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Blog Updates and Current Playings (+current thoughts)


Just a post to get my mind off things. It was a rough Saturday, but I’m still seeing the light…

I added a dropdown menu of lists for games, anime and games that I got myself into. It’s more like something that I can look at and update bit by bit, and just to remind myself how far I’ve gotten myself being swayed around hahaha. I actually wanted to get myself start on making posts on my past faves, or maybe even the ones I dislike or just anything from one of the lists but I’m not quite in the mood right now. If you have anything particular in the lists or off the lists to ask or want me to share about, then feel free to tell me alright~

Despite my long list of ‘current playings’, I actually am only playing like…. four of them. Gakupuri on the NDS, and all the Shall We Date series stated in the list. But my current, very current favourite is Angel or Devil!! I’m going for the reaper (yes, neither the angels nor devils in the game can stop me), Ruvel! He’s just– I don’t know. There is just too much to say about him and his route, so I’ll have a post drafted for him soon. And I’m going for Ryo’s route in Lost Island and Hikobane’s route in Mononoke Kiss! :3

And about Gakupuri, I had only finished 2 routes. This game was hard for me at first and I replayed it a few times, honestly. In the end, it’s quite fun and very interesting ^_^ (and there’s no tennis match, thank God)! Thank you so much for the wonderful translators of this wonderful game, and to the people who created the game ;;;

Talk about translators and translations, you guys should check out Hanataba Translations! They’re wonderful people who are working on translating Amnesia~ Yes, that game, where everyone says that the heroine sucks in the anime (which I disagree, boo-ya!) anddd they just started out! If you can lend a helping hand, then please do so~ Or if you couldn’t do anything for now, at the very least, please give the group lots of support!! (I’m officially one of their staffs now, yeay >w<)

And lastly, I’ll make this clear somehow but I’m not really a romance-junkie. Romance movies and anime? I never really watch them, I only read shoujo mangas though. I play otome games because I love the fact that I can decide who the hell I can end up with, and so on. I love pink and adorable things, yes, but I’m not girlish either. Well, not that tomboy-ish as well hahaha I’m pretty average. My other siblings are all boys, so to speak…. Wait, am I making sense?

Welp, I guess I better start being productive one way or another. Good luck in life to everyone out there! Let’s keep moving forward together, and live well! Byeom~



Author: littlemochii

Acts like a child, thinks like a queen.

16 thoughts on “Blog Updates and Current Playings (+current thoughts)

  1. Hiya mochiichan xD
    I just surfing your blog…because I want to loosen up my stress T_T
    Alright~ I’m also saw your current playing games…hm… I kinda envy you nee, till now I haven’t finish more than half otome games that I have since last year T_T
    Ah, and thanks for your writings about Hanataba >_<


    • Aww, that’s okay! I hope my blog puts you at ease somehow, even though I think it’s not that affective.. There’s like nothing here though haha.

      Ehh, but you know japanese so you can play lots of them later~ I on the other hand had to wait for translations and stuff T_T

      Oh, no problem~


      • Thanks!! Actually my health become worse now… ;( I don’t know why…
        I’m not that good with Japanese… I’m still looking to dictionary if I found some kanji and words that I don’t know


      • Omg? Is it because you overwork? Please worry about yourself more okay!!
        Really? But being able to translate things is already wonderful you know~


  2. Hehe~~ don’t worry. I think it just my old habit; I always skipping lunch or dinner, that’s why…. xD I think I will become so thin like a sick person ;p
    Ahaha, thanks! I will keep improving my translations


    • Omg ;;; if you like skipping meals, then make sure you eat well whenever you REALLY EAT okay! xD


      • You know? Here’s 3.05 am and I eating a cup noodles right now 😉 It seems my stomach already yearning for meals since last night…


      • i see haha well its not healthy but eating in the middle of the night is fun xD we call it ‘curi curi makan’ here hehe


      • Yes! it goes same in Indonesian… curi-curi makan hehehe Sometimes I wanna talking with our native language ^-^


      • Hehehe same here, I feel like it’s really unique that our languages are different and yet related and understandable towards one another ^^

        But if I talk in malay then I’ll use bahasa pasar haha you know, urban slangs xD


      • That’s good then, right? ehehe

        Yes, for me it will be bahasa betawi… semacam ‘lu’ ‘gua’ hehehe but I’m never used ‘gua’ I always using ‘aku’ or ‘saya’ xD


      • Yeap hehe.

        I see! well ‘aku’ is used amongst friends here and ‘saya’ is when i talk to people of different age, like sisters or brothers hehe. while ‘gua’ is quite the urban slang xD

        but what do you call yourself at home? 😮


      • Yes! I’m using ‘saya’ when talking to older people or someone who had high rank than mine… urban slang already become our language for these days…

        I’m called kakak ‘big sister’ by all my family members (my mom and 2 little sisters) So, I’m often call myself ‘kakak’ when talking in home, Just like ‘kakak lagi makan nih’ or ‘kakak mau tidur nih’

        at outside, I’ve been called by my name, and I use ‘aku’ to talk with the others…


      • I guess we’re pretty much the same then hehehe.

        Omg same here! I call myself ‘kakak’ too hehehe but my brothers call me by my name @_@

        Hmmm, I guess there isn’t much difference in our languages eh? ^^


      • hehe it’s must be a destiny then xD Both of us can understand each other better…


      • exactly hehe this is fate!! xD


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