Anime Overview: Tokyo Ghoul + personal thoughts

Hello, long time no see!

Exams are out of the way for now and since I hella miss this blog, I decided to post out an anime overview I drafted a few weeks ago, when I was watching Tokyo Ghoul. I don’t wanna abandon this blog, not ever. I just am a bit too busy at the moment, is all. ;;;;

Also, welcome, new followers! You guys gotta get used to me posting irregularly, haha. Oh and if you’re curious, I also run Pastel Faery so feel free to follow me there for language-learning and everything about my life and stuff. n_n

And now, let’s get on to the anime! More under the cut :3

Since this is just an overview, I’m just gonna give my personal thoughts here and skipping the plot introduction and everything because I think this title is hella popular already, haha. If you’re looking for an overall thoughts, skip to the end of the post, ayy?

First of all, the only word that could describe my whole feelings when watching this anime is: Tragic.

It was all so cute and adorable, and Kaneki Ken is such a cutie pie… and then suddenly, he became a ghoul. And everything just changed from there. I went ???? most of the time because, one, all he wanted was a little date with someone he has a crush on, is that too much to ask? All of that and in the end he was on the verge of death, and was saved, and yet was put into a whole new… hell. In Malay, we call this. “keluar mulut buaya, masuk kandang harimau”, or something. It’s like, you’re out of the fire but into the frying pan? Yeah, something like that. And two, whAT IS THE MOTIVE OF EVERYTHING IF IN THE END THO KANEKI IS GOING TO JUST.. ? ? ?

I have never cried so so so much watching an anime episode. All them tears for one episode, I tell you. It hurts me so much to see Kaneki on the last few episodes. I seriously cried so much, and I kept telling myself “this is too tragic. too tragic. too tragic”. I don’t know why but omg, why would you put so much pain through my heart? T_T

When Kaneki changed I went “Noooooo”, because no, I don’t accept that. I want the old nice, adorable Kaneki back :c Who am I supposed to believe then, if not Kaneki? And now he’s already embracing his ghoul side… he was too precious before I just :c

Honestly speaking, I wasn’t interested in this anime at all before but then the first episode caught my interest so I went on with it (since my friends couldn’t stop talking about it tsk tsk) and then, although it hurts me, I braved through all the violence even though I can’t handle them (which is why I dropped SnK before) and then till the end it came to… that kind of conclusion. And yes, I know the second season is awesome, the manga is better and all that but I can’t handle all of that anymore sorry haha. I basically am not a fan of these kind of animes….

On another note, Uta is such an adorable cutie pie omg ;;;; I love him! Actually the only characters that I actually have put my trust into is just Kaneki, basically, but then Uta comes crashing down. And yes, I know he’s not that nice after all… hah….

And then I tried looking it through a whole new perspective;
This is pretty much what happens to us, humans, most of the time. The world is an awful, crappy place and I always find myself saying “life is unfair” countless times a day. This world is just cruel, and the people around…. that’s what they do to us.

They abuse us with words. They abuse us with violence. They torture our heart and soul…. the world is such a cruel place, haha.

And at one point someone is just gonna say “fuck it” after being nice for so so so long of a time and one day you find them very different from how they were before. They’ll stop giving a shit, they’ll stop giving a fuck, all because of all the tortures. It’s really really saddening if this happens because honestly, I do NOT want this to happen to any of my friends! I have at some point said “I don’t give a fuck anymore” but then again I still am nice to people (I try to appreciate better and ignore those shitheads).

But to the people that just gave up entirely; please. it hurts. Don’t do it. It’s okay if you’d like to be a better, stronger person but please don’t decide to push all, exactly all your friends away, even with the ones you trust. They’re there for a reason. And honestly, I have been pushed away more times than I could count and it hurts so much because after you do push me away, I’m sorry, but I tend to stop caring. It hurts but I learn to let go somewhat haha.

There goes me ranting again!

All in all, Tokyo Ghoul has its unique concept of its own, massive violence included and also a little teeny bit of love and affection. I would love this more if I was a fan of such anime but I’m not, so I’m giving it um 6/10? That’s quite high to be honest haha. I love the art, the music, the seiyuus and overall emotions, even the OP and ED, but it’s just not my cup of tea. I’m sure fans of SnK (don’t mean to compare but you get my point) would love this so feel free to watch it! The fault is not on the anime itself, it depends on someone’s likes and dislikes, after all. Huhu.

I guess that’s pretty much it for now. I haven’t been writing in a while and once I do, poof! You get some hella blocks of texts running around here haha. Thank you so much for reading and see ya in the next post! Byeom~


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