Tsubasa: World Chronicles Released!

Hello~ Finally the new serialization of Tsubasa Chronicles is finally here!!  Syaoran, Kurogane and Fai is back!! Hip hip hooray!!

(omg would you just look at them omg look at Fai’s gaze omfg I can’t do this—-)

Tsubasa WoRLD CHRoNiCLE: Nirai Kanai-hen is the title of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle’s sequel , first announced on July 16th on Shounen Magazine Special’s cover (July’s Issue). 

First entitled as “Tsubasa” Another Story” (『ツバサ』アナザーストーリー), it will be published monthly since August 20th, 2014, on Kodansha’s Magazine Special. The plot will be linked to xxxHolic Rei, which was halted since July 7th, possibly to link both stories together, as it was done in the past.”

(taken from somewhere that has major spoilers of the first chapter: Tsubasa World Chronicles’ wikia)
Some kind souls had translated the first chapter and their site is here. There’s also a download link for their release and they say feel free to do any artistic stuff on their releases! xD But don’t forget to buy the original copy if you can to support CLAMP~

If you’re asking for the summary, I can’t post it now because I can’t find any booo. This might spoil something, but the country they’re at is called Nirai Kanai and as much the story has got things to do with xxcHolic, now it has something to do with a Goddess from Gate 7. If you’re a fan of CLAMP and their works, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go all out and read the first chapter!! (It somehow has continuation to the original Tsubasa Chronicles so you might have to read that. But to hell with it, I’ve never read xxxHolic nor Gate 7 but I love this one!!)

—- From this point on, it’s time to fangirl!! —–

I’ve seen the raws a bit because I was curious but still I don’t understand a thing, I don’t actually bothered much. I’m so happy and thankful to the people who translated this T_T They saved my soul omg.

I was planning to do a post on Tsubasa Chronicles, which consists of 60% of me being what? ??? and the other 40% being me squealing over the characters and obviously, Fai omg ;;;; But then again, lots of other people had been making reviews and such, so I don’t think I’m up for that. Heck, now I’ll just concentrate on this one then! There are some things I’m confused about but I don’t mind much hehe.

As you can see, the art slightly differs and Fai’s hair is longer, Kurogane looks more muscular and Syaoran is just… a bit taller? And they all look good tho *O* Like come on, you can’t not be hooked with them like ???!?!? 

Before I get too overboard, I’ll end this post here. I’m working on TRC’s fanfic and it’s progressing slowly but now it has come to this, I’m gonna work hard on that fic jyeah~ My gravatar icon is Fai and Yuui, is it not obvious enough that I love them? Plus Fai and Kuro-rin on my header woohooo~

Wow did you actually read my rants? Hahaha, thank you for reading then! Bye~



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