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A Little Update.


Hello, hello.

It’s been a while! Sorry for my lack of updates. (Woo the new wordpress new post thing is making me annoyed ha ha srsly left handed ppl and/or maybe its just me wont rlly like this)

I just got back from a 3days 2nights annual school camp, and since it was the last camp of my life for me (hopefully), I tried my best to make the most of it. Well, I tried. I played in the mud, running myself ragged, swimming, floating, rafting. Gosh, you don’t even know how tiring it was. I slept for a whole 12 hours when I got home plus a few hours of nap this afternoon. Now I’m still tired and my body aches all over @_@ It was, well, an awesome experience, and yet I don’t wanna do it all over again you know haha.

Also, there were no updates because I had no internet connection for a while. I apologize for that.

Next updates, if all goes well, would be:
– A post on recent reads (oohh I’m excited to share some titles with ya)
– Miunohri to Swan for Faery Scans
– new anime guys to squeal for omg Belphegor pls
– An overview of someone’s route, I suppose? Not sure which game but I’m just in the mood to play otome games right now.
– A translation of Ayakashi Gohan’s prologue. Gosh this is long due but I’ll try my best!!
– Gonna play Dandelion if it’s compatible hip hip hoorayyy!

Andd I guess that’s all? See ya in the next post! Thanks for reading and have a good day~


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3 thoughts on “A Little Update.

  1. Doesn’t it?! I totally dislike the new post thing.


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