J-Music, and Orchestra!


Recently life’s been pretty… annoying, if I may say. Things don’t go quite right and I’m pretty annoyed at how much homework I have no matter how much I finish them. So yesterday while doing my history homework, I remembered about a song from Golden Spirit‘s tumblr playlist, which is called ‘Love Is a Beautiful Pain’.

Let me tell you how much I love this song, it hurts. Like the title, loving this is a beautiful pain.

This is just an AMV, though. But it’s really cute T_T The official MV is here, it’s an original song by CLIFF EDGE ft. Maiko Nakamura. Don’t get me wrong, I love the official one just as much ❤

While I’m at it, I remembered about some Anime OP and ED that I loved. The only one I could think at that time on the top of my head is definitely Free! ED, Splash Free by Style Five~ (if I’m not mistaken, the ‘Style Five’ is the voice actors for the characters, right?)

And then I decided to search for ‘Style Five’ on Youtube, just to listen to other songs by these amazing voices omg and thennn I stumbled upon an orchestra for Splash Free! It is amazing. They’re all amazing.

Like, omg, so talented and I’m just— speechless.

After that, I listened to Style Five’s EVER BLUE.

Omfg askjgfkjasg why have nobody told me this song exists?! This is perfection omg, I feel like crying. I mean, it sounds so harmonic and… very united. Like, I don’t know. Something about friendship that swells your heart, that’s what I feel. I wanted to show this to my friends, but they’re not a fan of this kind of stuff (like omg just look at the picture, what would they say?). But it really reminds me of a deep friendship like I have with my friends. Gosh, I’m gonna be so emotional ;;;

And afterwards, I played a youtube playlist that has all of Naruto’s EDs on it. Like whoa, that definitely liven up some memories here and there. Fortunately Naruto hasn’t really ended the broadcasting here in Malaysia. It has Malay dubs, yeah, but the voice actors also makes me safhakjfg like omg Kakashi’s voice definitely reminds me of the original dub.

For someone who likes K-pop a lot before, I’ve narrowed down my choices through the years. I’m now a fan of ‘K-Music’, as how I want to be called. It’s because I don’t particularly like K-pop in which all those dancing and shit, I’m more into K-hiphop a little bit before. But the most recent faves of mine would definitely be K-rock, and I’m only a fan of a few idols that has their unique music style.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, J-Music has all these… colourful songs, mostly for OPs and EDs, they’re songs that could cheer you up, gives you hope. You know, something like UtaPri songs? Also Naruto’s songs, you get what I’m saying? But K-Music… they’re like muse for the ears, yes, but the messages being conveyed nowadays are mostly love, love, and love. There are some ballads, but still…. That’s why I’m only a fan of a few now. K-rock, for instance. I love a particular guy named Jung Joonyoung who’s actually a pretty real rebel and his songs are so far motivating. Very.

I’m not that huge of a fan for singing nor music in particular, and it’s not like I have to listen to music all the time, but the few I love would definitely brighten up my day. Songs that could cheer you up, well, that is my cup of tea. Even Katy Perry’s This Is How We Do and Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off are my jam, as well. Heheh.

What about you? Is there any particular songs that you love? I would really love some recommendations! :3

Thanks for reading, and let’s hope for a brighter day for all of us~ Good luck, byeom~!


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