TeniPuri Otoge: Kikumaru Eiji’s route


First of all, I’m gonna apologize if by reading my posts of TeniPuri you’d think that I’m such an idiot or a noob of this series. I could say that it’s partially true, because I have only watched 24 episodes of the anime and haven’t gotten far in the manga. But trust me, I love this series. I just am biased towards the otome games more, that’s all. You may be a bigger fan than me, no doubt. Okay, I guess I had put my point across.

Now let’s get on with it! Um, well, spoilers can’t be helped.

Well, I had finished four six (maybe seven?) routes on GakuPuri until now but apparently I had so much to talk about, that I just decided to put two of my favourite Seigaku players together in a post. And not sure if this is a coincidence or not, but these two are actually classmates yay! (Sorry Oishi, I may talk about you some other day…)

Forget it, I’m dedicating the whole post for him because he deserves it. Biased mochi is biased.

Okay. So. Excuse me but, why am I late in knowing about him? And who doesn’t love him? I love cats and he is just one of the little feline that I’d like to take home and never to return to the owner. Ehem.

As for Gakupuri, Kikumaru is really a cute little fellow. Unlike other guys, he would sound cheerful 24/7 and is really adorable for a guy. (omg why am I so biased). The conversation topics that I would always be looking forward to is the ‘Love’ topic, which with him, is the cutest hehe.

In his route, he’ll struggle to tell his feelings and then asked Oishi about it. And Oishi, being the mother of the tennis club, of course told Kikumaru to be serious about it. He said he doesn’t know what to do either, but maybe Kikumaru had to be more like Tezuka. And Kikumaru was like o.o haha, he’s the cutest. I mean, Kikumaru doesn’t even goes along well with Tezuka, and now you’re telling him to act like that guy who looks like an attractive, cold teacher?! Just imagining it makes me giggle lol

And on his date, he wears casual clothes, yay for that! And then at some point, he spoke his feelings but the protagonist mistaken it for a voice imitation lol could this be funnier haha. The thing about Gakupuri is the girl, the MC, the female protagonist will get teased almost every time and claimed as so, and will be slow in knowing that a guy likes her. Can’t blame her though, since I don’t mind~

Kikumaru is just amazing with his acrobatic skills. Reminds me of Girls be Gracious where he actually jumps to the girl’s window (on the 2nd floor!!!) just to see her!! Omg talk about obsession xD

Anyway, to keep things short, here are some CGs of him! (Just my faves, and not all)

gakupuri - k  e 2

gakupuri - k  e 4

gakupuri - k  e 3

gakupuri - k e

1) The first CG is on the 2nd date with him. I don’t remember what he said here, but he said that he has a parrot at home that remembers the words that his mother and his sister always shout at him. Something like “Eiji, stop!” or something like that xD Uuuu look at his casual clothes omg

2) I don’t remember what he says but this CG looks pretty :3

3) Prompted: “Who is cuter? The bear or me?” and of course the reply is “Senpai is cuter~~” because that’s what I think too ;;; This was the CG after the ending.

4) Not a CG but this part made me squeal so much!

Tip: If you want to feel loved, during the festival, make sure to visit Sengoku’s school booth with your guy and be prepared to feel a possessive beast by you xD

Ohh andd, for those interested, his password is: 0610-0041-6445-7112

Anyway, other than his route, by far I’ve finished routes of Mizuki, Fuji Syusuke, Kamio, Sengoku, Atobe, Hiyoshi and Yanagi. I’ve went through all school except for Rokakku, which I’m going for Saeki’s route at the moment.

I wanted to do posts about the guys that I finished since I have a LOT to rant about, but I’ll do it in my own pace since nobody really anticipated this as much as I myself heheh. But if you’d like to hear my thoughts on a particular route, then feel free to say so! ^^ And actually I don’t know who to go for after Saeki… hah.

I guess that’s all for now. Byeom~


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