Nameless: Yuri’s route

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It’s been a while since I last posted up a route post, and I’ve wanted to type this out for a while now. Just now I felt like playing Nameless again and while I still have the feels, I’ll just let it all out here huhu. Possible spoilers and lots of fangirling; you’ve been warned! ^^


You can read the spoiler-free game review/introduction here. I’ll write a full game overview once I play everything, okay? Hopefully, hehe. I really love this game and I want more people to play + support it!

Moving on.


Despite the girlish name, Yuri is fantastically, a guy. So when you google about him, please put the nameless tag for safety precise searching purposes. One word for this guy: PERFECT.

I fell in love with him at first sight and I thought I wanted to save his route for later, but after reading a non-spoiler review here and there, I’ve made a conclusion that it’s wise to start with the spoiler-free Yuri (huhu it rhymes) and just get him done and over with. Although I don’t care about following storylines and such, I’m really glad I went for him first. He keeps making me coming back for more (of him), really.

Out of all the other guys, he’s the oldest since he’s from the ‘adult line’ of the dolls, so he tends to be on the wild, carefree and matured side. And I really love that about him, ahh. His style is perfect. From the way he talks, also the ways he calls the protag “My lady” or “Dariling”, well… oh, reminds me of Jinguji Ren from UtaPri. Yeap, he’s a bit like Ren. The type that makes you feel like he can lead you in everything.

Don’t be fooled by his personality though – his route is heart-wrenching as hell! I felt the pain literally during my playthrough, it gripped my heart like I was reading any angst fanfic. I’ve had this condition so I’m not sure if anyone else has it, but yeah, whenever I feel a pain even though it’s just a little scenario of someone I like, I feel like a hand grips my heart from inside and clenched it so it physically hurts… The pain also travels through my fingertips, making them numb. Anyway, in Yuri’s route, I experienced that a few times, haha. But it’s all worth it for his ending!!


please don’t smile like that ahh my heart

I don’t remember much about his storyline, but most of the things he does has a reason of its own. He’s the sweetest, but then when things get angsty, that’s where he hurts me the most ;;;;; He also acts like the calmest adult in the house although he has a playful, humourous side oh my god you would be laughing so much xD

He tortures my soul a lot with his cheesy, greasy lines and, oh my god, I don’t know, how he’s ridiculously rich? So in this game he becomes a teacher, and everyone else are just students. He’s stylish as hell too and just, irresistible. At first I really thought he had some shady business because he basically have money raining on him, like he could have a freaking limo and then buy new phones and stuff for the protag. He also go out late at night and come home realllyyyy late. (I thought he is… a… you know, host or something. I really did thought he was that.)

If you’ve read my overviews before, I really love guys like this. Flirtatious, sweet-talking, stylish, older than me and dunn dunnn, (please stop reading this if you don’t want any more spoilers. I’m warning you. Stop okay hahaha……… okay.) —– He plays in a band! Yes, he’s the drummer. And then it clicked in my head, “Oh, so that’s where he got his money from”. Lol! Gosh, can’t he be more perfect? I was actually disheartened with the fact that I can’t play dynamic chord because that game is 100% my thing, but then Yuri is there to save the day! Also to relieve my frustration over band boys, oh my god. (No utapri doesn’t count, we’re talking about bands here.)

His many endings gripped my heart like, a lot. His true ending oh my god T_T I’ve just played through this one route and yet I’m praising it so much. I love Cheritz omg where do I sign up for this guy to be real?! I’m currently playing Lance’s route and since I’m not fond of tsundere characters that like to say hurtful words to the protag, I’m kinda procrastinating on his route since…. last year haha. This is true though, my last save was almost a year ago.

Oh! Also, after finishing a route with all the endings complete, you’ll unlock a voice message (?) audio from the extras. Basically it’s the real seiyuu telling about his character and how he felt about it, etc. I can understand Korean a bit but since he talks fast, I… really need more practice haha ;;; but! The seiyuu for Yuri said that he loves voicing Yuri, and although he don’t dislike this character, he find it a bit odd to be calling people “My lady”, “Darling”, stuff like that when he could never say that in real life haha. He’s an adorable person omg he said Yuri’s character is like a bit too… I don’t know what’s the word, frivolous? Because haha, the seiyuu and Yuri’s character traits are so different xD I’ll try and make a full post of translations one day, I’ll try my best! He also said to please give lots of love to Cheritz, Nameless and everyone that worked hard on it, from now on and beyond. ❤

So that’s all for my route overview today. Gahh, give me the chance to fangirl like this again and I can probably finish this post without procrastinating 80% of the time. I still haven’t finished Kikuya though whyyy. Also I have recent reads that I’ve yet to post. Again, whyyyy. //kicks off the workaholic side//

Anyway thank you so much for reading. If you’ve played Nameless, do tell me your fave character! See you guys in the next post, have a nice weekend, byeom~!



2 thoughts on “Nameless: Yuri’s route

  1. insightblue

    I go back and forth with Yuri and Tei…they are both my favorite! Yuri is so hot and has a great route, but Tei has a great route too…even if he is a bit crazy. Part of me likes the crazy though lol. Reading this made me want to replay the game!



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