[MANHWA] Miunohri to Swan – Chapter 21


So here you go, Miunohri to Swan, chapter 21. (lol, it rhymes!)

Download it here.

  • Same rules still applies. Don’t claim it as your own.
  • Thanks again to love-manhwa for the raws and Grace6605 for the translations~
  • Sorry about the quality again, I haven’t improved at all mwahaha.
  • Uhmmm Dojin is one hell of a tsundere @_@
  • The next chapter is rather long in pages and makes me doki doki so stay tuned~!

Just a heads-up! From now on I’ll be releasing updates on Faery Scans. (Yay, a separate blog!). Thanks for the voters and people who suggested. I’ve decided to make things organized for all of us. This will be the last update for releases here on this blog, and everything else will be on there from now on.

The blog still hasn’t been set up much since I’m quite busy at the moment, but I’ll get around to it sometime soon. Feel free to unfollow this blog and follow that, but I don’t mind though. I have so many blogs, I lost count xD

Anyways, enjoy this release and have fun! ^^


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