Anime Overview: Kuroko no Basuke

Hello, everyone.

Sorry that I couldn’t update on the 1st Jan, haha. I have lots to write about but I like it if I write something when I still have the feels, you know. Makes it easier to get a flow rather than just a textbook type of review or something, haha. And I know this anime has finished ages ago, but welp, I rebel through everything, so! 😀

As usual, this post will be full of my personal opinions and may contain spoilers, so read more under the cut! (Also this post combines all three seasons.)


(probably no synopsis because of the popular views, aha. sorry.)

I’ve never said this here, but I was not an anime sports fan before, at all. I still am not 100% a sports anime fan, because there are some anime that I still don’t have interest in, etc. I watch them for motivation purposes, but that’ll turn into another post so I’ll just skip them out for now.

So in short, Kuroko no Basuke is the first anime series that brought me into this whole sports anime thing. I was reluctant to watch it at first because of all the hype and shippings… it’s not like I can’t handle yaoi, I can, but when it gets too much, I feel kinda annoyed… like when I was a fan of Durarara!!. All the IzayaxShizuo ships make me question whether liking Izaya was a good choice xD Anyway, I first watched KnB quite a few years back, when my internet was still unstable. I don’t remember much how I felt then, but I’m sure it has as much excitement as I feel now.

Also, that time I had this crush on a senpai in my school, who was also an anime fan. We got to know each other and talked about anime, and he mentioned KnB! And I was like yEAS and then from there, I got more interested to watch KnB. I lost contact with him now but if it wasn’t for him, then I wouldn’t have found and continued such an amazing series that left a huge impact on my life and motivation.

Okay then, enough with the flashbacks. Let’s review the anime!

The Flow

Since this anime is adapted from the manga, I’m guessing that the plot is similar, right? I would say that the plot is really, hella intereting. It keeps me wanting more. Also, never in my life have I ever rooted for anime characters. It’s like I’m watching a real game, you see. Even now when I’ve finished the whole 3 seasons of the anime, I still go “oh nooo” or “OMG U CAN DO IT!!” on most of the episodes (and this goes for other sports anime too, but this was the first). I’m re-watching the 3rd season as I type this to get the feels and also because of Nijimura, but ya know what I mean, right? I still cheer them all on. It’s like you’re there to cheer on for the game.

I remembered when I skipped  the Teikou Arc though, haha. Then I watch it again. And again.

I like how this series has its ups and downs, and you could totally feel it. The back-stories are as interesting, too. It really builds the characters, which have to be brought to the next section…. which is…

The Characters

First of all, I cannot believe how many characters this series has. And they’re all pretty much different from each other! I’m saying this because this was the first time I stumbled upon a sports anime back then, and I was hella surprised.  But I love most of ‘em!! Character developments in this series is A+++


Let’s start with Seirin. The main character of course, is an amazing little ball of fluff. Kuroko is just so adorable ;;;; I love how he’s always trying his best (everyone does) but I can totally feel him, like, you work hard on something but you’re still never good at it — that kind of feeling. I feel like I have a child and I watch him grow, lol. The way how he’s always quiet yet blunt when need be, also when he’s expressionless, haha, oh my god. I love him. Just a bit of a bummer to see someone who was once a happy, bubbly child turned into someone expressionless as that… ;;;;

As for Kagami, I was actually annoyed by him like hella lot, but then I got used to his harsh ways and he’s just an adorable ball of fluff too ;;; My next favourite is totally the Aida Riko+Hyuuga Junpei pair! Ahh, I love how these two drove the whole team. With violence, yes, but that’s what makes it interesting! xD Not to forget my pun-ny bae, Izuki and the kitty-faced senpai (I used to call him that, even now tbh), Koganei. Ahh, even Mitobe and the others too! These warm feelings just grow, you know. Like you have children of your own, so when you see them win or cheer or sad, you feel all of them. I feel like a proud mother seeing how much they’ve grown, seriously. That’s what I think, at least. Haha. //wipes proud tears


Next is, of course, the Generation of Miracles. I know, I’ve seen so many people think that they’re ridiculous….. Same.  But they’re what keep the story going, aight? I guess my favourite other than Kuroko, would be Akashi. Or Murasakibara. And a little bit of Aomine, hehe. Kise… well, I used to really love him, before Murasakibara came by. But then Kise became really annoying on the third season and as much as I want to hug him, I still feel annoyed because suCH COPYCAT. As for Midorima…. Again, I’m not a fan of tsundere characters, but he’s adorable sometimes too and oH his “nanodayo” though, I never noticed it until just very recently! xD Murasakibara looks like he could crush you and can always look you down with that eyes of his, but it’s undeniable that he’s a huge baby, hah. Aomine is a literal Aho, so I’ll just put him away (other than the fact that he’s hot – that can’t be overlooked). Akashi, though. Please protect him at all cost ;;;; I still have a love-hate feel when I see him, because I can feel his pain, yet I disagree with his ways. And he’s too powerful for his own good whY. Give him all the love and hugs, he need those. Idk why but the fan-written scenarios he’s in is ALWAYS so full of angst. Anyway, he’s perfect, so… haha. (And throwing this in because I can; Akashi = Sasori. Deal?). Also, a gif of Akashi that I found for viewing pleasure hnghh.


