyone. So yeah, she’s a strong gurl yo haha.

The Characters

I know I don’t have to repeat the characters section, but oh my god. I’ll have to spoil stuff here a bit so please bear with me aha ;;;; Characters are arranged in order of the episodes they appear. I got carried away so I wrote pretty much about… all of them. Almost. Aha.

First off, Ittoki x Shinomiya are assigned for a freaking rock musical. What’s not to love! //signn me uppp// Although I’m not fond of Shinomiya because he bullies Syo a lot, the rock musical is his thing. The two had to struggle since they’ve never been in such musicals before so haha. Ittoki looked a bit dead in the eyes here and there though, what’s wrong bb boo :c


Ai, hahaha. I cannot believe. I really can’t. I cannot believe that he’s an… android. But I love his voice so much, and I just love him omg.

Ren x Cecil x Syo were assigned for a phone commercial. One thing I could say is that, their song is really, really a song commercial, hahaha. So cute tho. I love this one the most because it showed the most conflict, and Ren is like the matured one for the both scattered Cecil and Syo. It kinda feels like he’s the only adult there. xD Their combinations are so different though.

Camus, hmmm. I started liking him during the second season, but after watching this season I feel like kicking him out of my list. I still love his hair though, but I don’t like the way he treated Haruka. But his song oh my god. ❤ He looks nicer and honest when he’s singing. I like that during his episode, everyone gets possessive of Haruka huhu :3

Ranmaru, aha, my new baby boo. I thought he would be a very ruthless, cold person (like someone //looks at Camus//) but he’s really an adorable pure baby boo! I just love his style though, heterochromatic eyes, punk rock style, that silver hair, all black fer lyfe, sheesh. I feel like that’s my inner soul. I seriously thought he would be a very cold person but nope, he’s willing to share things with Haruka. He surprised me so much. That’s why he’s now my fave. Also wtf he has the most fan-service it seems askfhaskj whenever he gets the chance, he’ll just lie down on the sofa and I just grOW WEAK.


[what is he doing? i’ll leave that up to your imagination huhu]

Hijirikawa x Ichinose, and I forgot what they had to do but perform on a song festival, I think? I laughed so much at their episode because these two are soooo prim and proper so when they were together, it looked so professional omg hahah and they’re so nice. I guess they’re my favourite pair? In their episode, Syo and Shinomiya are wrong on so many levels lol please tone down the ghei.


legit the funniest moment for me 

And last but not least, Kotobuki Reiji. Ugh, this guy. He’s an apple pie. An adorable apple pie, please protect him. He fouled play though because…. he said “aishiteru” at the end. Very foul play and adorable too. In his episode, Ichinose and Ittoki got jealous because of Reiji’s closeness with Haruka hewhew cuties.

Quartet Night kept saying that they’re not united when they stay in a room together, understand each other’s words and chaining words (I’m not sure what you call this in English but welp) and all that, haha. I’m glad to see they’re actually passionate as a group in the end. :3

STARISH is one as always, and I love them to the moon and back haha. I love how they’re so united all the time and how they care about Haruka a lot.

Haruka may seem as a dislikeable character, but considering that she’s actually an otome game protag, you can’t blame her for being passive. But what I like about her in this season is she saved all of the idols’ day and basically life. If not for her, this anime would be… well, ghei? Hahaha, kidding. Tomo-chan is actually involved a lot in this season and that makes me happy, seeing friendship ahh. ❤ I love how everyone showed their appreciation for Haruka in the end hehe. I still think people don’t give Haruka enough credit though, hmm.


The Art + Music

The art is perfect, as always. I wonder sometimes though why there’s a slight difference in art in the anime compared to the game. I prefer the art in the anime but I guess animations are different?

The music for this season is A+++. From the opening song till the end of the whole season, gosh, I like everything. I’m serious. For the past two seasons, I’ve come to dislike a few songs because welp, but this time I like pretty much everything! All the music writers are just, fantastic! How brilliant. I don’t know how many times I praised the musicians/artists in charge of this anime, haha. Even the idols’ (seiyuu’s?) singing has improved tremendously! Not that they weren’t good before though, ehe.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I love everything. Even down to the ending.  Oh my god, have you seen the ending? I was so surprised and speechless and breathless and just, wow. I can’t believe my eyes! Ugh now I want a season 4 asap. I’m guessing that they’re making a new game while this anime is still in its… promotion?


you did what?

This season highlighted a lot on the senpais, but I guess there’s a lot of improvement regarding character development as well. And for once, I don’t dislike Shining Saotome this time. I finally understand what’s his agenda. (Only in this season, though.)

So… yeah. I forgot to give a rating for my recent overviews but I don’t really think I need them. After all I’m writing all of this just for the fun of it and I just want a place to fangirl. But if you’d like a rating, I think I’ll give a 8.5/10? Yeap, about that high. I don’t know, I love UtaPri. Do you?

Thank you very much for reading, and I hope y’all be having a wonderful week ahead! See ya in the next post, take care! Byeom~



3 thoughts on “Anime Overview: Uta no Prince-sama ~ Maji LOVE Revolutions

  1. krystallina

    I hope they go back to 2D for the dance sequences. Ugh, that CG… The art overall was weaker than the previous two seasons. I hope they don’t keep cheapening out since UtaPri is such a moneymaker.

    And, come on, Shining is epic!! (Although the anime also needs to show his pet…)



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