I’m on a roll!

Hello hello~

So I’m really hyper these days, and I decided to finish up some stuff. I feel so proud of myself haha. I think I use the expression “I’m on a roll!” too much though, but whatever. I’m on a roll!

Anyway! I decided to take over the Amnesia Translation project on Hanataba Translation, and I’m really happy to inform that we’re gonna continue translating and working on the patch! Although now our priority is mainly translations, at least there’s something, right? I’m also planning on putting subtitles on the game and post it on youtube, as I discussed with a (fairly close :3) member of the team, because a soul requested me this on gbatemp forums. Welp, let’s put that into consideration first, shall we? I hope a lot of people would be interested, as well.

Honestly, I really need a lot of help for the project. I have almost zero experience in hacking, and I don’t understand any Japanese to begin with. But I’ll try my best! I’ve been busy sending e-mails here and there, updating forums, the blog, tumblr, posting here and there… I’m hyped to get this stuff up and running again!

As for other otome games, there isn’t anything I wanna play right now. I just downloaded Visual Novel Reader and have yet to configure it, but I really would like a suggestion of a game to play. I could probably post up an overview on it afterwards as well. If you have any suggestions, feel free to tell me! My next list of otome game to play is Princess of Ruin, but that isn’t confirmed yet.

I’ll try to finish watching UtaPri and draft out a post asap! This anime is really something else omg somebody take Syo away from me because he’s just too askfjhaslkj ;;;

On a side note, I managed to finish a lot of homework as well considering that I’m a lazy-ass and I copy my friend’s work a lot mwahaha. I think it’s because of the huge national exam by the end of the year, I’ll have to do my best. I still have some to do afterwards, but it’s almost 2am so I better get some sleep first.

Alright then, thanks for reading~ Sorry that I couldn’t really post anything anime/otome related but I’ll try to soon! Byeom~


7 thoughts on “I’m on a roll!

      1. Neko-chan

        Even though he’s more like an extra my favorite was definitely Franken’s route for its tragicity. :3 I also recommend Inukai’s route first since a certain important backstory that I feel is pertinent to Radou, Shinji and Draculea is unlocked only after you’ve completed the game once. So either Inukai or Franken are good. :3

        Liked by 1 person

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