TMGS3 PSP: Shitara Seiji’s route

Hello. This was drafted last year, exactly on the first of October. I don’t even know why I haven’t post this up… omg haha.

Anyway. I decided to post about our tsundere pianist/prodigy, and to avoid spoilers for who has yet to play the game, I’ve made it into a ‘read more’ section. I’m more into his character than the story line though, but I don’t know how it’ll go haha. Now let’s get on with it~

Shitara Seiji is your senpai who’s really good at piano but actually hasn’t been playing for some time. I don’t want to elaborate on this, so I’ll just point out the things I noted about him.

This guy was the one who taught me what ‘tsundere’ means, haha. I wasn’t sure what ‘tsundere’ means before, so I wasn’t sure but now I understand because of him. Thank you, I guess?

The thing that drew me in was his red eyes. Yes, his beautiful red orbs and his good-looks, plus his fashionable clothing. Can I call him the school prince even though he’s not actually the very main of the game? I always see he gets less love and when in lists, people put him in the last. For me it’s unfair, but that’s just me heheh. Anyway, he’s a really adorable guy!! Even more when he blushes :3

That was the good side. Now comes where I frown a bit in his route…

Actually, to my disappointment, his route is pretty plain T_T I feel like crying though hahaha he was the first route I went to, even after a few trials and I had decided to give up on the game, I still went with it because of his good-looks. He drew me in that much, but in the end it’s all just about his piano stuff haha…. Okay maybe not all, please don’t be discouraged.

Sometimes I think he loves his piano more than anything else. Does she loves Bambi? Yeah, after the piano I think. His CGs were pretty, mostly, but yeah most of them were him with his piano. Well since that’s what his dream was, right? I kinda feel lonely when he graduated though… like, I could only call him on dates. It’s the pain of dating a senpai ;;;

He was really hard to woo on the beginning of the game, and I was desperate to complete his CGs, yet he were all over me calling for dates and stuff afterwards and boom I just got annoyed. I couldn’t even complete his CGs, yeah because I was dumb with PSP controls and the approach mode weren’t really my thing omg.

But fret not! His ending was still sweet, of course :3 Though Bambi and him were busy with studies, in the end, there would always be a way, right? I wasn’t satisfied with his ending because of the incomplete CG and that ADV thingy (I don’t know how to spell bruh) so I might play his route again but not sometime soon. Maybe that three-love thingy huhuhu.

For now, I’ll wait for the holidays before starting to play this game again because I like to finish it in one go.

Anyway, don’t be discouraged okay. Go for him, because his good-looks is worth it!! xD And please give him lots of love, despite his tsundere attitude~ His an adorable piece of shit, no kidding.

And wow, finally finished this yay! I guess that’s all hehehe thanks for reading, byeom~


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