A New Motivation.

Hello there. I’m not sure whether to post this on my language blog or my otome blog, so I decided to post onto one of ‘em and just reblog for the other one. It’s a mix of the two but whatever, I think I can pretty much do what I want.

Today I was searching for the motivation to continue my Korean language learning, which I have been slacking off for two months. Yeap, I said I’m gonna continue studying but I never did. I’m sorry, to nobody in particular. I feel sorry for myself, and pretty much also mad at myself. I spoiled myself too much, saying that “Ah, I won’t have enough time… I can’t absorb these much, I still have chemistry, physics and biology and even history facts to stick in my brain. What if I forgot them all?”. Here’s something to say to myself: What a joke, Nadia.

Even a motivator at a seminar told me that you won’t get crazy for studying so much. You might be tired yes, but being crazy? You’re serious Nadia? No, you are joking. You may forgot some but to hell with it, your love is in languages, not science! (Sorry, I don’t mean to offend anyone). So what if I study in science stream and love languages? If I don’t do something now then when should I? Hm?

Done with the self-talking, I think I found a new method for self-studying. Pushing away my urge to learn Japanese (for now, because my hands are full), I decided to motivate and learn by otome games and manga. Yeass, it has come to me that I never did try any of these ideas! Urggh. Should have done it earlier booo.

I couldn’t find much about Korean otome games, which I wanted to make as a motivation or some sort but thennn I found something at Yumiko’s blog! (No, I wasn’t stalking. I google-ed hehe.) Andd I found out about:::::

The Cloud Dream of the Nine: Love Story of a Girl~

You can check out their official website in Korean here! There’s the character introductions, gallery for pictures, characters and BGMs, and I guess you can download the trial? I’m not sure about that part. My laptop is only running on a 1GB RAM so until then, I have to save money (and save all the downloads) for later when I have my own laptop n_n

In case you’re confused with the menus, next to the HOME are News/Updates, Game Introduction, Characters, Trial (version), Media, SHOP and Customer Centre ^^

Anyway, Yumiko and her blog are pretty popular, so I bet some of you may have read about the game at her blog. I was late because I just found the game just now ;;;;;

I was just testing my long unpolished Korean skills, and I was able to read some of the words and sentences in the blog. Then comes my motivational mind: My goal is to be able to translate at least the introduction of the story or the characters to share with people! I hope it’s not too big of a dream ;;;

I don’t know whether this game would be translated or not, but I will try my best to translate as much as I can from the website. Maybe I’ll post ‘em up, when I have enough confidence lol please give me lots of support!! When the official English site gets launched or maybe the official introductions are released, I can check my translations afterwards and polish my Korean skills!

Andd I’m gonna download some Korean manhwa scans and practice my Korean that way as well. I think I’m gonna do my best this time, really. I hope nothing gets in the way.

Welp, nothing much to say today… Oh, I finished Hiyoshi Kiyoshi’s route today on Gakupuri. I’ve been playing the nice guys’ routes so I decided to go for the bad guy… He really is a bad guy… as in… teasing the girl (you) so much tskkk but that’ll have to wait for another post!

Ohh and wanna know who I’m attracted to in this new Korean otome game? Here’s the guy! 

otoge kr (2)


He’s probably just an additional character. I hope he’s one of the secret characters or something. He’s so hawt tho :((( His name is Hongyeom and it says “An unknown man that appears before Soyu” lmao I don’t know man he can appear before me anytime xD

I guess that’s all for now. I’m gonna be ready for the week with positive thoughts. Ganbatte, everyone!! ❤



18 thoughts on “A New Motivation.

  1. ayame

    @_@ —looking at your ‘nazaiya’ gravatar pictures—
    It’s the reflection of yourself? if yes waii~~ haha don’t bother me, so you wearing glasses too? I’m also wearing it, my eyes really bad.. last time I’d checked, I had -4.5 for both my eyes >___<; So, let's do our best!!


      1. littlemochii Post author

        Reallyy? No, I insist to believe that you’re a cute person!!
        Hm, the meaning is more like someone who is pretty much average but has her own views on things? Like very, very own views that nobody could corrupt with hehe


      2. ayame

        Aww, thanks hehe… You just make me want to see your pictures huehehe xD
        o_O uwaaah, that’s really deep meaning… So, it’s just like you, eh?


      3. littlemochii Post author

        Hahaha well you’re a thin person, but apparently I’m a chubby person :3 Well at least my cheeks are chubby… and I’m short xD Oh and hmm, yeah I guess hehe


      4. kyuuichii

        Hm… let me guess… you’re around 150-155 cm, nee?
        haha…. thanks, but I never thought that myself is pretty 😉
        Eeeh, long hair…waii~~ all my little sisters have long hair then ;D


      5. littlemochii Post author

        nopeee, shorter than that xD how tall are you btw hehe

        you should! i believe you’re pretty and you’re kind too ;;;

        ah, so you have little sisters? are your siblings consists of all girls? 😮


      6. littlemochii Post author

        wahh, then you’re pretty tall!! my tallest bestfriend is 168cm though haha and i’m like… 20cm shorter xD

        weee, i’m your little sister too? aww >w< i see… it's nice when i have someone to look up as a sister, because i dont have a sister at home as i said before hehe :3


      7. kyuuichii

        Hee~~ I don’t think so ehehe, but compared to you it’s seem I’m tall then ehehe~~

        Eeeh? so you don’t wanna be my sister again? –crying–
        hehehe… I’m just love you like my sister >w<;


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