Visual Novel Reader

So. I know that Visual Novel Reader (VNR, for short) isn’t a new thing in otome-gaming, as well as stuff like ATLAS and Text Hooker, and stuff. So recently, as recommended by many, I downloaded VNR just for fun and didn’t really set it up or anything until I get my game. Once I did get my game, that’s where the fun begins.

Guess what?

VNR is amazing.

I don’t wanna sound like I’m exaggerating or anything, but! This tool is really something else. I didn’t even try to use Text Hooker and stuff because I thought, the settings are hella scary and long and I didn’t want to break my computer or anything. There’s just too much info that I have to know and personally, I’m a bit annoyed. When I read the instructions… I was getting sleepy ;;;

However! VNR is there to save the day! I’m so grateful to the person who made it omg thank you ;;; It’s not that hard to configure (but I’m a slow person so it took me longer than expected lol) but Sakimichi’s tutorial helped a lot. Thank you so much :3 You can read about how to configure VNR and stuff here. At the opening of the game with VNR, I was unsure of what would happen or if my computer would be jammed but thank God nothing of the sort happened!

Just a note to translators though. Please do not select ‘danmaku’  when you’re submitting the translations. Please select ‘subtitles’ instead. At first I didn’t notice this as well (I didn’t even notice about the submission box lol) but thank goodness I noticed just before I pressed enter.

Untitled 2
This is how we do~

Why not ‘danmaku’, you ask? Danmaku is for sound effects and it would result in… the text being on the right upper corner of the game instead of the Subtitle Box.

UntitledThe subtitles ended up being up there.

But translators did a nice job even wanting to translate though, so I’m thankful for that as well.

Also, I’m so so so happy that there is Korean subtitles as well! I’m not sure if people would understand what I feel, but the wonky machine translations really kinda bothers me. I was so surprised when I knew that there’s Korean subtitles. That way, I managed to understand more than the English translation itself :3 This is also gonna be a HUGE study aid for me in learning languages because 1) Korean subtitles alongside Japanese scripts, with English text, and 2) Japanese voices but Korean subtitles! Which means this would really help, if I manage to learn it the right way.

And I’m happy to say that I’ll be submitting translations/subtitles for Ayakashi Gohan! Yeayerz~ Haha. I have multiple playthroughs at the moment and I’ve been experimenting with stuff, and somehow the scripts that appear when you use the default name ‘Rin’, won’t appear in the script where you don’t use the default name, and vice-versa. I don’t know if the subtitles would appear right, but I would appreciate any feedback (if you have any) for my subtitles for this game! Please note that I translate from Korean instead of Japanese, so there might be some different things you’ll see if you read in Japanese. But at least there’s something for the fans that don’t know both languages…. right?

I may be doing the same for some other games, but right now Ayakashi Gohan is definitely on my playing list ❤ (Thanks to Suzuran for recommending me!! >w<)

I have a long list of stuff to do this week, minus homework (lol sorrry out of the list for a bit pls because you’re too long of a list) which includes typesetting, video editing for amnesia and scripts to post up. Hopefully I’ll get all of these done in time.

Welp, thanks for reading! Good luck to me and everyone huhuhu have a nice day, byeom~


4 thoughts on “Visual Novel Reader

  1. 「百合」Suzuran

    Awww I’m glad that you liked my suggestion~ ahaha yeah vnr is a miracle XD enjoy the game then! I’m still pursuing the pink haired guy but I stopped midway because I must play other’s route before him… >A< I just hate playing the route of guy that I'm not interested with…

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