Manga Overview: Rockin’ Heaven & Love Berrish!

I thought about it and I can’t possibly have time to post exactly every manga one by one on this blog, just to say how much I love them in a few words. I decided to put together two or three manga that has similar settings in a post. I could have put more when I’m motivated but I kinda get sleepy halfway heheh.

Now, let’s get on with it~

Rockin’ Heaven

Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

This was the first manga I’ve ever read and if it wasn’t for this manga, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with all of this. I’m glad I found it heheh. AND IT IS COMPLETED!

As typical as it sounds, this is a reverse-harem manga of course. A girl who had the wish of “I’m gonna start this year happily and find a boyfriend!!!” was put into a place where there are 90% pretty-looking guys who hated her… at first. I don’t know but personally, out of every manga that are similar to the themes and settings, this was one of the best.

Just wanna point out, that the main character, Sawa, the girl at the centre of the cover I shall say, is not a Mary Sue. (Is that what you call them?). Different from Cat Street as I posted before, Sawa is a really strong girl and she faces challenges head on. Even when everyone around her decides to give up, she decided NOT to. And then the guys around her had their interest sparked heheh.

I’ve bought a one-shot manga just a few months ago, just to find that the content is almost similar to this piece of art. And then I knew the theme was mainstream, but Rockin’ Heaven is undefeatable. Well I don’t plan on going in through the plot because spoilers are everywhere and I can’t seem to differentiate them.

But this manga has beautiful art, pretty well defined characters, friends and family relationships and a plot that doesn’t just fly away from its rail. It also has enough comedy and cuteness that would make you squeal! And please don’t forget the romance that is just omg. And it’s not just a love triangle, mind you. It’s zigzag!! lol okay that was exaggerating. Oh come on, I’ve read this manga 3 times already. What more are you doubting for? Give it some love~ (Now I feel like re-reading it again tsk).

And then this brings me to the other manga;

Love Berrish!

Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

This one was less of a reverse-harem setting, because all around the girl doesn’t actually have to be guys, right? I like this one because of the adorable friendship and it’s as sweet as Rockin’ Heaven, only a little less because it’s shorter boo T_T It’s completed too yay~ It’s a school life, and more to a dorm setting manga. Uuuu, living in a dorm with both girls and guys~

The main character may not be as strong as Rockin’ Heaven, but I guess she has her own quirks? This also involves family relationship too, and how she struggles with her feelings… And you know, when people badmouth about your friends and there’s just something that you need to do? And maybe some other weird friend came to your bestfriend and broke the relationship? And a guy that dresses as a girl??? Like?? uhmmm

I don’t have much to say for this one but it’s also as interesting. I don’t want to compare anything, so Love Berrish! has its own attractive arts and the fact that it also involves family love :3 And there are some heart-breaking moments, and things that I think couldn’t be spoiled here hehe.

And it’s funny too. Like, you wouldn’t just wake up and suddenly find your boobs being touched by another girl?? That’s like what???  I’d give this manga 7/10, for your satisfaction. And it has a cute kitty too hehehe. 

Uhmm,I still want to write more but I’m tired ;;; But for other manga that involve living with guys or pretty much the whole title of reverse-harem, I’d recommend Harem Lodge, Full House Kiss and Stray Love Hearts! SLH is legit, I thought it was an otome game asjkfgkjag

I have a LOT to say about Stray Love Hearts, just you wait!! (Don’t recommend me Barajou no Kiss, I’m not interested haha). Other than that, please feel free to recommend anything to me! I’ll read them with open arms~ Or open eyes? I don’t know haha

Thanks for reading, byeommm~

(p.s: as you can see from my manga list, I wish I could write posts of them all tsk)


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