FI: Interview – Overview and Thoughts


I kinda introduce this game in my recent post and I just feel like spreading the love for this one, since not many people see it. And so, this post happens! The name of the game is FI: Interview! (stands for Fortune Island: Interview). Oh and, this is a game made by the Renpy engine ^^


Summary: You play as a young woman named Susan (changeable) who is on her way to the popular vacation destination, Fortune Island. She works as a freelance writer and has been hired to do a one-time article for the local newsletter of the island. Despite some oddities in the way she was hired, this seemed like a straightforward gig. Once on the island, Susan is informed she will have to interview someone in order to write the article. However, this relatively simple task ends up being far more frustrating than Susan anticipated. A seemingly incompetent temp-boss, uncooperative and weird townsfolk, interruptions, and other challenges will make successfully writing this article an uphill battle from the very start.

When I’m typing this actually I don’t have internet, and so I don’t have access to the walkthrough (I forgot to save the page offline orz) and that’s why  I was really frustrated most of the time playing this. You can download the game here and the walkthrough can be found here. If you’re really pro, you don’t need a walkthrough. But if you don’t wanna be like me, the walkthrough is your best friend.

You start off as a journalist, going to an island to interview people. First you’ll meet your boss and he’ll tell you that you have to interview the first person you encounter. So depends on your choices, you’ll meet an interviewee and after some talk, you’ll be given questions to interview him.

There’s 5 guys and 1 girl to go for, and every character has three endings. It depends on how you ask them the question, and how your characteristic is. But only the true ending has a CG, but still, this game is pretty relaxing to play if you just want to kill time. I think they made the game like this because it’s short so if you’re in the mood for replays then go on.

I won’t talk about the characters because obviously a lot of people haven’t played it, and I haven’t finished it myself. But for now my fave character is definitely Dr. Lev. Well, you know, there’s something about grumpy guys who turn into nice guys after some time talking to them that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Oh but if you’d like to know about the characters beforehand, here! There’s some first-impressions of the interviewees and it’s spoiler-free~

All in all, I’d rate it 7.5/10. Well I may sound like I’m lazy and as if I slump all the rating which I’m actually doing but well you get my point. Just try the game. It’s reallyyy adorable and sweet. The arts are seriously fine too. The characters are well-written and it’s not bad at all, and I hear my inner voice saying “I wish it was longer!” heheh. I love how the textboxes and fonts gave you all the island or ‘aloha’ feel, ya na mean? (which means, know what I mean?). Now I’m even considering of being a journalist myself….

I can’t really say I want the game to be longer though because if it does, wouldn’t it ruin the whole point of being the journalist at that time? That is why. Anyway, I hope you do enjoy this. Have fun playing and thanks for reading!



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