Anime Overview: Uta no Prince-sama ~ Maji Love 1000%

Finally, an anime overview post! It’s been a long while I haven’t done this, so enjoy! ^^

As I mentioned before in a recent post, UtaPri got me hooked on the spot on the first episode. The main attraction was obviously the pretty, glowing art, but then the characters are also beautifully-written. Plus, an anime with a lot of hopeful and colourful singing is really something else!

The Flow:

I really liked how at the first episode, it’s not a typical ‘girl wakes up from her bed and later on says “I’m leaving”!’ or anything of the sort. From the very first episode, you could get the feeling that the main character, Nanami Haruka, is a persistent girl full of determination. Also, a lot of main characters are introduced in the first episode and it gave me a thrill on wanting to know them more! (And decided who to bias for, of course. Mwahaha).

Plus! A good point of this anime is that it has a pace, and in almost each episode, it tells the story of the guys, one after another. The story revolves around Haruka, and the people around her, and I do think that it’s a good point.  Only that it kinda bores me on the 10th/11th episode, near the end. But then it picked (me) up, and so I managed to finish the whole thing! It certainly gives you the “I wanna watch moreeeeee” feel ;;;

Aside from that, I learnt a lot from this series! So motivational though, I felt like I’m watching something that has so many good values, as if I’m going to write them out on exams! I can definitely point them out! xD

The Characters:

Perfect. Voila!

Okay, maybe not perfect in some cases, or in some people’s point of view, but to me, they’re all so adorable omg pls Haruka is the cutest I just wanna protect her *A* I know she’s kinda getting the hate for being a cry-baby in some cases, but hey, not all girls are tough like us! xD

ST☆RISH members are something else, though. I seriously love them. All of them. Each one of them is very different in terms of personality, but in the end, they’re all buddies and so much bromance you can see flying around almost everywhere :3 Freaking fan-service tsk.

My favourite from ST☆RISH is definitely Syo, because he’s short, adorable, and his colour is pink (!!!) anddd he gets mad a lot and omg if it’s not cute I don’t know what is. Shinomiya kinda annoyed me at first because he kept bugging people (especially Syo. I’m in the Syo protection squad!) but then when I got to know that he’s…. *O* That’s really unexpected like hella whoa why r u doing this to meeee? ? His voice is perfect for upbeat band songs like those! Ichinose kinda got in my dislike list as well but then he just…. booms back out of the negative mind of me haha. Also, I ship Haruka and Ittoki 5ever!! The other members also makes me go omg??? a lot.

Not to forget, Haruka’s bestfriend that I forgot what her name was! I can literally imagine myself like that lol because I’m as outgoing and my friends are shy most of the time haha. And the sensei… Please get that pink-haired beautiful sensei away from me. I love him/her @_@

I’m just upset that when Haruka cries, nobody gives her a hug! ><

The Music:

Please don’t ask me to choose my favourite song omg I love almost all of them ;;; Rather than how the song is, I love how the lyrics just shoot through your heart. This is why I love anime songs, they have some sort of message conveyed and not like songs that’s just… love songs. The ending song actually annoyed me a bit but then I began to love it huhu.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, this anime is definitely amazing! I don’t know, but I think the word that I should use is ‘beautiful’. It’s a beautiful anime. Also, the hippy songs makes you shake yo shoulders and booty and dance a long most of the time. I squealed so much even during the first episode, and squealed through almost everything else. I almost, almost, cried on the last episode. (Please stop bullying my Haruka //holds shield). I’m against the voices of people saying “there is no way a lot of guys all are head over heels for just a girl”, because actually, it’s a realistic situation. The world is a weird place, but guys’ feelings are even weird //shrugs

I wanna point out some values I found that was motivational to me in a lot of cases:

  • When people push you down, slowly rise back up and fight. Show ‘em what you got.
  • Be the light and hope for other people.
  • Things don’t always gonna go as planned, but alas, there is always hope.
  • Don’t strain yourself too much.
  • You’ll look nice even when you’re sleeping and in a nightgown.
  • A cat is actually a…..

Okay the bottom points are just for fun and it’s not funny, I know.

Anyway! I’m gonna rate this anime 7.5/10 and would definitely recommend this to people, mostly to otome-game lovers and music lovers, or for someone who needs a light or hope in their harsh journey of life, or maybe just something you wanna watch for fun! It’s all sparkly and happy and lesser saddening in most cases 😉 I’m probably gonna watch the 2nd season, but not some time soon hehe.

Now that I finally finished this post, I’m gonna start cleaning a new chapter of Miunohri to Swan and publish it some time soon. Also, time to get moving on my homework huhu.

Thank you so much for reading, and if you have any opinions or characters you love, feel free to comment~ Have a nice day, byeom~

(p.s: maynn, I really wanna play the game but psp emulator wont work on my pc T_T)


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