Anime Overview: Uta no Prince-sama ~ Maji Love 2000%


Finally, I finished yet another anime. It’s been a while since I actually finished a series, so I’m really glad I get to watch this despite my busy schedule. School’s starting this Monday so I thought, why not enjoy the holidays to the fullest and dive myself into a world of adorable dorky cheesy 2d guys? So this time, I watched the second season of my fave “Let’s Song!” series, UtaPri! (But first, I’d like to apologize if this post is a bit different from my past posts; I’m getting a little bit rusty….)

You can read my overview of the first season of UtaPri here. And yes, I know that the 3rd season is out. But alas! I love watching completed anime and I’m always behind anyway huhu. This is not spoiler-free, as usual. Moving on!

The Flow:

Compared to the first season, this one has a lot more skinship and affections between the guys and Haruka. And I mean, a lot. I remembered during the first season I kept saying “Awhh someone please hug Haruka!” but in this one, haha, what can I say? She gets all the love she could get. Also, this time, I think there’s more exposure of the guys’ pasts and I can personally say that the song choices are better! Plus, the art has improved a lot and I’m loving the characters more and more now. I did mention that the art is perfect, but this time they’re beyond perfect. See my obsession?


The Characters: 

Apparently the 6 guys + 2 guys (the sensei) are not enough bishies so they decided to add mORE GUYS TO THE BUNCH. Many more guys… yea, you guessed it right. Quartet Night, Heavens and also Cecil… oh my god. why you gotta ruin my lyfe. ? ? ?

They’re reaching out for you. Welcome to hell of bishies yall are invited.

This is all of the guys together oh I’m gonna die 

Cecil is a cutie-pie with his Japanese and the Quartet Night guys makes me urghh and then we have Heavens that apparently have a very, very nice song. Why the hell did I sign up for this look I’m exploding with feels again I cant type pr op e rl y ///

Anyway; character developments! I’m so happy to see that Haruka has somehow became more talkative and braver and also friendlier. I love how this anime is still very motivating. Like yknow, you got slumped with so much unexpected things, but there’s still a light despite all that? Yeap, that’s what I feel. And I ship Haruka and Otoya real hard but the one that gets to hug her was Syo. Booo. I love how everyone is protective and gets all jealous when Cecil tries to smooth-talk Haruka. Seriously. That is perfection right there. But I think Ichinose is pretty canon with Haruka so we can’t do anything about that T_T Ichinose has also somehow stopped being an angry bird and became more accepting and friendlier with Haruka.

Basically, I love them because they love Haruka. Ha!

Final thoughts:

Since this anime has a lot of improvements compared to the first one, I’ll give it a whole 8/10. I love it, true, but I also think that it needs improvement. I know, it’s supposed to promote the otome game. Don’t remind me…. ///throws self on the floor because PSP broke and there’s no way to play at all//

I love how at the last part when everyone sang along, I sang along as well. This anime brought me so much joy, and I’ll remember it for that. Otome games… I mean, reverse-harem are the best. Don’t even deny it. (Also on another note Haruka lives in a whole freaking mansion filled with guys. She’s the only girl. What not to love?).

Apparently, I also found a video of MMD (?) of the STARISH guys + Quartet Night. And it is perfect.

I basically have no life.

With this, I’ll be ending my post here. I’m planning to type up for some of mobile otome games that I love, so be on the look out for ’em! Hopefully soon… haha.

Anyways, thanks so much for reading and have a nice day! ❤


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