Dot Kareshi I ~The Legendary Maiden~: Overview and Thoughts

Hello~ It’s been a while! I’m back with an otome game post, and this time I’m gonna talk about Dot Kareshi I ^^ This is gonna be long for some reason, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t improved my writing style in any way even in 2015, but enjoy!

First of all, I’m so thankful to the team who worked on the translation patch! You guys are the best!! The team is working on the other Dot Kareshi parts too, and I’ll be waiting and rooting for them as they go~ Heheh. The patch can be downloaded here, and I used the walkthrough by deluluchancey here! Thank you~

(skipping the summary as usual whoops)

This is my first time of actually playing ‘Rejet games’, in which I always see other otome-gamers say… obviously since I never play games that are in Japanese. But still, this game is really different. I needed something like this after a while, because so far all the depressing games are just… depressing? Anyway, Dot Kareshi was really good! I was hella hyped knowing that it was translated, and more hyped knowing that Namikawa Daisuke was one of the seiyuus! (He’s one of the few seiyuus I actually care about hehe).

As usual, I’ll be talking about the characters before the game itself, so let’s get on with it~ (I usually type out these overviews after the games are long released/translated, but I just cannot resist talking about this game earlier on.)

You start off by being sucked into your 8bit rpg game because of a game glitch/error, and there you meet four characters from the game; Hero, Thief, Wizard and Priest. They’re all from your ‘party’ when you played the said RPG game, and apparently their attitudes and all have become rather… warped. So being with them, you’ll have to go on an adventure! Depends on who’s quest you want to go for, the adventures would vary from one another and it’s pretty amusing… at least, to me. Haha.



In order of who I go for first to last, Thief got me hooked on the spot. Yes, right after I clicked on ‘new game’. Not sure what kind of magic he used, he stole my heart immediately so he’s been a pretty skillful thief (fail pun, excuse me). He’s really, really flirtatious, energetic and cheesy, and as you can see throughout my blog, I’m a sucker for these types of guys. Yeah, flirty and all and just omfg. I love how he adores the main girl, and he’s really sweet :3 Always trying his best to really steal the girl’s heart. He makes me smile a lot and gives me a good first impression of the game, so I’m giving him a 4.7/5 ❤ And yeah, he’s totally my fave in the game.


This is your truly ‘knight in shining armor’. I’m honestly not really interested in him at first because, well, he’s not really my type. I wanted to finish his route as soon as possible, but dayumm, he really is something. I love hugs, and he hugs the main girl a hella lot, so I decided that I love him too! x3 Seriously though, a protective guy like him is just perfect ;;; He’s really heroic (as per the name,) and gives you that adventurous feel. Plus, his route gives off the most rpg feel more than the others, in my opinion. I actually was reminded of Final Fantasy X when fighting the dragon lol just because — Anyway, I’ll give him a 4.5/5! (Namikawa Daisuke was the seiyuu for him, but whoa the voice is so different from when he voiced Fai :o)


This guy is adorable in a lot of ways. Probably because he gets frustrated a lot, haha. I thought he was better than Hero and I was going with the flow, but seems like he kinda lacks a bit… His route was pretty nice though. Having to fight a bunch of ghosts… well, that was unexpected. I just kinda dislike the fact that I see him talk about his feelings for the main girl less, and only wanted the girl to notice it naturally. It’s funny though because he keeps getting frustrated heheh. He has his sarcasm too, I suppose. But well, he doesn’t really gives me that fuzzy feeling so I’m giving him a 4.3/5. He was a good character, but just not my type so sorry ;;; But omfg his true end makes me asajskf because hnghh how can you resist this hot megane-kun *A* (the CG I’m putting there is what I’m talking about hngh—)


This guy. I saved him as the best for the last, and he really needs to appreciate me for that. 2nd fave though, but still… He totally run his mouth like he’s the boss here and called himself ‘oresama’. I don’t know much Japanese but I’m pretty sure it means something like “beta” in Malay, in which he addresses himself as a highly king? Or something like that? Asking everyone to bow down to him, tskk. What a guy.

But on a serious note, I really like this guy. He looked like he really wanted people to bow down to him, when he’s actually nice at heart :3 When he chooses to abandon his life (lol) to save the others and when the main girl hugged him, I think that’s just hella cute ok. He’s one hell of a priest that curses a lot, thinks high and mighty of himself and is a pervert, and yet he’s just so sweet ;;; His normal end CG made me “Awhhh” like omfg hasfjkas he’s the best hnghh look he even has two whole paragraphs of him! Giving him 4.8/4 because omg I feel like I’m gonna go crazy if I give him otherwise @_@ Just a little message to him: Go to Hell.

Other than these guys, I personally liked the Inn Keeper’s daughter. Her voice is really cute and she’s a really nice girl. Oh, you know how much I love having a girl friend in games. Too bad she has no sprite, booo. Oh and, I love how the main girl only speak in symbols and emotion signs(?) heheh that’s just cute ok.

Although this game is short and you can actually finish it less than an hour, I’m totally adding this to one my faves. All in all, it’s a really good game if you need something to play around with and blush all the time at all routes in any way. The art is perfect, the characters are well-written and very in character, plus it has very nice BGMs! The CGs are perfect too omg especially the Priest’s. This game is very unique from the opening, menus, textbox and everything to the credits at the end of the game. Anddd the comedic elements are just omg. You’ll understand what I say if you have played this heheh. I totally love this so I’m giving it my usual high rating of 8/10. Aww you know, I’m not picky when it comes to translated games >w< Plus, you don’t have to like RPG games to play this, heheh.

Personally if it was me playing RPGs, I don’t level up my characters in the game and I rely heavily on healing and items. I only level up when my brother starts complaining that I’ll be losing lol. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of RPG games. I do play some (a lot, I think?) but they aren’t the thing that would make me come back to play again and again. Let’s agree to disagree on this. I did finish Persona 3, but that’s the only RPG game I finished and when the save file is wiped out of the PSP, I never bothered to play it again. I dropped Final Fantasy etc because I get sleepy after playing. My brother even gave me his 2nd cycle of Persona 4 and I only played halfway through it. Not sure why, but I prefer games like Tekken 6 or Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5, where there’s a one-on-one versus fight. Totally my thing.

Anyway, this post was hella long. Thank you so much for taking interest and reading this through till the end! I still have some games I wanna play and do posts on but I’ve been busy with school and homework, and I can’t believe I only get to use the laptop only starting on Fridays. I cannot believe myself. I wasn’t always hard-working but I guess this year deserves a change. Heheh.

So! See you guys in the next post~ Be on the look out for a translated manhwa soon 😉 Byeom~


(p.s: I typed this out when I was hella sleepy btw, so I’m sorry for errors heheh)


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