TMGS3 – PSP: Overview and Thoughts

Hello. I finally organized my thoughts for this game somehow. So this will be incomplete and you would know a lot of things in the game from other reviews on other wonderful blogs, but I’m just putting this up to get my thoughts out. And I’m sure a lot of people had played this game already, right? Anyway, let’s go~ Just a little note that I play this on a real PSP ^^ (Sorry for the lazy title orz)

The game takes place at Habataki High School seven years after the first Tokimeki Girl’s Side. There are a total of six new bachelors, plus three secret characters.

TMGS 3 implements a totally new system; the Love Triangle. Instead of a rival girl going after the character you’re pursuing, all six bachelors are paired with another, making it so that you can ‘date’ two of them at a time. TMGS 3 also introduces a revamped clothing system with a few new clothing styles and the ability to ‘level up’ your fashion.”

First off, this game was hard for me because I always get overwhelmed and insecure, like “Will I get his ending? Will I complete his CG?” because yeah, you MUST have a guide at hand. Print it for easiness lol seriously hahaha I’m not kidding. DS ones are easy, yeah. But PSP? I’m not used to it. Took me about four restarts (or more) just for Shitara Seiji’s route….

So! The thing I loved the most is that we don’t have love rivals, because now we have two adorable best friends who admire us so much, yay!! I’m really happy with this fact, and the fact they call us Bambi and stuff omg it’s really fun. I feel like having such friends are going to be reallyyy fun in school years, because they’re positive people and are not depressed woooo.  Ugajin Myo is your fortune-teller buddy who tell you how people thought of you, and Hanatsubaki Karen is the amazing person who helps you with fashion and stuff. Plus, going out with any of them also helps a lot in raising stats. Yeah, we can invite them on dates yay~

The next good thing is that we have more good-looking bishies :3 No offence, but I only went for Hazuki Kei in TGMS1 and only two guys in TMGS2. Don’t get me wrong, I love this game, it’s just that the art… uhm??? So TMGS3 is a HUGE upgrade! (Sorry I always go for look whoops). And of course, blushing face are the cutest :3 And lots of guys to woo bruhh.

The fashion thing was hard for me at first, but the trick is to buy your clothes at the shop that has the clothing you’d like. It’s fun I think. Yeah, guide always come in handy right? And it didn’t actually took long for me to get into the highest level of clothing~ But money is a struggle in the first year sobs.

The mini-games are alright, and the sport games are quite easier on the PSP. I had a hard time during the pillow fight though hehe ohh but the valentine chocolate is fun! We just have to choose toppings and put it on the chocolate and ta-dah~

And on the main menu there’s that ‘Boy’s Life’ thingy, I think? Those are your guys’ chibi versions living their life in your PSP, according to your time zoneee. Yeas, they’re adorable! Unfortunately we could only see them, no means of interaction whatsoever booo.

But I was really shocked to see that the sprites (?) moved! Like, wow, okayyy, they can move in the game omg??? xD

I think there’s still some more stuff so I’ll update this post once I play again. But now comes the struggles…

So far I haven’t triggered the Angel or Devil thingy. Yeah, PSP versions are just hard for me. Even the approach mode was killing me, and I’m always pressed to get CGs aishh I don’t know. The 3P mode doesn’t actually interest me hahaha but maybe I’ll try someday… It just seems 80% harder for me so I don’t know /shrugs

All in all, I prefer TMGS3 a lot more than the previous series, but the DS version would still be in my waiting list hehehe. This game is like a huge upgrade to make things a whole lot easier, so you should try and play it if you haven’t yet!

The links to the English patch is here. It’s by the awesome people who brought to you the Gakupuri patch ;;; And the guide/walkthrough here. Just google if you want the GameFAQs version.

Alright then. Next post is about someone’s route! Thanks for reading, see ya in the next post~


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