Current Playings and…. Finals

After finishing the last post of Hakuoki, I think it’s time for me to give some updates. Well, nothing interesting but whatever goes~

I’m currently playing lots of games, which I hop on and off at times, as usual. The list includes:

  • Starry Sky in Spring (Yoh’s route. And then I’m gonna continue with his route on Starry Sky After Spring, just because!! I can.)
  • TMGS3 – Konno’s route, overlapping with the hidden character Taira’s route whoops.
  • Sweet Fuse – I was going to make a post but somebody please help me finish Shirabe’s route oh my ;;; No offence. I’m just not attracted to him. After that, on to the secret character’s route.
  • Gakupuri – I’m trying to finish Hyoutei’s route and then post all of the characters on just one post. Except Atobe, because he deserves a special post like Kikumaru ā¤
  • Prince Maker Braveness – I’m giving this game another try bruhh hahaha don’t even ask

And future posts include:

  • A post of Sweet Fuse
  • Hyoutei’s routes in Gakupuri
  • Shitara Seiji’s route. It’s there in the draft, but it’s incomplete whyyy
  • A birthday list of TMGS3 characters, because the translation in the game is different from the walkthrough at GameFAQ. I’m working hard on finishing it, so I hope it’ll be of use to at least a few people…
  • Why everything has to do with TMGS3? idk hahaha

As you can see, I’m pouring so much love into otome stuff, that I just have to remind myself that my final exams are starting on the 8th of October. People would all be studying right now and here I am…. but yeah I gotta study… even though it’s something I’m not into that much /shrugs/. Hope I’ll do well!

But still, tomorrow I’m gonna be watching Annabelle movie lol sorry no sense of self-realization whatsoever. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life now hahaha don’t even ask.

I’m sure I forgot something but never mind. Happy Eid Adha to those celebrating it (like me yay!) and have a nice week ahead everyone! Thanks for reading heheh byeom~

p.s: some positivity and my personal, dusty blog here ^^


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