Webtoons: General Overview & Recommendations


I have no idea for the title, so I’ll settle with that for now. Anyway, instead of being productive today, I’ve decided to slack off and roll around after fixing this laptop on my own. And then I decided to read some webtoons on the LINE Webtoon app I downloaded not long ago. So today, let me open a world of webtoons to all of you //bows

First off, I know that ‘webtoons’ are more of a Korean entertainment, but hey, nothing stops me from liking them! (Besides, I’m into Kpop and Korea variety shows plus learning Korean. You should know that this would come by anyway). I don’t care mind if you dislike those Korean stuff, but webtoon is not something that should be overlooked!

Cover art

“A webtoon (Korean: 웹툰) is a term for manhwa-style webcomic that is typically published in chapters and served in Korean websites.The term originally came into use in South Korea around 2003, to describe what were previously known simply as Internet comics.” – wiki

In short, webtoon is a manhwa that is not published on paper, rather, it’s published online and has loooongg pages, and usually… One page is one chapter. Actually, they call it episodes. But fret not, as they update every week! I mean it. Yeah, most webtoons are Korean, but some are already translated by translation groups and even got official translations on LINE Webtoon app! You can get the app on Google Play here. You might be confused on how to use it, so there’s a tutorial on it the first time you launch the app so it’s all fine~ Be reminded though that if your connection is really slow, it won’t load…

Update: Webtoons can be read online here! This is like a web-version for those who don’t want the app.

I’ve heard that webtoon are designed short and not on paper because Korea is a fast-growing country where people will be running around, having no time to have books on their hands. Well, isn’t that normal everywhere now? So webtoons are easy to read when you’re in a train or something. But don’t strain your eyes too much alright?

I think webtoons are realllyyy fine. So the art is pretty weird? Yea, so what? I mean, it’s not like all of them are weird. Some are even as good as mangas. The ones I’ve read so far have unique styles of art, and I’m really happy and satisfied. Plus, it’s a study-aid for me for my Korean studying hehe ❤

So! Let’s get on with the recommendations~ I’m assuming that you have downloaded LINE Webtoon app, because my recommendations are all in the app, or you’re reading it online. I don’t read the ones that are fan-translated because I like reading on my phone more. Don’t get me wrong okay, the people who translated are such awesome people though.


“Ever wonder what happens in the aftermath of a super hero and villain battle?
Well someone has to clean up the mess, and they are called SHADOW.”

SHADOW is short for ‘Super Human Assistance Department Office Worker’. This webtoon is about a group of Shadow members who are in charge of cleaning up the mess superheroes made after fighting the villains. Yes, this is the reality heheh. The genre is more of a fantasy + comedy, and I could say the guy on that little icon is the main character. Some of the Shadow members, like him, has super powers too! He actually had done a huge mistake in the past, as typical as it sounds. And since it’s still ongoing, urghh so many cliffhangers! You gotta read to find out~ (This is actually the first webtoon I was attracted to since I had the app a month ago hehe). p.s: SO MANY BISHIES OMFG AND MULTI-COLOURED HAIR IM BYE


AnnarasumanaraA rumor goes around school about an abandoned amusement park and a magician who lives there that can make someone disappear for good. Yoon Ai, a very smart girl in her class, struggles to feed herself and her sister everyday. She just wants to become an adult faster so that she can escape from the poverty and the reality of her current situation. One day, her life changes as she meets a childish magician who asks her: “Do you believe in magic?”

If you ask how to pronounce the title or what it means, well, I don’t know how to answer that too. Let’s just assume that it’s like an ‘Abracadabra’ then. Okay… oh my GOD, this webtoon is amazing!! SHADOW was awesome but this is one is a whole new level. It’s a drama/slice of life and it’s really my thing heheh.

Yes, it’s a black and white webtoon but!! with a splash of colours and 3D elements!! Well, not those 3D in which they pop out of the screen but the author did I great job mixing in real life things. Like dollars, or cottons, or even crumpled papers. I don’t know, it’s just too unique and amazing okay. You gotta read this.

The story is about the girl, Yoon Ai who lives in poverty. Like really, she only lives with her sister and her father ran off with debts. This is too realistic seriously. And when she met the magician, well, he’s not a childish guy. Rather, more of a dreamy guy that suddenly appears and poof! Magic all over your life!! But well, there’s some twist and turns along the way of course. And urghh yes more cliffhangers! But you gotta read this because it’s too beautiful and perfect okay! (And the guy looks like the guy from Paradise Kiss to me… and he’s hot lol ok). I relate this story a lot with my life…. the only thing I’m missing is a magician. Now I gotta ask… Do you believe in magic? 😉

My Kitty and Old Dog

“Nang-Nak, an old poodle with blurred eyesight, and an adorable kitten, Soondae, love their owners whom they are loyal to. Here are the episodes of the mature dog and the energetic young kitten that always wait for their owners to give them love and affection.”

This is a heart-warming story of pets, and 80% of the episodes are all from the pet’s point of view. First off, please have some tissues nearby. I’m serious, you will be crying. That is, if you truly love animals of course. I don’t know, I was so emotional reading this, I had tears in my eyes. But I didn’t cry much, just that…. I don’t know, it just swells your heart ;;; You know one thing is that, when you leave an animal, they would cry too. They would feel sad, too. They would feel all the things we do. Gosh, since I really want a pet and am asking mom to let me have one, this story just…. omg idk T_T

For some reason, this was removed from naver but it’s still available on the LINE Webtoon.

I don’t want this kind of hero

이런 영웅은 싫어

“A new hero, Spoon, is here to save the world and find the peace.”

I seriously don’t understand why the title is like that, why is that picture as the cover, and why the synopsis is like that. Do not, I repeat do not, judge something just by the outside. Honestly I don’t know, this webtoon just pulled me in. And I’m glad it did.

This webtoon has superheroes and villains too, yea, similar to SHADOW. I think they’re on par but both are awesome!! This one has MORE BISHIES OMFG and comedies and just everything is— pretty much perfect. You could call it slice of life too but it’s more of a fantasy and overall comedy. It has talking animals!! Because animals/demons married humans so they produced babies that are mixed and omfg I fell in love with a panda-human mix you can’t blame me omfg ashfjaasfkj please read this one if you’re still hesitating ;;;

I guess that’s pretty much the ones that are my faves right now. Well yea, some people like Penguin Loves Mev. I admit that it’s really cute but not my kind of thing ^^ /shrugs

So! If you ever got interested and read any of this, or love some other titles, let me know! I didn’t know what to post today since my Sweet Fuse draft… I have no motivation to continue it. And I’m playing Star Ocean too, but I’m preoccupied with exams lol jk I have one week holidays haha so it’s time for some language drills!!!

Guess that’s all. Thanks for reading~ Byeom!

(p.s: just finished reading Black Bird omfg my heart is so emotional these days halp)


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