Recent Read: Nakanmon

Hello, hello.
Finally, a recent read post! And I’d like to introduce to you today, Nakanmon!

Summary: Hirahara Tsukasa just moved to Tokyo from Hiroshima, and she’s late on her first day of school because she misses the bus. But this leads to a chance encounter with four other people in her class, and somehow, the five of them became friends? Crybaby Tsukasa, the sharp-tongued yet soft-hearted Himeno, the understanding Ichihara, as well as Agatsuma and Onda… these five different personalities come together to create a youthful school life story—

Author: Tsukishima Haru

Status: Completed (yay!)

Genre(s): Shoujo, Slice of Life, School Life, Comedy.

The reason why I love this is because I can totally relate to Tsukasa’s feelings. I’m not a crybaby haha at least I don’t think so but I’m sure you guys know that feeling when you’re like, wanna cry at everything? I think depressed people could totally relate to those kind of feelings.

Also, you know me. I love slice of life things plus having a character that has lots of friends to be with. I’d totally recommend this if you love seeing character developments because yeah bro, this is what it’s all about! xD Also, huhuhu, I find this manga really motivating in a lot of ways. The art’s nice too, and you should not worry about updates because it’s already completed~

So what are you waiting for? Go read it! ^^

Actually, I have a lot of recent reads from last month that I wanted to share, but from all the titles, I guess this one needs love the most. I’m also really busy to the point that I have to queue this post up, sobs. If you’d like some recommendations you should totally check out Shoujo Moment’s faves here. Or if you wanna recommend me something, come at me bruhh!!

Thanks for reading and see ya guys in the next update! Byeom~! ❤

(p.s: omg I totally am gonna drown myself in Dot Kareshi games if I have time srsly)


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