Halloween Special: Mangas with ‘Beastly’ Guys

Hello! It’s been a while, so I’m sorry for that. Happy November and Happy Halloween to those celebrating it! I know it’s late but anyway, I decided to compile some of manga titles that have female protagonist x beastly love interests. In other words, beastly guys :3 (Guys that are not really from the humankind, in case you still don’ t get it haha)

I don’t celebrate Halloween, but this post’s idea just popped out suddenly and I thought, why not? Because, well, this is easier for me and could saves me a lot of time and hassle.

Now, on with it!

Black Bird

This would be the first on my list because it’s completed recently, and it is perfect. I think the series being R18 is quite fair because of the violence, blood, emotions omFG and a little smut and all around fluff and kisses :3 This series is quite popular but I think some people still don’t know about it. That is why, you shouldn’t miss out on this!! Little warning: LOTS OF FLUFF

Our heroine Misao can see ghosts and spirits, and they bothered her a lot. And then her long-lost neighbor came back suddenly, claiming that he is going to protect Misao. He ain’t a normal guy bruhh; he is a tengu! (Tengu is a demon crow/black bird). The tengu’s name is Kyo, and Kyo is not just a tengu, he also is the leader of other tengus and the other tengus are so cute and hawt omfg a feast for your eyes!! I think the cutest thing about this is that Kyo is not really a tsundere and he’s like the sweetest, hard-headed guy you’ll ever read omg pls I need a guy as protective as him ;;;

At first you would be all omg so cute mushy fluffy shitt but then when you get to the middle you would feel those emotions and then you might be a crying mess or a mad lady because woW JUST NO. Misao is more important than she looks and she is like a perfect character (for me, that is). Even if you dislike characters who cry, I do think you’ll get to love her traits.

The story/plot is pretty easy to follow and it ain’t confusing, plus we have a whole lot of comedy even in the emotional times, and the emotional phases just gonna make you tear up all the way and whoa look at the beautiful art!!! There’s so many plot twist and turns, and of course, an ending that would make you tear up!! You gotta read to know it.

In short, I’d rate this 9.7/10!! (Yea I include everything and put them into consideration to make shit short ok) but this manga is really tragic T_T Moving on!

Beast Master

(omg lol the title is so misleading)

Summary: Yuiko Kubozuka is a high school girl who loves animals. Unfortunately, animals don’t like her and flee away from her whenever she comes near. One night, while trying to save a runaway cat in a tree, she meets a boy with wild hair and scary eyes who saves the cat. The next day, that boy turns out to be Yuiko’s new transfer classmate, Leo Aoi. She finds him to be funny and not scary at all, while everyone else feared him because of his appearance. This makes Leo very happy. But there’s a secret hidden within Leo. What will happen to their relationship?

I’m sure a lot of people know and has read about Dengeki Daisy, aight? This manga is made by the same mangaka, woohoo! So yeah, expect the unexpected twist in the manga :3 (I stopped reading Dengeki Daisy because too complicated sorry).

The summary pretty much explains what I wanna say hehe.

This is a pretty short manga with only about 7 chapters and extras in between, but still, this is one of the best hehe obviously I always say that. But still!! Leo is like a real beast, as in a wild animal. He also has animal instincts, which I think interesting because wow bro you got animalistic and protective over your gal yeah that’s the way!! Guys who protect their girls head on are the cutest.

Oh and while you’re at it, ‘Otokomae! Beads Club’ is also an interesting manga by the same mangaka! Plus, it has a strong female lead (literally) so give it lots of love juseyo~ (pretty much the same meaning as ‘kudasai’, I think).

I’m rating this 7/10 😉

Kamisama Hajimemashita

Summary: Momozono Nanami’s dad, a man with a penchant for gambling, disappeared after accumulating a huge amount of debt. Thus, she was chased out of her house by the debt collectors. When she met a timid man being chased by a dog, he told her that he’d give her his house. She believed his persuasive talk, but when she went to his house… it turned out to be a shrine. Moreover, a guy with fox ears appeared, which made Nanami even more confused. What will become of homeless and confused Nanami?

In all honesty, I dropped this manga but I put it here because it fits the category of humanxnot_human and I don’t wanna be so biased. I lost the love for this manga because at first it was really interesting, I got into it and even recommended it to my friends because it’s adorable. But then gradually, as it became popular, the story just drags on (we call it ‘meleret-leret’ in malay) and then I stopped reading. Everything is just so confusing, my brain’s gonna poof at that time.

