Hooked at The First Episode

So today was kinda depressing, because of some things that happened this week through and brought about to Sunday. Anyway, as I’ve told before, I’m always on the look-out for games or maybe anime that could cheer me up, because there’s so many conflict in these animations and stuff which kinda annoy me in some ways. Real life is already hard, eh, you feel me? I couldn’t find the mood to play an otome game, but then I remembered that I haven’t watched anime in a while.

I pondered between the anime I put on halt which are Hamatora and Ginga e Kickoff, but then there are new anime to watch like Danten ni Warau or maybe that… Kokkuri-san anime? (I forgot the title, sorry.) I tried watching it but it doesn’t really impress me on the first episode. As someone who’s really picky at selecting stuff to watch/read, first episodes are really important. What do you think the reason why I abandoned dropped Tokyo Ghoul? Ha, yes. I kinda wonder why Psycho-Pass got me watching the whole series since it’s not really my cup of tea, though. Surprise, surprise.

But then I found Uta no Prince Sama. Ha, I know I’m hella late by 4 years or so. I know there’s an otome game of this, and I was interested, and I did read the manga at some point, but I didn’t care much. Well, I regret nothing now, because this is what I need exactly to cheer me up.

Yeah, I’m hooked at the very first episode. Just the opening got me all squeal-y and giddy, and then when I see the adorable female protagonist and the guys, omfg, this is too good to be true? ?? I really need to watch this when I can because I really don’t have much free time. But to hell with it. This is perfect, and just what I need for now. Ha! The last anime that got me hooked at the first episode was Free!, and only that.

I’m so annoyed with the fact that I couldn’t watch a lot of anime that I heard had been airing, like the 3rd season of KnB, Durarara!!, and well, you get what I’m saying. But after January, we’ll have some short holidays so I’m gonna look forward to that. For now, I’ll enjoy watching this piece of musical perfection and will definitely try to write a post on it later!

Sorry that this was long and totally unrelated to whatever you thought it would, but thanks for reading~! What about you, do you have any anime that got you hooked on the first episode? If you’re not picky as me, I’m sure there’ll be a lot in your selection :3

Anyways, good luck to me and everyone else. Thanks for reading, again, and byeom~ Have a nice day ❤


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