[MANGA] Pink Diary 13: Love Picked Up From The Street

Hello and surprise! I said I’ve been into new hobbies, and I tried out stuff from translating to QC-ing myself. Yeah, include everything from translating, (barely) proofreading, cleaning, typesetting, and saving it. Just keep in mind that this is not perfect. I’m doing this just for fun but if you think you have some useful advices and they’re not flames, feel free to tell me. Also, I translated from Korean, not Japanese. Another thing, I did this for a lovely human named Reya who’s living at the other side of the world. It’s her late birthday gift… probably :3

Love Picked Up From The Street.
(please tell me of a better title if you can translate it better)

Synopsis: One day, Miura Kajune was walking home after being dumped by her boyfriend, when she saw someone lying at a corner of the street. She thought he was a drunken man, turns out he’s the university’s prince (ulzzang)? Is he really the cool prince, or was it just on the outside? [This is a one-shot from Pink Diary]
Mangaka: Haruta Nana
Genre(s): Josei (I think?), Romance, One-shot, Campus Life, Smut (at the end lol)
Status: Completed (because one-shot orz)
Note: Again, please keep in mind that the quality is not perfect. Cleaning is not that hard because of the already beautiful raws, but the levelling will annoy you a bit. Sorry about that, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

Download here! (A 4shared link because mediafire is too mainstream internet is hella slow)

Just a note that I put ‘Pink Diary’ because this is one of the many one-shots in the magazine (I think?) called Pink Diary, and this is the 13th one-shot from the list. I’m planning to do the rest but not according to the numbers because they aren’t related. Thanks a bunch to Shojo-Manhwa Raws for the raws omg. (If you want me to work on a specific one-shot from the Pink Diary here, tell me~)

You want some overview from me? Well this manga is short but hella cute :3 I really recommend you guys to read it just for the fun of it, and if you need something quick to read. Translating it was fun… until I got to the levelling part. But I finished this in 24 hours (more or less) and I surprised myself even. I wasn’t half-assing it but I really enjoyed this one! So read it~ For me? :3

And! If any of you have the raws for Miuhori to Swan, please give it to me so I can translate it for you! For everyone! I couldn’t even find the raws bro how can I even do anything @_@ So please, please~

Anyways, enjoy the manga! And hope you have a great day, thank you~ Byeom ❤

(p.s: If you wanna help in cleaning/proofreading, tell me tell me~)


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