Blog Makeover and Updates

Hello. Today I kinda did a whole makeover for this wordpress blog, and finally updated some links. I’ve seen people with beautiful and attractive blogs and I wonder, how did they do that? I always debate with myself whenever it comes to changing the theme because wordpress free themes aren’t that attractive, but honestly it’s just me not being creative enough. This time I made an effort to do the header, changed icons here and there and walaa. I wasn’t a fan of the colour blue in the first place, but I guess once in a while is okay. I’m a huge fan of the colour pink, if you haven’t noticed hehe.

My recent theme was pretty but I got kinda tired of it. I hope a lot of people likes this new change, even if it’ll take time to get used to (at least to myself). If you want to see anything here and there or have any advice on fixing up my blog, feel free to tell me.

I’ve also updated my tumblr theme, and my twitter. Yeah people, I actually made an effort for this. I don’t know, I just thought I wanted to do something instead of lazying around for the holidays. I still don’t have motivation to open a book or whatever boo.

The thing is though, everything is Tsubasa Chronicles-themed (or rather, Fai D. Flourite everywhere). Excuse me heheh.

I actually have planned to do a post on the Shall We Date series. I have a lot to talk about, and I wanna compare the games. Well, just for the fun of it? But Niflheim is something else.  The Shall We Date series are the only game(s) I’m playing at the moment.

I actually wanna do a lot of stuff but tonight my mood just went down the drain. Okay, I was trying stuff on typesetting a manga. I think I did ok, I also asked help from someone but I don’t want to be a bother so…. Well, I downloaded a bunch of tests to try my skills, but I still think I’m bad at it. It’s not like I wanna boast or anything, but I really need help (and want to help in typesetting). I get scared because some scanlators don’t have guidelines, and they’re just… scary. The one that pisses me off the most is the sfx. One thing is I don’t know what font to use, the other is urghhh I don’t know how to adjust the sfx to be tilted or something. That’s the reason why I’m mad and disappointed tonight. Seriously. If you can help me, please please please do so! I really wanna learn ;;; I was hoping that I could be a translator at first but since I’ve put a lot of stuff on hold, that’ll be on hold too I guess. //sighs

I’ve finished watching Psycho-Pass, and I’m interested in an anime right now (which I forgot the title) but it’s still ongoing so I can’t watch it because internet e_e Andd I’m reading a lot of mangas right now and I just feel  so happy when I read them. I don’t care if it’s cliche or whatever, but mangas makes me happy in a lot of ways. And sad, for the most of it. If you need some recommendations, here. She compiles a lot and I’ve read a lot. She also has a list for any shoujo manga type if you’re interested.You can also ask me if you want any title/genre specifically of your choices n_n

I guess that’s pretty much it. While I’m typing this, my cat is bothering me lol he really can’t stand seeing me typing, he just attacks my fingers and snatch my mouse and just @_@ but I love him. He doesn’t have a name yet, apparently. But if you wanna see him (lol nobody asked), here.

sorry not the best quality but his eyes are hella big actually

My internet has also got slower for some reason aishh so many negativity I need to get outta this e_e

I hope you all have wonderful days ahead and good luck for finals! (if you have them). I’ll be cheering on for you! Thanks a lot for reading this useless post of me rambling hehe byeom and goodnight~


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