Current Playings and Stuff


Seems like I always end up making these kind of posts once or twice in a month hehe. Anyway, now that some drafts are out of the way, I can finally clear up some stuff and re-organize…. well, at least I somehow tried to /shrugs

As always, I end up playing multiple games at a time and couldn’t decide which one to finish first. I really should make up my mind but seriously, whatever haha I don’t really mind myself. Plus, I always literally dive my head into a whole lot of games at one time, but then again I get bored lol.

And so! The games I’m currently diving into are:

  • A free game made with Renpy engine called FI: Interview. Download it here! The game’s pretty sweet, and I’m planning to finish it sometime soon and then make a post on it because it needs more love~ The arts and story are really great but it’s not that short ^^ (made by the one who brought to you Halloween Otome!!!)
  • Mana Khemia 2. My bro gave it to me lol surprise surprise. It’s pretty good but seriously gender-wise I think there’s some discrimination here. There’s more attractive females than the males and actually there’s so many unfairness toward the gender because my lil bro thinks so too. Maybe a post on it, who knows //shrugs
  • TMGS3 – This is probably on halt because suddenly I got bored……. but I have to keep going because I’m in Kouichi’s route omg
  • Star Ocean: Second Evolution. Okay this game has a special place in my heart because Claude was my first anime crush but just wtf this is also one of those gender discriminations!11!! (lol jk idk but one time i love this game the other i dislike it so much i just wanna delete it from my psp forever after)
  • Maybe gonna finally play Hatoful Boyfriend ??? But I haven’t finished both Starry Sky yet @_@
  • I need more game recommendations pls this is serious

Those are the games. And the stuff I got myself into recently:

  • Finished reading Nanaco Robin, Otona Pink and Ayahatori Shoukanjou (like finally!!!). Believe it or not, all these three titles have the guy living with the main girl lol wtf I realized it only after I finished all three i dont even ? ? ?
  • Finished watching Free! and Free! Eternal Summer and OH MY GOD. I thought there will be no girls at all lol that’s why I don’t wanna watch it but Gou is such a cutie pie and Momo omfg do I need to even explain sahfkjasf
  • Should I start on Haikyuu! ?? Looks interesting and I’ve downloaded it but it’s just there in my drives haha
  • Nobody told me Spain in Hetalia was hawt ;;;
  • And so zero studying is done but I did help in the library and been slacking off school since finals lol laidback mochi doesn’t care anymore

I guess that’s pretty much it. Gotta write down some stuff and maybe start on Korean studying, but then again just look at all the games I wanna play lol. Anything you want me to post/read/watch just tell me ok I always have the time huehuehueee

So hyper tonight HA thanks for reading, goodnight byeom~

(p.s: shameless self promote: my tsubasa chronicles fanfic here~ faixoc yuhuhuu~)


2 thoughts on “Current Playings and Stuff

  1. Narynha

    I also had that feeling when I saw Mana Khemia 2 hahaha (actually I just found out recently when I went to Japan, cause we never got the game in Europe…). The first one didn’t give off that feel…

    (Gou is adorbs, I also love her <3<3)



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