The Prince of Tennis – Motto Gakuensai no Oujisama: Overview & Thoughts

Hello. It’s time to talk about the recently english patched game, PoT:  Prince of The School Festival

Summary: “The Atobe group has decided to sponsor a school festival which involves the local schools’ tennis teams.  You are a 14 year old heroine who is in charge of managing a team and the festival. Your duties include arranging activities, and organizing people. You’ll have to get in contact with the members of the team so they can lend a hand, get to know one another, chat with them, and maybe even develop an intimate relationship with one of them…”

(((Okay I thought my save files were wiped off, and I wasn’t in a good mood while typing this out. Turns out I was in another file ha ha ha)))

Anyway, let’s get on with the game.

At the start of the game, you can input your name and your name-callings. And afterwards, you’ll be prompted to choose which school you’re going to. Don’t worry, the guys’ available in the school are displayed on the screen so you’ll know who you’ll be meeting at whichever school you’ll go to.

The ridiculously rich Atobe organizes a school festival for the tennis clubs in schools so you, as a festival committee is in charge of managing your school’s choice of booths/cafe/haunted house or anything of the sort. You’ll be meeting all of the guys that you can go for at a meeting room first thing in the morning. Afterwards, you can decide where to go. In case you’re still clueless, double click Look or Talk and then choose the character you’ll like to look at/talk to.

I won’t go much into the game because I like to concentrate on routes. If I’m happy enough, I’ll try my best to replay the routes I’ve lost.

This game was really interesting, it’s like you can get into the worlds of these handsome tennis players and get to know them more and more. Take note though, you have to always talk to your guy and try to not talk to other guys in the same map. By same map I mean the same venue that guy is at. And don’t even think of going home or giving your phone number to other guys, your guy gets jealous too much it hurts (in a good way. idk, i love that point)

The protagonist is very nice too. I mean, it’s not like she’s just running here and there flirting (lol). She runs around and reports stuff to the committee and chairman and helped the tennis club members with their booths and stuff. It gives you the impression that you actually helped the guys, and they’re really happy with that. Yay for you. At some point of the game, your booth will face a problem and then you’ll see auto scenes all day. It’s really interesting, now that I think about it.

You can’t skip the dialogues you have read, and you can only choose either to skip all or nothing at all. That’s why I decide to change schools whenever I start a new game. So I won’t be bored reading the same freaking texts. Oh, use a guide if you’d like. Every necessary information is available at the translator group’s site, here.

Pointing out the things I love about the game:

  • Fully voiced, except for some conversations and the protagonist.
  • You could literally hear them saying “Aishiteru” tskkk my feelssss //hugs Kikumaru Eiji
  • Actually pretty easy, you don’t even need to play tennis games. Except for some minigames.
  • Amazing art. At least better than the anime (personally).
  • There’s an attraction show that your guy would participate in. Woohoo.
  • There’re CGs at a swimming pool where every bishie guys from school gather at some point in the game. Double woohoo.
  • Not annoying
  • I just love it. Just wanna point that out.

I’d say this is 8/10. If you hate sports but love TeniPuri, this game is for you. If you only want to play one route, go ahead and be hooked by other characters along the way. If you’re just bored, play it. Do it.

I love this more than Girls Be Gracious, as you can see. But that’s just my personal opinion. What about you? What do you like? And any characters you’re going for or love in particular? Share with me then heheh.

Thanks for reading alright, byeom~


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