Little Updates


Now that my drafts are out of the way, I think it’s time to take time in between posts to talk about myself and the happenings around me heheh.

The past few weeks had been a struggle, but today I can say that I’m finally ready to take a break! I’m gonna have one week of school holidays, so I’m gonna take this time to calm down and rest. I might go on a trip later, so I may not be updating but there’s a big chance that I’ll take my PSP along… because TMGS3!! If I can play it, I suppose. I want to take off this stress and re-organize, and I hope I could do so without any problem. I wanna catch up with my Korean learning, if I have the time. Thank God for less homeworks!

Anyway, despite my busy schedule, I managed to finish Hakuoki: Demon of Fleeting Blossom~ Yeas I somehow finished all routes except Hijikata’s in two or three days, but I playfully went through his route for a straight week of school days lol. And yeah, expect a post on it soon! I drafted out my un-organized thoughts but too lazy to fix it heheh so maybe in two or three days the post will be up. Despite how late I am because the game had been released in a while, it’s still no harm right~ But still kinda bummed with the fact that I missed one CG of Hijikata, but I don’t know which one. I only saw the indicator of at the CG Gallery that I missed just one more. Oh well.

And I got myself interested with a new manhwa but didn’t finish reading it until the recent chapter, because my internet sucks. It’s ‘Nan Eomma, Nun Appa’ or translated as ‘I’m the Mother, you’re the Dad’. The story is just— T_T

If it’s not clear yet, I love slice of life stuff. So otome games or manga that are into the theme are my faves. Have you heard of The Wavering of Wrath? I played that some time ago and I could exactly understand what she feels. Well I don’t experience what the protagonist feels though but it’s somehow depressing too ;;;

Okay then, now I’m off to set up this blog a bit. I thought of organizing it more when I have more posts up but nahh, I guess it’s now or never.

Alright then, may all of you have a nice Friday ahead! Thanks for reading! Byeom~


9 thoughts on “Little Updates

  1. kyuuichii… Happy holiday mochii-chan~~ I hope you enjoying your trip >w<)/

    Ah, so you already finished Hakuouki? Actually Hakuouki is my first otoge on PSP 😉 I only play Okita route's and cheating with other guys route to get the CG's ;p Which guy is your favorite?
    And, in TMGS3, which guy you're after?

    I'm jealous, last week and until now, I only had read one title of manga Dx I'm need more free time uwaaa~~


    1. littlemochii Post author

      Thankyou~ I got home a few hours ago hehe. The trip was short but I did relax a little ^^

      Yeapp! I see, but I understand though! The CGs are so pretty ❤ I guess I like Okita too? But I like Sanosuke more hehehe.

      As for TMG3… I just finished Seiji's route (was that his name? I forgot lol) and Im still not used to playing TMGS on the PSP, so it'll take me a while before I could actually play all the routes xD

      Wahh, you must be busy! Don't worry, you'll get to read them once your works are finished later on!! x3


      1. kyuuichii

        Eeh, you already back? It was short then ehehe~~

        Sanosuke?hm hm… I think he is the one who has the best ending 😉

        Seiji? megane guy? hehe I only did for Kou… and then I’d presume I’d done with TMGS3 (no other guy has caught my interest) hehe

        I hope so too xD thanks~~

        Liked by 1 person

      2. littlemochii Post author

        Yeap, pretty short I suppose xD

        Yess, he’s such a nice guy with a verrryyyy nice ending >w<

        No, megane guy is Konno or something hehe Seiji is the senpai who likes piano who is apparently… a tsundere lol! I see xD I don't know who to go for next now though~ Maybe I'll go for Kou? hehehe


      3. kyuuichii

        Hee… I thought you will be in vacations for a weeks >,<

        Hehe… I like Sanosuke too xD

        Oh right, I was wrong then uhuhu… Mochii-chan loves tsundere, nee? I loves yandere, over-protective and megane guys xD (too bad there's no many guys which have yandere personality)
        Kou? If you has some interest please do him xD He really cute when blushing…


      4. littlemochii Post author

        Nahh, because the holidays is just for one week haha.

        Not really, I didn’t know he was a tsundere until half of the game! xD I see hehehe I particularly love the flirty ones though, for some reason xD Really? Omg I’ll try his route soon!


      5. littlemochii Post author

        Yeapp, I’m still taking time to relax because I have to do a lot of homework soon @_@

        Well it changes, according to how good-looking he is! xD If he’s the nicest one, and the most good-looking, I’d probably go for him first because those kind of guys are adorable~ But sometimes the most good-looking ones are grumpy, the delinquent and such, but still, I go for them too! Because those kind of guys are adorable hehehe. Recently I got interested with shy guys, but not many games have those kind of guys in them though 😮 (omg this is long! xD)

        Yess I will soon~


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