OZMAFIA!! – Overview & Thoughts

Hello. It’s been a while since I’ve written about otome games. Yes, this is an otome blog. Don’t remind me, haha. So here I am, writing about OZMAFIA!!. Just a note that this’ll be pretty spoiler-free and short, since I won’t be talking much about the plot. I haven’t played the game ’till the end yet so… ūüėČ

When she came to, The heroine Fuka, was in an unknown land without her memories or her name. Suddenly, she is confronted by a mysterious silver haired man who points his sword at her. She escapes into the city without knowing the reason why.

“I’m going to be killed”—–When she prepared for that moment, the one who held out a hand to help her is…..?

First and foremost, I seriously love the setting!!! Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz¬†are totally my fave¬†fairytales amongst the others, and when I noticed that VNR works well with this baby, I couldn’t possibly miss the chance, aye? The music and art are perfection. Definitely. Urgh, the art. Just look at my baby Caramia, he’s a piece of perfect shit *A* And the others, too. Omg. Fuka too, my precious baby.

The Oz family is my kind of family bro.

Not just with the pretty art, they let you woo more than three guys??!?!? I cannot believe that at first. Like whoaa. I love love lovee games that let me date more than three guys, yes. I’m a selfish bish for otome-games :3 I love how the characters are perfectly written and each of them are different, even Hansel and Gretel! Omg those twins, urgh I cannot– (but ahem, I don’t really have a liking towards Caesar… yet!).¬†I love how people treat Fuka like a princess. Makes me happy for a lot of reason >w<¬†The voice-actings are amazing too, ok.

As for the plot. Hnghh. Too many twists and turns. And I love how they give you moments with your hubby after agreeing to date him :3 Just a bummer that I’ve only realize that the first part was actually a prologue u_u And there’s many routes and cabang-cabang (I mean, crosses and branches?) for the routes, and I’ve saved the game countless times. I just don’t wanna screw up just because I don’t understand it well ;;; That’s why I kinda stopped playing for now.

I won’t be playing this anytime soon again because I can’t really get by the translations, and the translations makes me… uhm. But fret not! The official English version is currently in the works¬†by the graciously wonderful Poni-Patchet, I am so¬†gonna give ’em full support.

Soooo I’d rate this game pretty high! 8.9/10! Yes because I can.¬†idk man but this game makes me smile soooo much and makes me all happy and idk omg u dont understanddd. it makes me happy for some point when i was rlly sad back then and caramia is such a ball of perfection. I truly wish for more games like this, or specifically, more games like this are brought to the English audience. Yes, that’s what I meant. I mean, I’m sure there are a lot of wonderful otome games out there but people like me that can’t read it can only sob in a corner ;;;;

And yes, as you have guessed, Caramia is my fave baby lion. As of now, of course. I’ll probably make a post on him sometime later so stay tuned for that~ What about you? Who’s your fave character? ^^

Thanks for reading, have a great day, byeom!


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