New Hobbies?

I hope it’s not too late to wish you all well for the new year! Time flies, eh?

I don’t have anything to post today, since I drafted out a lot of stuff but couldn’t really finish them till the end. I haven’t been playing otome games much these days, but I do have some adorable stuff to post and show off haha. But maybe later…. I also put Hamatora on halt, and there isn’t any manga I’m reading at the moment.

There’s a week left before school starts, and so, I’m suddenly motivated to learn Korean more. (I’m active again on my language blog hehe)

Ah, I’ve heard that the patch for Dot Kareshi I has been released! I’m truly excited, but unfortunately my internet is not cooperating these days. Totally signalling me to study before school starts, obviously.

Anyway, these days I’m interested in a lot of stuff! I did manga typesetting and it was really fun when I can finally do it. I dislike how there isn’t a specific step-by-step guide but it it was me, I’d like to teach but I don’t think I’m good enough haha. And then I tried video subbing! I subbed a music video but it was quite unpopular, so I’m not sure if that’s gonna get any views. I bought a few new books to read, and yet I don’t feel like reading them yet. I like to try new things but it’s bad because I couldn’t bring myself to finish them. I mean, look, I have fanfics on queue that needs to be updated, even 😮 Life is gonna get out of hand pretty soon hahaha.

Thank you to the people who have been visiting my blog and reading my so-so overviews and posts! I’m really thankful to have people actually viewing this hehe. I’m sorry I couldn’t post anything but hey, if you want me to do another overview (it’s like a review, but less detailed… at least that’s what I think?), feel free to tell me! Really, if someone out there actually wants me to do a post on something, I’ll be working on it asap. Either an anime, manga or an otome game. I’ll be up for it~ And sorry that this blog don’t have Japanese otome games listed ;;; I don’t know Japanese, sadly.

Anyway, I’ll try to play one otome game (at least) in the meantime and put it in the post soon! Stay tuned~ thanks for reading, byeom!




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