Manga Overview: Seishun Kouryakuhon


For a change of pace, let’s take a break from all those romance, girly stuff for a bit, shall we? This post is about a bromance, comedic manga of teenage gheis guys!

Summary: Isesaki, a second year from Kamiyama Boy’s High, has had his heart captured by a girl he saw in the window of the neighbouring girls’ school. A school route madonna!! After 2 months, it’s time for her to graduate…!? It’s a 17-year-old’s summer starting from spring, chockful of idiocy and friendship enough to make you cry.

Genre(s): Friendship, Slice of Life, Comedy

First off, for those who are sensitive about it, this is not a yaoi manga so you should ease off a bit. This is a manga of friendship between guys, and how they help each other in their lives, sometimes it’s about love, studies, summer stuff, but all and all it’s all about having fun!

It’s about a group of four/five guys having fun, being all happy with each other in their lives~ I don’t know, but if you need something funny to past your time and get things off your mind, you should really read this one! Oh and I guess there’s also a tsundere in this manga? And some couple love :3 And most of all my Nogami-kun~ Who is he? You’ll have to read to find out I guess hehe.

Anyway, have you seen some guys in real life, or maybe in anime for instance, about how a friendship of boys/guys could be? They’re just precious. The way the express love for each other…. in a friendly way is kinda weird, but hey! If they’re the same as girls, it wouldn’t be so fun, ain’t it?

Plus! This manga is also worth lots of re-reads (at least from me) because it just brings you back to the good ol’ days where you have fun at school without a care heheh.

Whoops. I guess I’ll make this short since I gotta go. I hope some of you would read this in the near future. Another comedy manga I’d recommend is Kemono Kingdom – Zoo. You’ll laugh till tears! Don’t worry, a post about it will come~

Thanks for reading!! Byeom~


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