Attention: New Followers!


After releasing the recently translated Miunohri to Swan, I’m happy to know that my stats are booming (that’s what WordPress told me lol) and my followers are increasing. Thank you so much, everyone! I’m thankful and definitely appreciate your follows and views, and I’d like it better if you all follow me because you love my blog.

But! If you follow me just to know about manga releases, then I would like it better if you just bookmark the release page and check at least once a week. As you may already know, this is an otome & animanga blog where I post about what I’m interested most, and scanlating manga is just another hobby of mine. It’s just a project.

So my question here: Do you think I need to make a new blog just for manga releases (Faery Scans) and move my scans there, or would you follow this blog even if I post various stuff that mostly doesn’t peek your interests?

Feel free to comment, or vote in the poll below.

Please give me your feedback as fast as you want me to finish Miunohri to Swan, mwahaha. (Don’t worry, I’m working on it right now~)

Thanks for reading ^_^


2 thoughts on “Attention: New Followers!

  1. koala1976

    This is omething you have to decide, when releasing manga followers increase, but maybe you don’t want to share some things with them. 🙂


    1. littlemochii Post author

      Well, it’s not like I don’t wanna share things with them because in general I do post stuff about anime and manga, it’s just that I don’t want people to be all excited getting a notification when actually it’s not the update they’ve been waiting for. But anyway, thanks for the response! ^^



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