Prince of Tennis: Girls Be Gracious!: Overview and Thoughts

(Finally releasing this draft. This is the very first draft I made after deciding to have this blog. Here goes nothing heheh.)


For this post, I decided to talk about PoF: Girls Be Gracious! (Tennis no Ouji-sama; Doubles no Ouji-sama – Girls Be Gracious. In this post I’m going to write about the flow and my opinions of the game as a whole. You could call this a review, or something like that.

Enough blabbering, let’s get on with the game shall we?

(Again, no synopsis because lazy mochii is lazy.)

First of all, this was typed when I recently knew that TeniPuri had otome games for them. So this post might be a little immature but I decided to just post it because I took the time to type it out, anyway.

In this game, you could choose guys not just from Seigaku, you know. Yes, even Kamio Akira from Fudomine is pursuable!! (I went for his route first ok). It’s really fine if you know nothing about tennis (like me) because in this game, you’ll only need to know how to click on stuff. There’s a tutorial for your first tennis match, and then there’ll be more explanations. While you’re at it, you’ll learn a lot about tennis than you know, you know. (can this be a pun?)

Art: Considering that the game was released on 2005, and it’s 2014 now, I’m sure you could assume the art was a bit different from the games nowadays. I’m really picky about art, so there are some things that I’m not satisfied with but hey, the guys are still adorable??? (except when they do those powerful shots… their face turns out weird to me xD) But the art is exactly like the anime, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Gameplay: Since I don’t want to make this post longer than it already is, I’ll point out the important few:

  • Heroine’s name is changeable, including her bro which happens to be an extra character. But no route for him. Apparently the bro is the main for the guys’ version of this game, but whatever. We’re girls.
  • There will be an event where you’ll meet a partner for your first tennis match, and this partner is determined by the zodiac signs and blood types you choose at the beginning of the game. (Honestly, I reloaded a lot of times to get who I want. HA!)
  • You start off as a girl who just moved into the neighbourhood, but apparently your school doesn’t have a true tennis club so you go out to look for one.
  • The game would progress after you go to school, and from then on you can choose either to practice with the partner of your choice or have a match with another team alongside him. I’ll always recommend having badges, but it’s up really up to you!
  • There will be some events triggered of course. If collecting CGs is your stuff, then spend as much time as possible with the guy you aim for.

Honestly I somehow got bored now and then because you’ll actually have to play matches and get badges almost every time there’s a match available, because your aim is to get 15 badges to go the final tournament, but 12 badges before that to get into a party. It gets tiring somehow but since I read a walkthrough, the wisest choice to do is to pick a match that is already shining a light on your victory (which means pick the ones where your team’s score is higher than the opposing team)! I know you won’t understand what I’m saying. Just play the first playthrough and get the ‘feel’ of the game first, then you’ll know.

But in all honesty, this was a really fun and cute game. Tiring as well, in some cases. This game is more to a friendship romance. Like, you’re more than friends with your partner, but pretty much less than lovers. As far as I played, there’s no kissing scene. But it’s really cute, so you could say that this is a light romance for the young heart. But whatever, age is just a number!!1!!

Don’t get discouraged with whatever I say. If you decide to play it, then just do it. I’m saying this because this is my first time writing a review, so I may lack a few things. If I really do have flaws, I apologize. Point out the things you want, I don’t mind ^^

On another note, I may be doing a hint/tips post and another post for some routes that I find interesting /coughs Kikumaru Eiji coughs/ but today I’m gonna rest a bit. Oh but if you’re interested in any way, my faves are definitely Eiji, Tezuka and Atobe :3

I guess that’s all for now. I’m so glad I finally finished this, oh my God. Thanks for reading!! Bye~


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