Merry Christmas~!

Hello there~

It’s been a while! I’ve a lot of things to write about actually, a hella lot of stuff to say and just, need to post something. Anything, really. So here I am! This is gonna be a pretty life-y post, for some reason though haha.

Merry Christmas to those celebrating it, and may you all have wonderful days ahead of you!!

I don’t celebrate it, but it’s still the holidays so it’s something to enjoy, at least. I’m kinda stressed though because I have to get ready for school which starts early in January, and books, revisions I need to do and just, senior year things. I can hardly believe that I’m almost graduating high school, but of course, a bigger thing might be waiting for me in uni. I just wanna end school soon so that I can pursue something I love. It’s not like I hate science, but half of my heart is not there anymore. I wanna go for languages, and I have to always keep that in mind in order to be motivated haha.

So, as always, I dive myself into games again. HA. Not funny anymore. I have a lot of games I’m not playing right now because all the games seems to be…. complicated. Okay, it’s not like I don’t appreciate the game-makers. Awesome games are made by awesome people! It’s just that, I’d like to have a game where it’s a cute happy life, for instance, something like RE:Alistair or (P)lanets. You know, things that have a nice theme and not really dark concepts. I’ve played those two titles long before so it’s out of the question.

But!!! I’ve found it! Although I’m pretty late, but currently I’m playing Hatoful Boyfriend. Yeay for myself! It’s pretty much the only cheerful otome game that doesn’t have the stat raising stuff as of now. Though it is quite unexpected  in a lot of ways…. But anything other than stat raising would do now, because it kinda makes me bored and I’m always depressed these days so I just need a little something to make me happy heh.

I always have plans, and drafts, on a lot of topics regarding otome games that I wanna post here. About protagonists, and NTT Solmare games, and my fave routes from DS games. I’m sure those stuff are boring, but I’m gonna post them up anyway for my own amusement heheh. I just don’t really have the time currently booo. Project organizers should stop working me off on a lot of typesetting projects all at once because I’m a human and I need rest too.

But I shouldn’t be depressed! I can’t. I’m not gonna force myself if I can’t do it, so I hope you guys do the same. I mean, if you can’t do it, don’t force yourself! Take your time to relax since it’s Christmas, and remember that things will get better, you just have to tackle it from a different angle! ^^

Ohhh and animes!! I’m currently watching Hamatora! It’s pretty under-rated too, and anything about good-looking guys having super powers makes me go dugeun dugeunn (it means doki doki but in Korean) and I’m currently waitiing for Danten no Warau (pretty sure I spelled it wrong) to finish airing before I watch them all. Ha, quite some stuff to look forward to eh? And urghh, how do I ever get over this Kisumi feels ;;;;; (he’s from Free!. hnghhh i hate this guy sfm shjakgafjsafk)

I guess that’s pretty much what I wanna rant on. I’m gonna try finishing Hatoful Boyfriend and post something here soon. And there’s that Freak-quency game… omg  I wanna playyyy.

In any case, thanks for reading and have a nice day! Byeom~


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