Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom – Overview & Thoughts

Hello. This was drafted quite a month ago because I thought of revising and maybe fixing up my post and style but mehh. Actually, this is how I usually write and I think this is the real me instead of the long, textbook reading of reviews I’ve made thus far. Excuse this change of style for now hehe oh but I kinda polished it up just a little bit. Full of spoilers sorry whoops but scroll to the end for the general summary ^^

But let’s get on with it!

My first impression of this game is that… I don’t have any. I just scooped it up and play it despite everything else because omfg look at those good-looking bishies bruhh and love love loveee. This isn’t a game type that I’d like but it’s still worth the money, if you ask me. And it has lots of comedy in the early playthroughs so it’s all fun and flower petals-y and stuff :3

I’m sure a lot of people had played this, and I’m terribly late heheh but anyway, this game is such a tragedy ;;; Well, I didn’t cry at all (I don’t even remember if I ever cried playing games?) but at some point I felt terribly sad. I think the saddest part was at the Normal End. And the bgm that plays at that time oh my god T__T

Now, my thoughts on the male characters! (I typed them in order which I played the routes in.)

Heisuke Toudou

He’s the first route I went for in my first playthrough. He’s pretty adorable, honestly!! I was surprised to hear of his familiar voice so I looked it up andd I got to know that his voice is from the seiyuu who voiced Bossun of Sket Dance! My love for him just grew then hehe. He looked sooo hawt after wearing western clothes omg and his new hairstyle is just *O* And he’s the cutest + sweetest little angel because he said the reason he wants to live is me T_T I mean protagonist. I just don’t like it when Heisuke was somehow left behind from Nagakura and Harada when he turned into a fury… but I’m not sure if these three are really close, or those two are close. But for his protectiveness that drove mochii’s heart to melt, I’d give him 4/5

Sanosuke Harada

“OMG??!?!!” was my outmost honorable expression of him. I love him huahua he’s my faveee. He’s the only one who doesn’t turn into a fury… though I kinda feel like I want to see a CG of him sucking blood lol but heyy a hint of an 18+ stuff bruh hm hm? /wiggles eyebrows/ plus!! The ending has a baby omg that’s a LOT to make up for it! It’s like….. the most adorable, precious life to have a family… ahh mochii’s heart ;;; I love how he’s always with Nagakura and Heisuke. The trio is the best, no doubt. They’re a hilarious bunch. And the fact that he left Nagakura just to go with the protagonist, wuuu I’ll give him 4.7/5!

Hajime Saito

Hmm. Actually, I felt like I was on a contract marriage with him haha ok jk. I know how he’s that type who keeps all to himself, well, I went for him because he’s short and cute hehe. I kinda feel… not happy with him. It’s like everything else is important to him than the protagonist T_T I was like “aww stop pushing me away, start thinking about meeee” but there is no way he’ll hear mochii’s whines ;;; but it’s great that he thought a lot about the others. And still, his ending was cute heheh so uhm 3.7/5?

Souji Okita

Me all the time: “omg okitaaaa why must you beee sooo crueelll too meeee”. And omg remember when Kazami invaded the night Sen came and then Yamazaki just pushed you to a room and you fell on top of him? I SCREAMEDDD. That was the best seriously I couldn’t stop smiling even if I think about it now! >///< And I wasn’t that interested in his exposed chest like anyone does… surprise? Anyway. He could be the guy that I’d like beside Harada, only that he has a sharp tongue and what the hell plus why does he want to kill me everytimeeee? When I’m going with others route Okita would always be stated as “he went to get treatment” and that just ripped mochii’s heart ;;; I was seriously scared at the ending CG, as if he was gonna die or what because I’m like noooo I’m not ready for shit like shit no shit ;;; So insecure, like in that ending if he suddenly stopped breathing I would have cried. He made me really sad so I’d give him 4.7/5 sheeesh. (I don’t even know which CG of him to put here bc he’s so omg DON’T JUDGE ME SORRY)

Kazama Chikage

I did his route before Hijikata’s but whuttt it’ss like political marriage as well. His route is like short, reminds me of Jin’s route from the The Second Reproduction. You know, like, he was an anticipated character but in the end…. That is all? Why? I thought he was the main attraction? T_T Why hasn’t he showed that he’s really lovin’ the protagonist but only almost at the end? He was a teaser when I went for other routes and I was really looking forward to his route hmmm ;; But still, the CG I put here of him was the one that melted my heart because omfg guys who hugs girls when they’re sad rather than standing and stare is the best. Oh but the normal end was really, really heartbreaking. But on the other hand, his ending was kinda cute omg no why are you torturing my heart yeas I will give you 4.3/5 ;;;

Toshizo Hijikata

THIS GUY IS SO CUTE WHEN HE’S MAD HAHAHHA PLS HELP ME IDK WHAT TO WRITE haha anyway his route isn’t that long I just played it for a whole week because I can so it took me a while haha. Anyway, why so serious….. Okay, uhm, I really love it when Okita calls him ‘demon’ haha I seriously think that it’s funny. But he’s really cute though like uhm hey why r u so mad when u love me hahaha well it’s pretty tragic in his route too. It’s like a political marriage too I guess but near the end he is the cutest little ahsfkja I don’t know sheesh lemme give you a fair 4.7/5 okayz. And he is Hakuoki, right? Okay….

And if you haven’t noticed or if you just don’t know or if you’re clueless or if you actually feel the same; these guys looked so hawtt in western clothes I was literally gasping for air oh my god ;;;

And the other characters alongside them! Like Sannan. He is evil, yes, but he’s one hell of a hot megane-kun *O* And Yamazaki the ninja omfg why no hidden route for this guy?! I demand one pls ;;; And Nagakura… he’s a nice guy too. The members of the Shinsengumi are just awesome ok don’t even argue with me

Plus Sen and Kimikiku omfg pretty ladiesss. Sen is like the princess that I’d go if there is a bestfriend route ok I’m not even kidding. (Actually ships Sen with Kazama whoops)

All in all, I think this is an amazing, awesome game. You’ll learn about Japan, for some, I guess? The bgm from the start till the end is just perfect seriously. The CGs are beautiful, the characters are all well-written, the guys are handsome+cute+hawt, the backgrounds are eye-catching, the protagonist is quite okay in my opinion, and thank you so much for quick-save omg. This is a tragic, drama otome game that you wouldn’t really find anywhere if it’s in English. I mean, there are lots out there but in English? Yeah, I know. If you still couldn’t find a reason to play…. It’s because mochii says so? Come on, looking at these guys, how can you possibly not play this? Heee.

I hope this post was enjoyable because I typed it in hyper mode and anything along the way are just whoops and fooosh. Thanks for reading alright, byeom!

p.s: omg typing this making me feeling like playing it againnn // credits to sushigeisha for the cgs. thankiu ❤


6 thoughts on “Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom – Overview & Thoughts

    1. littlemochii Post author

      Ahh, so you haven’t played it yet? You should!! I’m sure it’s better than the anime itself hehehe I’m happy that you feel like playing after reading this post xD


  1. Neko-chan

    I so agree with you on almost everything you said xD Just that I had no doubt on the fact that Okita Souji was absolutely my favorite! Just reading your opinion i got this urge to play the game again. DAMN IT! Idea factory damn it! After this game I was also pretty interested in this Japanese historical period. Overall I consider it a very instructive game besides enjoyable. ^^ *thumbs up*



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