TMGS3: Konno Tamao’s route

Hello~ It’s been a while since the last character post I made. This one was drafted, just like Shitara Seiji’s but I decided to post this one up first instead of that one. Just because, I think I need to replay that other senpai’s route, although I’m really lazy but well, I just need to give him another chance heheh.

Anyway, I do think I like this senpai a lot. I mean, at first all I thought was to get rid of him soon but he actually is a pretty nice catch. I don’t regret wooing him haha. Okay then, on to the post! ^^

Konno Tamao is a senior, a year older than Bambi. He’s the Student Council President, and definitely a better megane-kun than the others in the series. I’m serious, the other ones are either a mushroom-haired guy or a strict guy. Tamao is better, friendlier and just… the type of studious guy that we all need lol.

This guy is adorable okay, and he’s really reliable! It’s like having an older brother. But because of his protective-ism (is that a word), he has some kind of a complex because he thinks he’s too old and stuff. Can’t blame him, the fashion combination he likes is ‘Older Sister’… I’m like ??? because I never get that combination. I made Bambi wore cute outfits every time when going out with him. And yeah, you guess it. Going through his route finally gave me the Angel trait thingy, and until level 3 or 4. He is that innocent… or am I? Haha I don’t know /shrugs/. He might not be as fashionable as other characters but I gotta say he looks fine. Though if he has fairer skin like Ruka I would like this senpai more.

I had fun during his exApproach haha man I don’t know. When I teased him he’ll be like “I’m holding back” lol you cute piece of—

I feel like Tamao-senpai’s route is better than Seiji-senpai’s route to be honest. I could see this senpai has so much going on in his head and the worries and burdens he carries all on his shoulders as the Student Council President. He looked so sad every time sometimes haha he needs to cheer up. I honestly don’t remember what he said at the church during the ending lol because if I think about it, does he change because of Bambi like the other characters? Because that’s typical yea but I don’t think I helped him much…. Hmm, maybe he said he was worried that he’s older than Bambi? I seriously forgot haha but the good thing is during that confession he carried Bambi bridal-style omg :3

And anyway I’m totally shipping the two senpais together hehe I mean omg look at how cute their CG is when they’re studying in the library ;;;; I just lovee that omg the bromance I just– uhm.

Buttt, Niina Junpei gotta just sTOP being so adorable when I’m going for this route srsly why must he meddle with my heart urgh. So I decided to go with his route after this. I thought of replaying Seiji’s route but maybe some other time because I’m gonna settle with Kouichi’s first.

Okay,  I think I talked a lot and there’s still some stuff hanging…. I’ll update this more once I remember. Thanks for reading this though! Byeom~


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