But oh well, I’m sure some of you would like this because of the fairly beautiful art and a strong+funny female lead! ^^Plus the handsome/adorable demons around her lol. And there’s an anime on this title too, so yeah watch it because a lot of people like it enough to recommend it to you hehe.

Gonna rate it 6.8/10 and mostly because of the beautiful art and the guys. But the mangaka did a great job and I have no reason to judge her or anything. It’s just not my cup of tea ok? Maybe I’ll give it another shot once it’s completed.

Himegimi To Sanbiki No Kemono

Summary:  The royal palace of the kingdom of Alba Forest received one letter of advance notice. That is, “We shall take the last treasure left behind by the late king to his beloved daughter, Violet.” The sender of that letter was a group of robbers called the “Three Beasts.” When Violet meets one of them by chance, the crow, her life changes greatly…!

Lol, the summary says a lot about why it’s in this post. Oh, plus, it’s completed!

Anyway, Violet is a strong female lead as well. I know it sounds typical that a princess wants freedom, but this one is slightly different and fun! And the three beasts, omfg, it’s like a real otome game. We have one mysterious guy, one clueless guy, and one ‘flirty laidback cute handsome ghei omfg don’t screw with my mind’ guy. This manga is completed, and it’s really interesting if you like something out of the modern love and go back to the ol’ kingdom stuff ~

Badass robbers are the best so I’ll give them 8/10 heheh.

Ayahatori Shoukanjou

Summary: ‘Ayahatori’ -that is the given name of the family possessing a mysterious power. They have the power to be able to summon and use beings and people from secret ancient writings. During the Ayahatori initiation ceremony, high schooler Kozakura Saaya summons one of the three most beautiful women in the world, Ono no Komachi. However, what appears in front of her is a man with matchless beauty-!?

Saaya is one of the summoners, in which, they summon characters from ancient times from their scrolls and they came into life. It could be humans, and even animals. The thing is, Saaya summoned a woman, but in front of her is a beautiful young man. This guy is grumpy, and I think he’s quite tsundere? I don’t really know how to define him but yeah, he’s just not honest with his feelings heheh.

Other characters in the manga is fairly interesting as well, and the art is really nice! Plus, so many bishies omg :3 There’s a blend of comedy and friendship in this, so I could pretty much put it in the Slice of Life category. I remembered that time when I fangirled over this manga, I really wish I could summon things too (who doesn’t?).

A generous 8/10 from me because it’s really nice~ And it’s completed yay.

Monokuro Shounen Shoujo

Summary: Kureha Mimachi, a 15-year-old girl, has just transferred into Shiritsu Kenhono High School. However, there is something weird about this school, it is actually a school where the Princes and Princesses of the beast-kind go to…?! Even though Kureha is human, she is there as a way to help the students lead their lives peacefully with humans and has the role as the “rabbit”. Will she be able survive without being eaten by the students…?! Only time and her hidden bodyguards will be able to answer that…

This one, omg. It’s still ongoing, yeah, but this is the real deal. A human got in a school that has all the prince and princesses of the kingdom of animals, wow bruhh. Because of that, Kureha had to disguise as an adorable bunny! And she get to be friends with three other beast-kinds, and all three of them are such a tease!

All of the creatures in the school are human-like in form but they have animal ears and tails, and that’s just so cute ok omg asdfaajkfalk like cosplayers all around >w<

At first you would think that we all end up with a weak female lead, but in the end, she’s an adorable and tough one heheh. So I’m rating this 8/10~

Millennium Snow

Summary: Seventeen-year-old Chiyuki Matsuoka was born with heart problems, and her doctors say she won’t live to see the next snow. Touya is an 18-year-old vampire who hates blood and refuses to make the traditional partnership with a human, whose life-giving blood would keep them both alive for a thousand years.

In case you don’t know already, the mangaka of this series is also the mangaka of Ouran Highschool Host Club~ Well, you can expect that the art may not be perfect but it’s really pretty honestly. And it’s really cute :3 I last read it a lot of months ago so I’m not sure I remember anything from it, and I’m not really a huge fan of vampires. But still, you gotta give this a try~

Am gonna rate this 7/10 ^^

I think these are pretty much the ones that I remembered. I haven’t finished reading all of them to the recent chapters because I was really busy, but I’m looking for new titles as well so please do suggest me any title that you think fits the category!

Sorry if this was long, but I hope you’ll find any manga that you like from one of these titles. Thank you so much for reading, byeom~


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