And now to the Uncrowned Kings! Kiyoshi is such a warm guy, he’s like a brotherly figure to me personally haha. I think amongst all of them, I like Hayama the most! I mean, have you seen how Hayama laughs at Izuki’s joke? Ahh my feelssss. Only platonic bromance, yeap. But my two fave characters mingle with each other is like a dream come true ;;;; Hanamiya is hella wicked haha and Mibuchi and Nebuya are just ❤ (Did I left out anyone else?)


my adorable bb omg

Other teams that caught my interest are… definitely Kirisaki Daichi because of my bb bubblegum Hara but most of them are attractive as hell… and Yakushi because of Himuro (which I came to dislike suddenly), Imayoshi because he’s wicked and yet he’s attractive and…. well, I don’t remember much now. But oh! My favourite! character! is! definitely!!! Nijimura Shuuzou! ❤ This bae is just, omg. I have an entire fanfic drafted out dedicated for him. I just need to figure out the ending, and then I’ll be on my way to posting a proper chapter! Huhuhu. I’m quite excited to jump back into writing, hehe.


I think my top 5 faves would be Nijimura, Akashi, Murasakibara, Izuki and Hayama! Kuroko is special to me though hehe. I just came to like almost everyone, omg. Oh almost forgot! Mayuzumi ahhh how can I forget him ;;;; He’s special too because, he’s just, omg.

I guess the characters I’m not fond of are… well, Haizaki. I like him during his Teikou days because dayumm that hair. Then the current him is just a douchebag, but alas, bad boys always get the spotlight, ayy? 😉 Also, although I like Hanamiya to some degree, I actually dislike him a bit. How dare him, tbh. xD


Ah, right. I love, love, love all the OPs and EDs for this series! Even the bgm makes you pumped up/nervous for the moments, and just, wow. “Adrenaline rush!” if I could say that xD

For the art, I would say that it improved tremendously from the first season. I didn’t notice that the art was a little weird on the first season, until I compared it to the second and then the third one. The production team did a great job in making improvements on the art. Also, the mangaka did a very, very great job on the whole series. I haven’t actually looked into the manga myself, but maybe I will, sooner or later. Haha.


this is one of my most favourite end-cards because omg so cuteeeee

Final Thoughts

Despite my long rant and fangirling on the characters section, this series is perfection as a whole. Although you can say that what’s happening in the series aren’t even realistic and there’s so many laws of Physics that were broken and rebelled through, so I guess… haha. The series will get your blood pumping of excitement and also heart swells because of the drama, also, have I ever mentioned that the humour in the series is hella, because yeah, I remembered I had to pause an episode to laugh out loud, seriously. I don’t remember whether I cried or not, but it’ll bring you close to tears, tbh. Kuroko is like my child lol, I love seeing him develop and become the person he is today. (Omg the part where Ogiwara start to appear brought me to tears because everyone else was cheering as well – it was beautiful.)

All in all, I would recommend this series if it’s your first time diving into the sports anime stuff. There would be some fanservice though, and a bit bromance (actually, a lot) here and there but nothing that couldn’t be handled. I’m saying this just because I’m not a fan of yaoi and yet I can stand it. So there you have it; a wonderful anime for all.

Also, you can always pick a character (or seven) that you like, because it’s full of bishies! :3

Thank you so much for reading all of this, and hopefully I’ll improve my writing in the future! If you’re also a fan of KnB, feel free to fangirl it here in the comments or on my twitter or even Tumblr, or wherever you see fit.

Thanks again and have a wonderful day ahead! ❤




6 thoughts on “Anime Overview: Kuroko no Basuke

  1. insightblue

    I loved Free! But that’s pretty much all the sports anime I’ve watched, unless Chihayafuru counts? LoL. I want to watch Haikyuu next. I’ve heard it’s really good. 🙂


    1. littlemochii Post author

      Ahh, Haikyuu will be a good choice for sure! I’m still waiting for the second season to be finished, hehe. Oh, I’ve never watched Chihayafuru but I heard it’s like, a card game anime? But with romance involved? xD


      1. insightblue

        Yeah, waiting till the second season is finished is probably a good idea. ^^

        Oh my gosh, Chihayafuru sounds like it would be boring, but it’s great! There is some romance, but what is most beautiful is the relationships between all the characters. And the animation is so pretty. I wish they would make more!!


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